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November 28, 2010

Once more I say to you that "Nothing is as it seems", do not believe what you are being told about the many contrived situations that were designed to create Fear and Control. Remember the Pyramid, those on top need your Fear and Compliance to continue their Control of your world. As more of you withdraw from the enforced slumber, and the hypnotic mind-control that you are all victims of ceases to work and you wake up to the Reality of the situation you find yourselves in. The more you reach out to each other with Love and Understanding the easier the Transition will be. We promised that the Truth will set you free, now as you see the truth is flowing out from so many different directions and it is being understood and accepted. This is the time of Truth and with Truth comes the New Reality. The only people who want War are those who need it to create Fear and prevent you from knowing what they have been up to because its when the Man in the Street knows the Truth and he withdraws his support that THEIR CORRUPT WORLD WILL COLLAPSE FOREVER. You were told that they made a Deal many years ago that they would Reveal The Truth before the END OF 2010, this is why they desperately try to create War now in the hope that it will prevent the Truth coming out. They were given all their advanced technology from those you call Extra Terrestrials on condition that by the end of 2010 they will come clean about it, they will be called upon to Honour that Agreement.

It is easy to create problems between volatile nations, it's childsplay, people fall for it every time, will they ever learn? Setting people against each other has been successful since the beginning of time, now its up to you not to fall for it again. You watched in horror at what was done to Ireland last week, this was a blatantly contrived situation, so obvious to those who are awake. Ireland retained its Sovereignty and the Power of Veto, the Dark Cabal needed all the Countries of the E.U. to give up all Independence so the Banks were used to create a false situation, it was pointed out to you that the Top Politicians used N L P to Brainwash those they needed to control, they were constantly sending Subliminal Messages, they succeeded in Brainwashing a People to whom FREEDOM means so much into complying with their demands, Ireland was NOT IN FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES , IT WAS RUTHLESSLY TAKEN. Watch the hands signals coming from those who control you, it is all so cleverly done, your politicians use it all the time. It is used on your TV screens so its actually coming into your homes, you must resist this form of control.

Darling, we have brought so much information to your attention this week, we need people to understand that The New Dawn is just around the corner, it is up to all of you how quickly it comes into being, you must all want it, ask for The Light of Truth to assist you to open up to the beautiful Beings that you truly are. Come together in Love and Harmony, this creates the Energy necessary to make the Shift out of the Darkness. You were aware of this when all your family came together to celebrate little Ciara's birthday, the Energy was beautiful, powerful, it shows just how easy it is to create this beautiful energy.

You were also given the information necessary to fully understand the importance of our project, no it was not an accident that you suddenly found all the answers to your questions and the Big Picture became clear. Those who control your world have done so for so long that it is taken for granted that this is how it should be, its just accepted as the norm. Your Politicians talk of Change, when all they do is to use different words to pretend that they will bring change when its the last thing they want to happen, All of you know deep in your Souls that the change that is necessary is complete change of control , the Federal Bank and the Bank of England must relinquish control of your Banking System, you only have to look at what they did to Ireland to see that this must happen.

Release the Beautiful Energy that is in everyone of you, this Energy that is within your Soul forever, it is there in every incarnation, it is yours to use by or reject, your choice, free-will was given to all. Our Time together was and still is very precious to us, the time you have with your family is precious to us also. I will enjoy the Energy as you all come together again today to make Ciara's birthday weekend special, such times produce memories of her family that will sustain her throughout her life. Everyone needs to feel they belong and are cherished, whether its immediate family or the greater family of life. You are all little pieces of the great puzzle of Life, each important to the Whole.

Everyone contributing to the Transition who through their work in bringing the truth forward and making it available to all who seek it have a very significant roll to play in the lives of Man, their work is appreciated on both sides of life, theirs is indeed an important roll.

Take time today to enjoy today with your family, enjoy the excitement of the approaching Christmas and the Energy it releases. With my love surrounding you always, I remain your own adoring husband. Monty

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