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Alpha Ship, November 3, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings, from Alpha Spaceship!

For a person who has many economic resources, it is easy to travel during vacation times. For someone who has a lower salary, who has many family expenses or is out of work, the ability to travel is reduced considerably, to the extent that one may find it impossible to make a trip that has been dreamed of for so long.

In the New Golden Age in which you are about to enter, none of the inhabitants of the New Earth will ever have that problem. When a person or a family decides to travel to other places or to visit distant relatives or friends, they will be able to do so without any problems.

In the world you live in today, maybe a person is working in the same job for decades, without daring to leave it for fear of not finding a different job with better conditions. In the New Age that approaches, if a man or woman wants to change duties, it will be done without any impediments.

On the Earth as you know it, if a person is tired of living in the same place for too long, but dreams of living in a different place, surely they will remain in the same city, town or village, for fear of the unknown, in case it were to go badly at the new location.

In the New Earth that is to come, anyone who decides to move to a new urban center will not have any obstacles for that to happen, choosing freely and without fear their place of residence.

The only thing I ask, to you, who wants to make that trip that you've always dreamed of, to you, who is dying to change jobs; or to you, who would like to move to another city or even another country; the only thing I ask of you is a little bit of PATIENCE. Does that seem like a lot?

You are going to see very soon that these dreams you have and that you could never fulfill, will take place at the moment you desire!

The men and women of the New Age will have the capacity to choose the working environment, the country and city where they wish to live, since the social, political and economic systems are going to be very different from those you have known until now.

Maybe some project you have in mind can be improved, but the scope of your decision making ability will grow like you never imagined. And if you imagine something that does not materialize, it will be because you might have consulted with another human being with more experience who might have made you change your mind. But ultimately, it is you who will make the decision, without any fear, without coercion, without any impediments.

We have lived for centuries under that frame of mind, and the feeling of freedom, in conjunction with a loving brotherhood among us, makes us all feel in tune with one another, with an overwhelming happiness, as we are free to do and undo, living in one place or another, according to what our soul's guidance.

The decisions are made always with the heart and not with the mind; hence, the chance of suffering from a mistake when choosing is next to nothing.

Kris-Won, my channel, asked me to speak about the sightings that were observed a few weeks ago in New York City, USA.

Of course they were real; naturally, we were letting the people of one of the world's most populous cities in the most developed nation on Earth today, see us. Even though some thought they were balloons illuminated by a strange kind of light! I do not believe that either the observation balloons or any type of balloon could do the movements in the sky that we were executing with our ships of small size.

Well, it was also not our idea to do incredible maneuvers for your terrestrial minds to comprehend, because the result would have been that many who watched from the city would have been scared. And our intention was not to scare you, rather to just prepare you for First Contact.

It is exactly the same with the crop circles, geometric symbols with deep intrinsic meaning, which will gradually unravel, as you delve deeper in them.

Nothing happens by chance, and all that you will live and experience in the coming times have an explicit motive and a reason for being, even though you may not understand it at this time.

Be patient and continue to work on yourselves, become better people every day, allowing your personal intuition to lead you, and with a little more practice, will always be the authentic voice of your inner consciousness. And then there will be no risk of mistake, you will be guided by the divine spark that dwells within all beings.

Peace and Love.

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

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