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Alpha Ship, April 28, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

What we have been announcing to you in previous communications, my brothers and sisters, SO BE IT. After crossing the threshold of the transition to your next level as human beings of this blue planet, you will become beings of light vibrating at a higher frequency and more aligned with your new state of existence. Your lifestyle, your way of thinking, the experiences from your lives, how you pass your time, all of this will be very similar to how it is on our respective home planets from where those of us, the crew of the Alpha Spaceship and the rest of the interplanetary and intergalactic spacecraft that are now assisting you, come from. Your world, after you experiment and experience the process of Ascension, will not seem like a world full of misery and injustice of which you still live in, due to the manipulation of the dark forces that have kept you under their "yoke" and their dominance for thousands of years.

You may wonder why Heaven has allowed these manipulative forces to have kept you subdued and subjected for so long. Dear ones, this has been necessary because all these souls have to reach the lowest vibrational level, to later return to ascend and go back to the Father-Mother Creator. It is the "Game of God", the inner framework which outlines the destinies for trillions of souls that criss-cross their paths to carry out the Master Plan, which leads each one of these souls to Perfection, which is the ultimate goal of all of them. When all of these souls, illuminated by the immaculate and dazzling Light of the Primordial Logos, have experienced all the experiences that they had to live, they will return to fuse with their Creator, who will receive each and every one of them with the Love of The One who knows that He is becoming a single and unique Complete Being, Indivisible, during a period of time so long that none of us can imagine it, creatures created by the One That Is.

The golden cosmic winds will clear the passage of all the Spirits brought into dense matter, and the Almighty will bring all His Children to His divine lap, like a sea that gathers the rivers flowing into it after winding through mountains and valleys. The Universe, which was once created and expanded searching an infinite set of experiences, will retract and be absorbed again by the only Being who is Eternal, already feeling satisfied from his desire to divide and to love Himself. And then He will sleep with His dream for eons, until after his long rest will again want to create a new Universe, with new Cosmic Laws that govern it.

Well. Does it not seem that your little daily problems are trivial and insignificant compared to the greatness of everything that makes up the Creation, and its developer and designer, the Lord of all beings, all worlds and all the dimensions? Dive into the vastness of Creation and the Un-Created, and feel the ecstasy of knowing that soon you are going to become the luminous beings of peace and love you have not known until now, like those in which we live, we who have come to hold your hand and lead you upward, like a link pushing another one in a chain that rises and rises to infinity.

Solve all the problems that arise, dodging all the obstacles that get in your way, with faith in the New Earth that we are promising you and that you yourselves know--within your heart--will materialize very soon, after the imminent change that you are about to experience. Have faith in yourselves, for within you, you have all the power of the Universe; you only need to learn to take that strength from within and express it with love and wisdom wherever your feet take you.

Love and Peace. And much, much patience, dear brothers and sisters, because everything will come... at the right moment. Work towards this coming moment so desired by all, and do not pre-occupy yourselves with anything.

Source: Commander Sohin of the Alpha Spaceship

Channel: Kris-Won

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

Our brothers and sisters of outer space would become very joyful if their messages can be translated in as many languages as possible.

If you resonate with their messages which are published here and are able to translate to any language or know someone who would be able to do it, please send an e-mail to keeluad@gmail.com.

We are already translating in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, but any assistance in translating them into any of these and other languages is welcome.

Thank you.

Light and Love,


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