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Kris Won, April 10, 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

It has been a long time since my last communication with you through my channel, our beloved Kris-Won. The development of our strategic plan against the dark forces, as well as its subsequent REAL manifestation (not imaginary as some would believe; I am not a product of Kris-Won's imagination nor of any other channel) has required my special and continued attention and dedication.

As I already informed you in a previous communiqué, our contingents have been augmented by the recent arrival of more beings from outer space, brothers and sisters like us, who come to lovingly offer themselves to assist all human and non-human populations during this turmoil they are going through in these critical times in which we are all putting everything at stake.

Therefore, it has been necessary to incorporate these new contingents into our tactical operation's framework, which means, of course, a new readjustment of all our previously delineated plans. This means there will be a certain delay in the manifestation of our plans, but that will be richly rewarded by a higher degree of efficiency of actions on the part of the celestial hosts of Light.

The brothers and sisters who have come to assist us have joyfully and gladly done so, and inform us that their hierarchical superiors have not forced them to come, but they are happy to participate along with us in this task to replace the occult and dark government of planet Earth with a new group of leaders whose intention and objective is the well-being of the population of their respective countries, and not to selfishly benefit themselves, as it unfortunately has been happening until now.

They will help us to install a new planetary order, made up of fair laws to govern you, and of political leaders who are all born in a humanity of this same planet, of Gaia. You will guide the nations of the Earth yourselves, but your leaders will be elected by their intrinsic spiritual nobility, coupled with their innate leadership skills, and no corrupt action by any political leader will be permitted.

That, my dear friends, will form only part of your historical past. And we know that it will gladden the hearts of so many you, who were beginning to lose hope of being witnesses of the installment of a new order in Gaia, of the manifestation of what we have come to name 'The New Earth".

And with this I will finish today; there is not much more to communicate, at least not at the moment.

We remind you only that we remain faithful to our commitment to help all of you to give this step towards Ascension as the kings of Creation on your planet. So we hope that you will continue with your commitment to spread our messages among all human beings and families who you believe can seriously receive this information without getting scared, become alienated or jeer at it.

And please, help as well your own Ascension process by beginning to visualize in your mind's inner screen how do you want the New World to be, one that you know is coming, one so different from the world you are leaving behind, and so full of beautiful opportunities for all of you to become honorable members of the Galactic Federation.

And so be it, and it will be so, with the approval of the Supreme Creator and Maker, Who directs all from His celestial throne, down to the minimum and most insignificant gear of the complex and sophisticated physical Universe... and beyond.

That His beneficial and powerful Hand protect us and guide us in this important process, and those that will subsequently come.

Take heart, and work hard for everything that we desire!

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

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