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Kris Won, March 10, 2011

Sitting Bull

Greetings from the Spiritual World, where spirits who are not currently incarnate live.

I don't have the same name now that I had in that incarnation for which I was better known, but I will employ that name so that you can better recognize who is talking to you.

At that time, I was the Chief of an indigenous North American tribe, concretely, that of the Sioux, and I was known as "Sitting Bull".

We lived in peace and harmony with Nature, taking from Her only what we needed. We only hunted strictly the number of bisons we required to feed ourselves. With the arrival of the white man, everything changed; they took our land away from us and confined us to a reserve, took away our freedom and our right to live in the sacred land of our ancestors.

The white men started to massacre bisons that grazed our prairies and that were our basic food, doing this only for the fact that they enjoyed hunting them. Their thirst for blood had no limits, and in their unconsciousness they practically decimated all of them, were it not for other white men united in association for the defense of the animals who prevented their complete extinction. But the damage was already done; they killed hundreds of thousands of them, for the sole reason that they enjoyed hunting them.

This and other savage acts of the first white colonists of the lands of North America, and other inhuman activities that are still being carried out today, are creating a tragic destiny that will be very painful for the North American people, for every action that a human being does has repercussions on that which will follow over the whole of the population.

That is why it is very important today that each one of you, not only in North America, but in all of the Americas, Europe and all the lands that rise over the oceans, carry out actions to counteract all the atrocities that have been carried out in the name of colonization and which you have called 'progress', that for me has been rather a backward movement, as these reprehensible and indignant acts of a human being have caused the near extinction of many animal species, and polluted and befouled the land and the oceans that Mother Nature gave us so that we could live on Her.

I trust, and thus ask Great Spirit, that all of you rectify on time to prevent the whole planet from being left without resources. Do not allow that future generations to feel ashamed for the way you treated our land and our oceans, and what is worse, that they curse you for having left them a polluted planet without basic resources for their subsistence.

Sitting Bull

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

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