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Alpha Ship, January 22, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

This communication is going to be brief, and is not given as usual by the Alpha Spaceship Commander, I will do it. I am Admiral Joesi, using a way of writing my name so you can pronounce it with a similar sound as in our language, ha ha ha. I am not contacting with our channeler from on board the Mother Ship, as usual, but from the planet's surface. We have descended with a group of technicians, scientists and researchers to carry on a mission on the surface.

The message I would like to give you is to let you know for sure that we do not remain on static positions nor in a passive attitude watching how you are doing during this time of transition. The approximate number of big, medium and small crafts that are currently performing tasks on the planet varies between 18.000 and 20.000 ships. As you can see, we have an entire deployment of people flying over the planet's atmosphere, some like us are temporarily based on the planet's surface, others are under the oceans, deep seas and rivers.

We are with you, dear brothers, you are not alone on these difficult moments! Know this, so that you have faith on the success of our operations, so fear will not bring down your courage and you trust in our assistance and continuous help!

Now I'm going to continue with my mission. I just wanted to give you more confidence, because we have detected that some of you (in more than one) there is a feeling of being abandoned by us, and this is really not the case!

All the team that is performing on this mission on the surface of the planet during several days and nights greets you, and we want to show you our love and wish for a fraternal cooperation with you.

Soroah Andi Mahua!

Admiral Joesi from Alpha Spaceship.

Channeler: Cristian

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

Our brothers and sisters of outer space would become very joyful if their messages can be translated in as many languages as possible.

If you resonate with their messages which are published here and are able to translate to any language or know someone who would be able to do it, please send an e-mail to keeluad@gmail.com.

We are already translating in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, but any assistance in translating them into any of these and other languages is welcome.

Thank you.

Light and Love,


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