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Alpha Ship, October 24, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

I call upon your common sense to discern and not pay automatically full attention to all of the messages that are 'said' to be "channeled" and that you find in abundance in your computer's information web. If there was something you should have clearly in mind it would be to be very cautious about the information you receive, and will receive in the future.

There are certain people in the world (not that many, really) who are very keen on mixing real information that we are conveying to you through our channels with false information in order to take credibility away from all reliable information that really comes from us.

I am emphasizing this in the first place because we have seen that some very valuable people for us with whom we had counted to expand the information we were providing you with (and which is of vital importance for the general awakening of the human consciousness of this planet), who have turned their back on us in the end, refusing to fulfill the mission they had accepted to carry out before embodying in this life as human beings.

Please have in mind, all of you, that when you read a message given by one of you that you feel is false, do not lose your faith in us, we are here among you and very soon we will be working together without secrets of any type.

It is still necessary for us not to make ourselves massively known to the world population right now for various reasons that we could give you; just know that now is not the ideal time for this, and if we did that, it would be akin to taking from the surface of some bushes the ugly leafs without pulling the roots out of the ground. Inevitably, the plant would grow back and in the end it would have been for nothing. All the effort would have been in vain.

Therefore, maintain your faith and trust that we know what we are doing, and that the date for First Contact will be given at the appropriate time, when all the factors are propitious for us to reveal our presence.

You have incarnated in a specific place for some reason you don't comprehend at the moment; but please understand that it has to do with the type of mission you have on this planet, in a specific place and also in a concrete moment of time.

Wherever you are, sit down to meditate daily and go deep within your Being, calming your mind and any disturbing thought you might have, and the Divine Essence that inhabits within you will reveal to you which steps you have to take. You can be sure that if you do this, this revelation will come to you in a way that is wonderful and true.

Before we reveal ourselves to you, it is necessary for you to receive this revelation from your own inner Being first. Otherwise, it would be like throwing ice cubes to the ocean; they would melt in it and disappear, forgotten.

But if you receive those guidelines first from within, then when we make them known to you, you will know with certainty that what we are transmitting to you is true and authentic, leaving no room for doubt or confusion.

Persevere in your daily meditations, and don't throw off the towel too quickly if you don't have immediate results. We have told you in previous communiqu├ęs that having faith and persistence are the only guaranteed way to success.

Success is guaranteed to all men and women who continue going forward with valor and perseverance, facing all obstacles that come their way, using their common sense linked with their intuition. Those who renounce the fulfillment of their obligations and only think of their own welfare and personal progress won't succeed.

Take heart, going always forward! Do not rush, but do not stop either!

Peace and Love.

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

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