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Alpha Ship, April 20, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

It has been nine days (nine moons, as the Indians of North America say) since the last message was sent by us through our channel, Kris-Won. We already said in an earlier transmission that on some occasions we were going to be away more times than others, because we must perform certain tasks at certain times, which requires our full attention and dedication; sometimes in another quadrant of the solar system, and even in another part of the Galaxy. Sometimes we serve to support our other brothers who need our help. And, of course, we want to help them, even if we have to momentarily postpone our almost constant work of help and support for Mother Gaia and Her children.

You need us in these moments that are going to change your vibrational level, rising to a higher octave and closer to perfection. We have to help you in this critical stage, since any error on your part as a humanity could trigger a catastrophe on a planetary level and even outside your planet, which we, as your Older Brothers and Sisters, are not going to allow under any circumstance. We will offer you our help to ensure an orderly and uniform transition to the new habitat that all the kingdoms of the Earth will have, once you have left the three-dimensional planet for a fifth-dimension planet. That is your destiny, and we will make sure this quantum jump happens without obstacles and without problems, despite the never-ending interference of the dark forces, who try desperately to impede the transition of humanity and the other kingdoms to the New Earth.

Please, have no doubt with respect to the joyous attainment of this common goal, of this achievement that is everyone's--yours and ours--in a communion of brotherhood and fraternity, since each individual mind of yours who harbors doubts or who does not believe in this next evolutionary leap of mankind, creates difficulty, or delays the moment when the transition becomes fact and not just the utopia of a few naive dreamers.

So, instead help us to bring this New World through having faith in us and the strength of our mutual cooperation, as well as through the visualization by some of you of a shining new world, with loving beings that live in harmony with each other, and also in harmony with the animals and the air and sea environment. To achieve this is necessary--it is essential--that a large number of human beings on this planet achieve an awakening of consciousness, because that is what will allow you to rise to a higher state of consciousness, higher than that in which you currently live. In fact, far higher!

But do not be alarmed, because this is not as difficult as it seems. We, who monitor you constantly for many different reasons, are finding that more and more people are fed up with the old and archaic system, and aspire to live in a better world without wars, hunger, injustice and inequality. Or without political corruption, police and courts. Each time, there are more people who seek more of an ideal and spiritual world where ethical and moral rules reign, and less people seeking debauchery and excess; more for equality and the concept that the rich countries learn to share their wealth with the poorest countries, they are helping and cooperating in bringing to reality the strength of their ideas for recovering all living things that inhabit Planet Earth and its global rise.

It is written in the plans of the Creator of all the worlds that in these moments yours will ascend to a higher level in Creation. Gaia is destined to ascend in her entirety, as Planet Earth (Logos) becomes a fifth-dimensional planet, and with Her all the living creatures that inhabit it, including of course, the human realm to which you belong.

For your brothers and sisters, the animals, the plants, and the minerals, to also ascend, it is necessary that your attitude towards them radically changes, I would suggest, because there are still many vestiges of archaic traditions between many of you, like the fact of continuing eating the meat of your smaller animal brothers and sisters, the disproportionate and excessive cutting down of the trees that are the lungs of Gaia, the extraction of oil, which is the blood of Gaia, or the minerals from the surface and depths, that are the bones of Gaia. This creates geologic imbalances and can have very serious short term consequences. In fact, you would have already had them, if not for our timely intervention in some critical moments that endangered the stability of your world.

Raise your level of consciousness, through a change of attitude and reason; not from the lesser mind, however, but by following the voice of your conscience, which from the inside of your being will dictate how to act to help the planet rise in its entirety.

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

Our brothers and sisters of outer space would become very joyful if their messages can be translated in as many languages as possible.

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Thank you.

Light and Love,


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