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Montague Keen - February 26, 2017

Humanity must maintain its struggle to survive on Earth. You will not lose this battle. I ask that you remain vigilant at all times. The Cabal has a plan to CHIP ALL OF YOU. This they may do surreptitiously, such as when you are in hospital for some reason. There are doctors who have been roped in to carry this out. Never, ever, agree to this, no matter what pressure is used to entice you to willingly accept being chipped. They encouraged you to get your animals chipped, to open your minds to the prospect of chipping everybody. Their argument is that it works for animals. This is but part of the plan to take over the Earth and rid it of a high percentage of the human race.

There is also a move afoot to try to persuade you to accept pedophilia as normal. To survive, they need human blood and flesh. It ensures that they can hold their human form. Everyone "in power" has had to go through rituals. By willingly doing so, they give away their free will. Thus they come under the control of those in the shadows who wield power over all.

All this is being exposed now, and though it proves difficult for many of you to believe that such depravity exists, it does exist. It is all around you, and it is used by those in positions of so-called power. The Cabal had it all its own way for so long. They believed they were invincible. Then along came Mr Trump, who upset their apple cart in no uncertain terms. They do not like it. They feel exposed and vulnerable for the first time in their lives. They are fighting hard to protect their way of life.

2017 is a make or break year. You all need to be strong, to protect you and yours. Never in your history have so many lies been used to bombard your minds and your lives. It is non-stop, 24 hours a day, from your TVs. Your newspapers try to trap you into accepting what they pretend is the truth. This is a battle for the soul of humanity. You must be strong and refuse to entertain such lies, even for a moment. Protect yourselves, refuse to be drawn into the mindless, soulless, marches that degrade humanity and expose you to the mind control tactics of the enemy.

Know your truth and live by it. Believe with confidence what you know to be true. Deal directly with Source. Open your hearts and souls for guidance and do not be swayed off course by the mindless mob. Pray for America, for her people are mind controlled. They are lost in the wilderness of downright lies. The dark takeover of America began many years ago but it is now in your face and you cannot mistake it. America opened the door to to very evil demons which are used by the elite to control you. They never expected Mr Trump to be elected, so they strive to eliminate him.

Be strong and be confident, as each and every one of you is important. The human race must survive.

My dear wife was badly attacked in the night as she slept. She is exhausted. Please understand that she is struggling to connect with me.

My dear, please take it easy.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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