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Kris Won, April 17, 2011

John Paul II

J O H N    P A U L    I I

May God bless each one of the people reading this letter, as well as each human being who inhabits every corner of the world.

My heart is sad because man has not known how to respond to God's call so that those who are in a more favourable situation make an effort to alleviate the sorrows and cover the basic needs of those who have not experienced the good side of life, having seen the hardest and most difficult side of it.

During the period I was Pope at the Vatican, my basic preoccupation was that one, to try to improve the conditions of those hit hardest by the vicissitudes of life, be they poor, sick, incarcerated or any person who had been a victim of some type of personal calamity.

There is so little charity, mercy and solidarity in the world!

I would like to make a call from here to appeal to people's charity, to those who could consider themselves wealthy, so that they do not think only of themselves and help in some way to lessen the difficulties of so many people who are suffering in one way or another.

We continue to do it from the other side because, as you well know, life does not stop with the death of the body, but it continues in the afterlife; it is only that the clothing is more subtle and is free of the limitations of the physical world. We also take care of the tasks assigned to us by the Higher Hierarchies, which in turn serve others and help us dedicate our existence to help other souls who live in the world to see the light in the self-imposed darkness due to their past erroneous actions.

The service to others never ends, and it doesn't stop with the material body's disintegration, because it is the only one that turns to dust. Truly, blessed be those who have begun to feel the need to help others while they are still alive, not needing to transcend the human life and enter the spiritual world to realize that. Yes, blessed be they!

Because the truth is, that person who has lived a life dedicated to his/her own selfish pursuits, is a person who has wasted his/her life! If he/she has accumulated a fortune, his/her riches will be eaten by the moths, and if he/she has only looked after his/her own benefit, he/she will realize it when it's too late that he/she has not helped to improve someone's life and, therefore, his/her own life will have been wasted for not having helped others.

A good person is a treasure on Earth, and what is sad is that there are many kind people incarnated who are not doing all the good they could do because they have not been able to free themselves from the deception that tells them they are 'apart' from all other human beings.

If, on the contrary, they knew that all human beings in all corners of the Earth are united by a unique spiritual bond, they would not establish differences between what belongs to them and what belongs to others, and would not doubt to help improve the conditions of other people as if it was their own.

In these difficult times we are in, I ask for your support and the support of all humanity, not only of the Christian Community, but of the whole human race so that through their selfless service and committed and continued prayers they help alleviate as much as possible the suffering of other brothers and sisters in need.

May the love of Christ, Mary and the God Allmighty bless the souls of those men and women who go out of their way to assist those who are suffering and who are lost in a lonely life, of sorrow or of lack, be it emotional, like in the case of old people, or material, like the poor or the homeless.

I have not gone far away from you, and continue to watch over the world so that it becomes a better world, with less injustices and more joy and happiness.

I bless you all in Christ's resurrected Love, which is the same Love that God the Father feels for all His creatures.

John Paul II

Channel: Kris-Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees,

According to David Icke, the Vatican is one of the biggest Illuminati operation centers in the world, full of pedophiles.

Montague Keen supports David Icke as having genuine information.

This "Pope" says that in life he was preoccupied with helping the poor and sick victims of society.

Are we meant to believe this message from the "Pope" is authentic?

What's your opinion on this?

Scott" (04-20-'11)

Our reply:

"hi scott, thanks for your comment. i believe kris won does his channelings with genuinely good intentions. it's not up to me to judge the authenticity of the messages. we know that in the process of channeling, sometimes beings with a different agenda can come in or there can be projection of the channeler involved, but i couldn't tell you if that's the case here.

the fact that the vatican is totally corrupt and of very low moral behaviour, doesn't necessariy mean that the previous pope himself was evil too. he could have been a puppet, just like so many frontmen of illuminati organizations are.

so, as always, i think it's best to leave it up to each reader to use his own discernment in what rings true to him. don't you agree?

much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (04-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Good morning, I love reading all the messages on Galactic Channeling, but yesterday as soon as I clicked on Kris Won's and saw a picture of Pope John Paul I started to feel angry. I actually waited a day to try to let it sink in and reason with it but I don't understand how someone who represented a false religion that has been used for thousands of years to hide the truth. When I see the Vatican all I see is a giant bank. Granted I did not know Pope John Paul personally and he may have been a good person (I know there are good people in the church who really do devote their lives to bringing people spiritual peace) but I really do see the Vatican as a place that represents a warped religion. I don't mean to sound negative, I was just hoping I could find a different way to make sense of that message, thank you, have a great day!
Jacqueline" (04-21-'11)

Our reply:

"i understand you, jacqueline. hopefully kris won can channel this pope again and maybe then he can say something about this matter. i feel it would serve his message if he spoke of the true identity of the vatican, even if it was only briefly. giving off a nice message like he did, is to be appreciated, but speaking "as if nothing happened" makes his words less powerful.
much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (04-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi and good day to you Kees and to all of your avid readers of GC. :-)

FWIW, I'm responding to some comments of your readers regarding the late John Paul II. Personally, I would rather refrain on giving my quick judgement and critic on the works and accomplishments, if any, by this venerated pope. I personally believe, that even though he represented the Vatican while he was still alive, that doesn't mean that what's going on secretly & stealthily behind the curtains of this institution, that he in his best intentions for mankind, is also a part of the whole dark scheme of things.

To somehow shed some light on things, I'm attaching an excerpt from one of Suzy Ward's channeled messages from Matthew Ward, which is dated April 5, 2005 [Tuesday], 3 days after the death of Karol Wojtyla. Here goes:

4. First I shall speak about Pope John Paul. The Pope so beloved and respected by many throughout your world was cloned several years ago when it became clear to the dark souls that he was a liability. Seeing that he was determined to hinder their aim of retaining their power over religious believers, they ended the physical life of the light being John Paul. Since his soul elected not to enter the clone, he transitioned to Nirvana and has worked diligently to bring light to all souls on Earth.

5. In accordance with his soul contract and conscious desire, John Paul wanted to lift the people of the world above the confinements of the church dogma that was controlling them through deceit, and that did not serve the purpose of the dark souls who were bent on maintaining the status quo. Consider: What single influence during the past two millennia has been more divisive and has wielded more control over lives than religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church with its strategically established infallibility of its highest authority, the Pope? Although the clones that have been carrying on in the name of the Pope have publicly shown his gentleness, humility and loving spirit, it was to beguile, not to show the way to true spiritual growth. None of the reforms John Paul intended have come to pass. At the time of the downloading of his intelligence, knowledge, and experiential memories into the first clone, the clone was programmed to suppress John Paul’s divine inspiration to allow ancient records hidden in the Vatican to come forth and to share with the world's poor the vast wealth amassed by the church.

Still, it's up for your GC readers to use their own discernment & intuition as their guiding tools for their hearts as whether this will truly resonate with them. Fear is rooted on not knowing the Light & the truth of all, and the way to gradually to overcome it is by using & remembering our power, knowledge, and wisdom, given by the Source. Truly, the TRUTH shall set us free. :-)

More abundant blessings to come your way Lightworker Kees and to all of your GC readers. :-)


"John Paul II Beatified in Vatican Ceremony" by Steve Beckow of "The 2012 Scenario"

Matthew Ward - April 5, 2005 [Tuesday] Message | The Matthew Books

Ryan" (05-05-'11)

Our reply:

"thanks for the useful information, ryan. that helps to put things into perspective. it must have been strange for him to arrive in heaven and still see his (cloned) body down here, acting out as if it were him. this would make it even more interesting if he elaborates on all this a bit, the next time that he's channeled.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (05-05-'11)

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