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Kris Won, July 11, 2012

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

The fact that I am not writing you often like I used to, absolutely does not mean that I have forgotten you, dear brothers and sisters.

Nevertheless, there are other matters requiring my full attention, for if we want to help the human beings of this beautiful blue planet to transcend towards a higher sphere, such action deserves that we throw ourselves fully into such task, which leaves us with little extra time for other things.

In order to achieve this goal, all of us have come, and we do it with much joy and dedication because we know that, finally, our effort, which is not small, will be seen crowned with the success of our mission.

So that you don't think that I have severed my communication [with you], that is why I have descended once more to connect with the mind of my contactee, and to send you a message where I would like to continue fostering hope in your hearts, and I beg you, please have a little patience, wait until the moment of your final liberation that all of us know you wish for it to come the sooner the better.

You have known how to react in a sublime way, also spontaneously and altruistically offering yourselves, act that we know to greatly appreciate.

It is with this bilateral cooperation amongst all civilizations that are visiting you in these times of great transcendence, and the contribution of all of you, our very valuable terrestrial allies, that we will be able to defeat without a doubt the retrograde Dark forces, who are in their death throes of vain survival while they remain still anchored to their old way of life.

A new Golden Era approaches, in which there will be no room for those who are still pretending to continue with the trend that has existed until now, where just a few human beings equipped with an immense power pretend to continue dominating most of their fellow men, totally alien to their suffering and deprivations.

Sirians, Orians, Pleiadians, Swans, Andromedans, and many civilizations are uniting our efforts in order to remove from their platforms of enslaving power all those people with a dark heart and a miserable mind, and establish together with you a new order based on equality, love and brotherhood.

A new unprecedented and absolutely revolutionary system is going to change the outdated financial system that they pretend to prolong, but their time has come to an end; and despite the failure of our insistent attempts for them to change their attitude, now we are obliged, together with our terrestrial allies, to remove them from power and to change the political leadership positions to those persons who are really interested in promoting the citizens wellbeing and the development of your cities, while protecting the environment in which you live.

Our loving and magnanimous Creator has provided you with an extraordinarily beautiful Nature on this planet, and it is your duty to take care of it because you yourselves are its inhabitants, you are part of Her, and you should be mainly the ones interested in maintaining Gaia beautiful and pure, just like she previously was, and how we are helping her now to recover, heal and purify her planet's soil, water, inner fire (magma), air (atmosphere), and the ethers.

All that, sparing no effort because the purification, cleaning and maintenance of the five elements that compose your physical nature is of vital importance to achieve later on a much more ambitious and transcendental goal, lthat is the spiritual improvement of the human being of this planet.

Once you hace experienced this inner spiritual progress, once you have volatilized the baseness and habits left in your lower bodies and you have transmuted them into divine virtues and qualities, then you will become real human beings, far from the animal instincts and embracing loving and brotherly feelings that are proper of the Celestial beings you are called to be in this New Era announced by us.

It will be then that you will come to enlist in the lines of the distinguished Galactic Federation, reserved only for civilizations that have learned to coexist with the same principles by which the Angels and Beings of Wisdom live and inhabit the quasi-infinite Universe.

It will be with great satisfaction on our part to welcome you then to our Federation, where we will coexist with joyful cooperation and great cordiality.

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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