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November 21, 2010

We share your joy at seeing the awakening of the Human Race as they prepare to become fully-conscious Beings. As the Light emerges from their Souls and they tap into the Truth that was forbidden them but was always there within them. Full knowledge is deep within every human Being, it just takes someone such as David Icke to help you to open up to it and so set you free. Our friends in Holland, we had many happy times there, will soon be able to listen to his words of wisdom, to share his love of Humanity and his connection with All that Is. Remember my dear it is not going to be easy for those who are firmly locked into the control system, the illusion you were forced to believe was real. No one likes to admit that he was duped, be patient, allow them to come to the Light in their own time. Send them love and understanding. Fear of consequences has controlled so many lives, letting go of this fear and trusting Spirit to guide them will take time.

Once you open your hearts to Spirit and trust their guidance it releases so much of the old belief system. We are all Spirit, you just happen to be in a body and on Earth, Spirit lives forever, it cannot die, it's just the body that dies. those who are frightened of Spirit obviously do not know or understand who and what they are. Spirit is Energy. There is a New Reality awaiting you, war will have no place in it. Reach deep within your hearts, release everything negative, whether its personally experienced hurt, racial or religious wounds, the past is the past, its time to wipe the slate clean and awaken to all possibility.

Prepare to make contact with Beings from other Planets , they come in Peace and Love, their only wish is to assist you their fellow Beings to move forward into the Light. They did try to make contact some years ago when I was investigating the Scole experiments, we saw them on film, you know only too well how upset I was when I did my best to persuade those involved to continue our research but they allowed Fear of the unknown to prevent that wonderful opportunity we were given to come together back then.

It will not fail this time, it is set in stone. Many of you around the world have come to know and understand these Beings, you regard them as friends, you communicate with them frequently, there is nothing to fear. Yes it takes courage to step forward and to devote your life to bringing truth and Peace to a world that is racked with injustice for so many. Learn to create an image in your minds of a world where Peace, Harmony and Love prevail, no more greed, where you will never be controlled by fear ever again.

Accept the changes that must happen so that your bodies will once again have full DNA, you will experience an Energy such as you have never known. The old programming will not be able to operate, you will be free, free of control. The dark Cabal is still refusing to accept that their rule is over but over it certainly is, they have made tentative plans for their withdrawal when all else fails, they could not exist in the Light. They can only exist if you allow yourselves to be controlled by fear and violence, they need you their slaves to be their puppets and obey them. Love and Trust is all you need to move forward, come together all those who work in the Light, your combined Energy will then encourage those enquiring minds to come to you, your doors must always be open to those who seek truth.

Be at one with Nature whenever possible, it links you with All there Is. Learn to think for yourselves, do not allow others to control your thinking, take responsibility for your own life, make your decisions with love and consideration for your fellow man. I recollect the words of a song I heard many years ago "make love not war" the sentiments registered. Love is the most powerful emotion there is, open your hearts to it. My love is yours, your own Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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