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Alpha Ship, March 16, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Lately there have been several attacks on different levels led by the dark forces, who wished to carry on a counterattack against the victory that we discussed a few messages ago, that our brothers from the star Sirius had achieved. But our allied forces who cooperate to protect you are well prepared to withstand such furious attacks of the Dark Ones, so their attempts have not been more than 'slaps' in the air, and they have not touched anything solid. We have said before and we repeat, They do not have anything else to do, and their tantrums of rage upon learning that they are losing their power and hegemony over humanity on planet Earth are just that, a mere tantrum, like that of a mischievous child who wants to continue doing something, and neither his parents nor his older brothers let him do it any longer. The child is angry now, but with time he will understand his mistake. To prove his repentance, he will apologize to his parents and later, will even want to assist with the housework rather than continue with his antics.

It is therefore a question of time, and nothing more. But the die is cast and the Dark Ones are beginning to understand. However, there are some components of their ranks who are more reluctant to concede their power to the Forces of Good. They are the ones who are delaying, with their cunningness and underhanded trickery, the irremissible end of their power, and their total surrender to the Light. These are the death throes of the Darkness. Because only some of the representatives of the dark have not definitively passed the scepter of power to the army of Archangels, Angels, Devas, Masters of Wisdom, Light Beings and Inner-Earth brothers and Extraterrestrials that make up the Army of Light and Goodness of God Almighty. Not to mention the human beings incarnate in a physical body who are cooperating and helping us so much!

Our channel, the beloved Kris-Won, asks us to talk about something you call Ascended Masters.

While we we come from stars or planets light-years from your solar system, some human beings on this Earth have made great strides in their evolution, realizing in various lives that they have incarnated on this large planet, liberating the major tasks of other human beings, as well as themselves. The common denominator of these lives has been to surrender to the will of the Creator, the loyal and sincere following of the inner voice of conscience, the love of all the creatures that surround them and, finally, the sacrifice of one's private life in support of the welfare of the society in which they have developed their lives. It is said that a person who really loves others, sacrifices for the good of his neighbor; otherwise, the sacrifice would not be possible if his heart were not filled with love for other beings.

When a human being who has walked and suffered along the spiritual path has reached a point in which he forgets himself and thinks only of the common good; thathis behavior is altruistic and never selfish; that his happiness is only to make others happy, and that he would rather die than give up his ideals, that person turns into a Super-Man (a true superhero, not the one of your comics, how funny!). That person is so pure of heart, innocent and humble like a child, and of a knowledge that allows him to conceive what is ultimately the simple life, where the only thing we ask is to love others with a love so strong until it 'hurts' (in the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta). That person has ascended to the level of Grand Master of Wisdom. That is why it is absolutely correct to call them "Ascended Masters."

They are in charge of Luminous Power that guide them, and they take on missions to carry out in their sacred lives. When they change their work towards humanity (some jobs that are assigned to them from on High can last for centuries and even millennia) they often change their name, replacing it with another which, by their vibration, is more in agreement to the type of assignment that has been requested of them by their Luminous Guides.

Because their bodies are subtle and formed of etheric matter (and in some cases astral matter), they can adopt any form they choose, which can be seen to some advantaged chelas or disciples. The closest disciples to Them will be the next Ascended Masters when the moment arrives, and the Ascended Masters who were in charge of them will be elevated even higher, wheretheir essence takes on a more intense and subtle light, closer to the luminous substance of the Most Sublime, who are seated at the right hand of the Father-Mother, Creator and Maintainer respectively. The Father is represented by the Creator Spirit of all matter, while the Mother represents the Creation (Nature itself), that is constantly evolving and in the continuous process of change (often called Mother Nature).

Peace and Love

Channeler: Kris-Won

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

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Thank you.

Light and Love,


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