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Alpha Ship, February 16, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

It is possible that either we deliver you some channelings two days in a row, or we delay delivery for several days. Moreover, even though they could be of a similar length, some days the content may be shorter and other days the text may be longer, like the last channeling, for instance. Thanks to the translators who are doing an excellent work! They are doing that what we would call “scoring”. That is to say, that you are in a manner of speaking, tilting your karmic balance more to the side of “having” than that of “owing”, or in other words, the karmic balance is lowering more the scale of good deeds while the bad deeds scale is losing weight. That is good news, and all of your terrestrial brethren should take a good note of that, and should emulate how they dedicate their free time so that their compatriots who share their same language can receive these communiqués and be able to read them in their respective languages! Their labour is praiseworthy, and we are following their actions very closely when assisting us in spreading our messages. And this will be taken into account! Favourably, of course…(we smile)

They are also helping to consolidate our First Contact so that it can materialize and crystallize in a more than probable future. We say this as the present moment is the only real one because it is happening in this very instant (there is no doubt about it, right?), whereas the future, as it is uncertain, it offers a wide range of possibilities. So in a way we could talk about an almost infinite number of probable futures, while the present moment is the only real one, for we are living it in this precise moment and that cannot be debated, isn’t that true?

Therefore, the more actions you take to help humanity wake up so they finally live in Consciousness instead of doing it in the fallible and deceitful mind, the more possibilities there will be for our First Contact to occur as soon as possible. Nevertheless, there is no need to hurry. Everything happens at the right time, not sooner, and not later. Everything, absolutely everything in the universe without exception takes place at the right time within this complex gearing, which is the Cosmic Mother's garment. For the physical universe, let’s say that everything that happens in the plane of the 3rd dimension happens under the cosmic mantle of the Divine Mother, who watches Her children and scatters Her love and Her unsurpassed mercy over them. However, She is not different from the Divine Father, they are not two different entities. There is only one God, only One, and that is what all human beings on Earth have to come to realize. You have had wars in which each side defended an aspect of the same Divinity, and even today there are many humans who hate each other for belonging to another “religion”. How much ignorance, in what darkness many live, they who believe they have the truth and deny categorically other human beings’ faith and beliefs!

If we thought we had the exclusive possession of the truth, unlike other brethren in the Cosmos, there would also be an enormous cosmic battle among planetary civilizations! But this is not the case, those egocentric thoughts are only present among beings that live in the 3rd dimension, thank God!

The sooner humanity of this planet advances towards the concept of unity or oneness, the sooner you will be allowed to get in touch with other star brethren. Obviously, if you receive visitors from other confines of the Galaxy by shooting against their manned ships, it is a signal that you are not yet prepared for us to contact you. On the other hand, if you welcome your star brethren with love and respect, with cordiality and a feeling of fraternity, there wouldn’t be any problem for us to establish communication with you, and we would do that with so much joy, as our intention has always been to help you! Therefore, we need the governments of your nations to change their politics of distrust, and even of bellicosity against us, and to stop sending their fighter planes to shoot us down when we appear in their radars! The governing rulers on every inhabited world have always represented their people, and that’s why we would never think of making contact directly with the people without counting with the approval of the institutions that rule over the people and their laws, and who are their political leaders. If we did that, we would put ones against the others, and the only thing we would achieve would be to generate a yet greater chaos among the inhabitants of this planet, or of any other planet!

You should not despair, thinking that there is no way out if we have to wait until all of your governments change their attitude towards the ones coming from “out there”. Understand that there cannot be any other way! The First Contact among us will happen when mistrust has vanished from the people in power, and when these people stop giving orders to their planes to shoot against our ships. But you should not lose hope that we will achieve that soon because if you observe well, you will confirm that there are increasingly more people who yearn for a world without arms, without soldiers, without armies and without wars. Today's youth no longer blindly believes in what your orthodox religions oblige them to believe, and are beginning to think of their own account, forming their own idea of their relationship with the most High without believing anymore in the need to have a mediator between them and the Truth; they don’t feel they should attend physical places of praying within four walls, but they know intuitively that their temple is their own heart.

And believe us when we tell you that this intelligent movement of masses will bring about the expected miracle, and will oblige your leaders to modify their modus operandi by disarming their armies and to transfer the money used to produce arms and the whole business around it into more humanitarian projects. The richest countries will share their wealth with the poorest ones, until that day comes when there no longer will be poor countries and rich countries, and the term “third world” is only used in history books. You have an example of this in the beautiful way countries worldwide have thrown themselves into helping Haiti after the catastrophe that took place. You have demonstrated you know how to join efforts to help part of a population that has suffered a disaster of such proportions. You have demonstrated you can identify yourselves with other people’s feelings and you have not remained idly.

All of what we have been telling you gives us the proof that you are approaching in giant strides the level of love and dedication necessary for us to make us openly known to the world’s population. Just trust, and act the way you are now to help consolidate such hoped-for encounter between you and us.

Love and Peace

Channeler: Kris-Won

Comment from one of our readers:

"More than one person has commented on your statements about needing the agreement of the dark controllers before you initiate first contact.

I have read in several places that our space brothers are eager to meet us when they are invited.

So here is a formal invitation:

On behalf of myself and all the other humans who would welcome your openly announced arrival (I believe there are hundreds of millions of us), I hereby invite you to come and meet us, to make yourselves widely known, and actively help us remove from power, the dark forces that have controlled these societies for so long.

In this statement, I am sure I have the support of many more people than do the so-called representatives in Washington DC.

Now you can't say that you weren't invited by a representative of the people.

So make yourselves known on Earth, far and wide!

David" (02-18-'10)

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

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We are already translating in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, but any assistance in translating them into any of these and other languages is welcome.

Thank you.

Light and Love,


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