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Alpha Ship, March 23, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from the Tristar Spaceship!

My name is Marina and we have permission from Commander Sohin to use his channel to connect with you on this (probably) unique occasion. I do not belong to the crew of the Alpha Spaceship (although we are in constant contact with her) - but to the Tristar Spaceship, which is also a mother ship (that is, a craft of great size, that contains multiple smaller craft within its interior, to conduct reconnaissance in situ*).

Although we work in harmony with Commander Sohin's team, we belong to the Ashtar Command, and perform similar tasks-but not identical to-the crew of the Alpha Spaceship. In the Tristar Spaceship we deal more with support, guidance and protection for all inhabitants of Earth who can be rescued, while Alpha Spaceship, besides assisting this work, is also busy with supporting the life of all animal species in danger of extinction and with neutralizing the contamination that man caused in the physical body of Mother Gaia (working on the purification of seas, rivers and lakes, decontamination of your breathable atmosphere, partial re-compression of your lethally destroyed ozone layer, etc.).

I am a female officer of the Tristar Spaceship crew and I am in charge of a team of many that make up the crew of the ship. We are very happy to assist you in this time of change for your world's humanity, a very transcendental change in the evolution of the entire Galaxy, as it is so special like you cannot imagine. There are many civilizations of different stars and worlds, those that are similar to Earth, and those that are superior in Ascension, that are attentively following how this evolutionary leap will develop, given the enormous relevance of this event. All of us are going to learn from what develops in this quantum leap that you will experience, so you can imagine its importance.

That is why you are being accompanied by 12 main civilizations that are giving you support from different points all over the galaxy. I refer to inhabitants of other stars and planets, because the number of Beings who accompany and individually observe you is of an unimaginable amount, we could say nearly infinite. Each of these visitors come to your dimensional plane on their own account, without using materialized ships, but visit you in their subtle bodies from higher dimensions. Some of them even lower their vibrational rate and assume a temporary physical body. They walk among you without you identifying them, pretending to be men and women on Earth.

You have observed the proliferation of our channels in these recent months. So that the process of your Ascension is accelerated, we have energetically and physically prepared many of them to get you all the information we want you to have. The response to this initiative has proved so positive, that we are going to prepare many more channelers in different countries, so that human beings who are still doubtful about this new reality, cannot have but the best evidence that we are here and we have come to help in the healing process of Gaia and the ascension of all the kingdoms that are present on her. When all of these hesitant people verify that there are many men and women of the world who are contacting and receiving our messages telepathically, and that they all are using a common language and that all the communiques are similar, they will have no choice but to surrender to the evidence that our presence between you is real and authentic. Because it is impossible that so many people are wrong or that they are inventing [these messages] identically! Right? This will be an irrefutable proof to millions of people that populate your planet and who believed that their humanity was alone in the Universe and that no intelligent life existed on any other planet within the vast Creation of God.

I am Marina, currently entering all the small screens of your computers, and hoping that the greater part of you, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth, mentally contact with Us and volunteer to carry out your mission on Earth; the mission that many have forgotten. But as you awaken from your terrestrial slumber, you will be added to all those who are cooperating in this titanic task of recuperating all of humanity of your precious blue planet, who can be rescued.

Much encouragement, and please consider offering yourselves to work on this beautiful task, each one of you using your special talents and skills, for in doing so we will all be serving with great help, indeed!

Thanks to Commander Sohin and our Commander Ashtar!

* in situ - Latin phrase for "in place"

Source: Marina, Officer of the Tristar Spaceship

Channeler: Kris-Won

Comment from one of our readers:

"Marina, There are thousands of bats dying in the northeast part of the United States from a fungus infection of the nose,earsand wings. This was first noted in 2006 and is spreading. Why did this occur and how can it be stopped?
Thank you George" (03-25-'10)

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

Our brothers and sisters of outer space would become very joyful if their messages can be translated in as many languages as possible.

If you resonate with their messages which are published here and are able to translate to any language or know someone who would be able to do it, please send an e-mail to keeluad@gmail.com.

We are already translating in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, but any assistance in translating them into any of these and other languages is welcome.

Thank you.

Light and Love,


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