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Alpha Ship, March 8, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We've detected in the minds of some of you that you think our messages are very nice, but are lacking in details like dates, names, addresses, events, etc. And that makes you doubt that these messages are true and that they actually come from the commander of an intergalactic mothership.

Let me explain why we do not give precise details about what we do - because that is our intention, to keep you informed of how events are happening with respect to our common work together and how we are progressing with respect to our mission to expose, reduce, and disarm the power of the dark forces we are dealing with.

If we gave you through our channel Kris-Won (from the Alpha mother ship) very accurate and detailed reports on what our steps are in our mission of redemption and rescue, there is not the slightest doubt that the dark forces would harness the knowledge of those facts to use against us. If this were to happen, the process of liberating humanity on planet Earth would be delayed and, furthermore, would be affected in its functioning and expression. I would not jeopardize the success of the mission, no, since the victory of the Light has already been decreed by the Father-Mother and there is no turning back on His decree and will. But it would delay the victory, prolonging it a few more years, or perhaps a few more decades. We are sure that you, like us, your allies from outer space, are eager to wipe out the Machiavellian and retrograde forces who are holding on to power, and to banish them once and for all from this planet, which has been chosen to become one of the evolved planets of this Galaxy.

That is, then, the reason why we do not give too many details about our joint mission. I apologize for this because I know you have many questions and most of them remain unanswered. However, we know each and every one of them. That, we can assure you. And in time all will be answered. Hopefully we can soon celebrate First Contact, following the defeat of the Dark Ones, and then answer your questions directly to each of you, without any intermediary channel. Does this sound good to you? Good!

Once the retrograde forces have been driven from Earth, you will become part of the Intergalactic Federation, with full rights to be helped and supported by us. Your knowledge of physics will be increased, reflecting in advances of Earth technology so extraordinary, that you are not in a position at the moment to even imagine it!

In the same way, your technology and medicine will evolve in a very quick manner, bringing them to the level of the rest of the confederate planets. Also, you will count between members of humanity, once it has returned to the Light and the Truth, representatives in the Planetary and Off-Planetary Councils, which will be the links between the Councils and the people of Gaia; and of course you are also the bearers of the progress and developments that you will achieve, in the chambers where the destiny of the confederated worlds is deliberated.

May your hearts be filled with peace and joy, because the change that we are announcing will see its light in very few of your Earth years! Cast aside any doubts that arise in your mind. They arise because you do not go within sufficiently, and you pay excessive attention to the thoughts generated in your lower mind. Change your frequency! Go deeper within! Watch less television and read less newspapers, and listen more to your inner voice!

If you do this, you will live less in doubt and fear, which are the true bastions of the dark forces, since fear is where they base most of their power. Trust in us and in the truthfulness of our communiqu├ęs, because they will help you continue in faith and confidence in achieving the process of Ascension on planet Earth. This is the time of Gaia! It is your moment! Enjoy it with the happiness and cheer of its imminent success!

Yours with great Love and Peace,

Commander Sohin of the Interstellar Alpha Space Ship

Channeler: Kris-Won

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

Our brothers and sisters of outer space would become very joyful if their messages can be translated in as many languages as possible.

If you resonate with their messages which are published here and are able to translate to any language or know someone who would be able to do it, please send an e-mail to keeluad@gmail.com.

We are already translating in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, but any assistance in translating them into any of these and other languages is welcome.

Thank you.

Light and Love,


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