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Montague Keen - July 5, 2015

My dear, we are happy to see so much information flooding out, regarding the Control System that controls your world. It is now being laid bare before you. Unfortunately many are still refusing to see the truth. Yes, I know that it goes against everything they had accepted as truth through education and conditioning. The Cabal has been very successful over the last 2000 years. They hid the truth well. Every country in your world, the whole of humanity suffered, through this control. Life became a struggle to survive.

Now, many of you are seeking out what was hidden from you. You are finding the truth for yourselves. All you needed was a little guidance. You now know that wars are fought to appease the controllers who demand blood sacrifice. Satanic Ritual Abuse is practiced every day as part of this control. You cannot stop it until you are prepared to look at it and then do something about it. Ask why your Police do not keep a record of children who go missing. The Police keep detailed records of all cars that are stolen, so I ask you, which is more important? You must wake up to all that happens around you every day.

Many also refuse to look with an open mind at Ireland. Until you understand what Ireland is, you are wasting your time paying lip service to the awakening.

Andrew Bartzis stated: "Ireland represents the most important part of the Earth system of original foundation before domination and control took effect. Domination and control had to see Earth as a positive unity consciousness species and begin to infect it at its most basic level. Ireland is the KEY to the vault. By bringing your intentions back to the surface and actually changing the energy of the surface ley lines so that the original Earth Grid begins overtaking the sacred geometry MASONIC GRID. Walk your feet over the land, bring your prayers, your intentions, begin practicing spiritual cleanliness. Begin to understand that the world you live in, particularly London, really is a haunted place." (There is so much more, listen to it yourselves.)

Veronica: I was delighted to get this email from DW. He had asked for help to uncover the truth. I am sure he will not mind me sharing with you what he was excited to find out: "The druids are older than the Egyptians. Egyptian culture owes a debt to the druids of Ireland. The druids of Ireland were the first Makers/Keepers of Civilisation." He researched this for himself. It is always best to find the truth for yourselves.

You have a choice. Do you remain trapped in the Control System of lies and deceit, or do you open your eyes and minds to all that was kept hidden from you. Put your prejudice aside. You were encouraged to look down on the Irish people. WHY? What do they want to prevent you from seeing? The Irish Government answers to the Crown and the EU. The answer to the freedom of humanity lies in Ireland. When Veronica and Andrew Bartzis planned a visit to Ireland, Veronica was attacked and almost lost her life. Andrew was prevented from even talking about Ireland again. Your controllers were scared at what they could uncover and so they prevented the visit. What is that telling you? Then the trolls were rolled out to sabotage the buying of a Centre in Ireland. We have not given up on the setting up of the Centre. It is still our dearest wish to release humanity from bondage and so create a better world for all through the centres. We will do it, it cannot be stopped, just delayed. The people of Ireland are waking up and saying NO. Now, we need them to learn what Ireland is, and how they can release humanity from the corrupt control. Everything you ever learned is the exact opposite of the truth.

The Cabal is fully aware that its control system is fading away. They cannot exist in the light. Your awakening is causing them BIG PROBLEMS. They will engage in many more random killings in an effort to cause fear amongst you. This exerts more control over your lives. Do not fall for this again. Enough is enough. All killing must stop. You have the ability to create a better world. Are you prepared to put some effort into it? The call is going out to humanity to take the necessary steps to free yourselves and all future generations. To the people of Ireland, you have the opportunity to release Ireland and all of humanity from BONDAGE. Make this your mission.

Come together and forget your differences. Work as one to free yourselves. You have nothing to fear. What can 1% do to the 99%? Without you, the Cabal is useless. They cannot function without your support. Look forward to eating good wholesome food, drinking pure clean water, and breathing clean air. This will make a huge difference to your lives on Earth.

The Cabal has planned to destroy as much as they can in September. This is the reason the Pope is visiting America. Do not think for one moment that he comes with good intentions. They plan to openly take control of your world. This is your time to make plans to prevent this destruction of humanity. This is your world that was usurped by them.

Veronica has worked with me since my passing, 11 years ago, to bring you the information that you need in order to free yourselves. It has been a difficult journey for her. She has lost family and friends in the process. The attacks on her continue. They change, every now and again, to catch her off guard. Hers is not an easy life. Her goal is to see humanity free, before she joins me in the afterlife. Will you help her achieve this?

Veronica, my dear, please be kind to yourself. Take rest whenever possible. We will succeed, it is written so.

My love surrounds you, always. Your adoring, Monty.

Comment from Veronica

My web site has been hacked into. My interviews with Andrew Bartzis have been removed. Monty speaking from the Afterlife has also been destroyed. This shows clearly that "they" do not want you to look at Ireland.

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Veronica Keen

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