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Montague Keen - July 26, 2015

The solution to the world's problems lies in your own hands. I have pleaded with you, many times, to take back the sacred energy that runs through the ley lines. It is because the Cabal usurped this energy that they were able to gain control over humanity. They wrote the books that you have lived by, thus controlling your minds. They created MONEY and so gained control over every country. Through money, they made you their SLAVES, working long hours in order to buy food and shelter. Returning home only to sit in front of your very own prison guard, their most successful MIND CONTROL operation, that keeps you asleep, ensuring that you acquire all that you are made to believe you need, thereby making them very rich. It is all a huge con, and you have been victims since birth.

But those who control you, want more. They want the Earth, all for themselves, so that they no longer have to take human shape in order to walk amongst you. Their plan to cull the human race is out there, for all to see. They do not have a need to hide anything because you chose to remain asleep. Your reluctance to face what is being done to you, shocks me. All the evidence is at your fingertips. Their plans to put troops on the streets, are out there, for all to see. This is crunch time. Come together and say, "No, I will not kill my fellow human beings, or hurt them so that you can take control."

I passed to spirit in 2004. Since then, I have tried, through Veronica, to open your eyes, to help you understand who you are, and to see what you are up against. How many times have I pointed out that NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS.

THE VATICAN PRAYS TO LUCIFER, not the God of love. You have never looked seriously at what it is all about. They do not hide it. The people that you have been taught to look up to, are the very ones who are trying to destroy you. Governments are not there to serve the people, they are part of the problem. They serve the Cabal, not the people. Do I really need to repeat that they poison the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the water you drink. They force vaccinations and other dangerous medicines on you that slowly kill you. How can you trust them? They do not serve you. They plan to use those who serve in the Army and the Police, to wipe out the human race. It is a joke to them, to see how eager you are to kill each other, once you put on those occult uniforms, which clearly state that every one of you is a human sacrifice to Lucifer. The Cabal spreads its tentacles everywhere. They have left no stone unturned in their planning of the New World Order. In September, when the Pope goes to the United Nations in New York, he and Obama will sign your freedom away. Is this what you want?

The Vatican is a ZIONIST ORGANISATION. Never forget that. Roman Catholicism was set up by PETER, who was a JEW. All twelve apostles were Jews. You all know that, but you failed to see the significance of it. You were conned. They invented the Jesus, Mary, and Joseph story, that you all bought into. Iesa did exist, hundreds of years before the Vatican claims. He spent many years in Ireland and India, and he travelled to many countries. He would not approve of all the killing and the destruction of so many lives which you see every day on your television. They hope you will accept it as normal. The Cabal has no respect for human life, so do not expect it.

Again, I ask you to come together to release the sacred energy from the ley lines for the benefit of the human race. By doing this, you will create peace and make it impossible for the New World Order to be implemented. The Cabal has been planning this throughout the ages. THE SAME FAMILIES, which are all connected, are working together to achieve their evil plan. They believe that they can activate their plans in September. Will you help to save the human race?

Face the true facts; not what the Cabal tells you through your television. Refuse to be part of their mind controlled masses. The Cabal knows that if you take control, they will have to leave the Earth. They forced their way on to the Earth and they spread their tentacles everywhere. They quickly took over. They placed themselves in positions of power, to control all the banks, religions, and the entertainment. They particularly love the idea that you look up to them, while all the time, they are destroying you, and you cannot see it.

Fear not, for assistance will be provided to help you recover from their evil rule. They are frightened that you may wake up before they set their New World Order in place. You have not got long. All arrangements for them to vacate the Earth have been in place for some time. They will not go quietly if they see that all their plans for the takeover fail; they will be angry.

There are people who are important to the recovery of humanity and the Earth, who are now, through mind control, being held captive. I ask your help, so that together with us in spirit, we can ensure their immediate release.

The awakened must work together on the ley lines. Put as much energy into this as possible. Use drums to create music and see the energy flow. Try to awaken as many as possible, especially those who are still reluctant to face the facts. It is all in your hands. Support those whose task it is to shed light on the real facts, for they tread a difficult and lonely path.

I ask especially the people of Ireland, to make an effort to free humanity. Again, I remind them, that IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING. By controlling the energy of the ley lines in Ireland, the Cabal was able to take control of the world. You can release it. You have the DNA to do so. Humanity needs your help. Release Ireland and you will release the whole world.

My dear, try not to allow those who are trying to stop you, to get to you. We are on the right path.

As ever, your adoring, Monty.

Many have thanked me for introducing you to the work of HARLD KAUTZ-VELLA. He, along with many other impressive speakers, will be speaking at the BASES CONFERENCE, held by Miles Johnston on the 31 July to 2 August 2015, in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

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