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Montague Keen - February 19, 2017

The battle has intensified. It is ruthless in its pursuit of victory. The destruction of the human race and its removal from the Earth is now in your face. You would need to be blind, deaf, and dumb, not to see it. Yet some of you still cling to the hope that your enemies will protect you. Even as I connect with you, you are seeing what is being done to the people of California, to teach them and others a lesson. The Cabal is ruthless. It destroys everyone and everything that may stand in its path of total domination. What more do you need to see before you open your eyes to what you are up against. This is not a game, this is for real. Right now, it is being played out in America. Rest assured that this is a world takeover and your turn will come sooner than you think. Many realised that this was coming, and prepared themselves. Sacha Stone is one such person; listen to his wise words.

Sacha Stone's Address to World Leaders - Breakthrough Energy Conference

Paedophiles and psychopaths are the weapons being used to take control of humanity. Satanic ritual killings are carried out in every country by those you are encouraged to trust and obey. Many of them are persuaded to go to certain islands and places of interest. While there, they are lured into child rape and the ritual killing of children. This is filmed by hidden cameras to ensure that these individuals become slaves of the Cabal. There is no escape except death itself.

What you are now seeing in America is the desperation of the paedophiles to hold on to their power. They will go to any lengths to protect each other. No other president in history has ever had to cope with what President Trump is going through now. Look at the fear and desperation on the faces of those who condemn him. Arrests have begun with the procurers of the children, first, as the protection of the children is paramount to President Trump. There are underground bases where children are held in cages until needed for sacrifice. These are not just American children. The children are sourced from all over the world. It is big business. General Flynn had big plans to deal with this problem. Look at what the Cabal has done to him!

All roads lead to Rome, and the head of the snake, the Jesuit Pope. Malachy Martin warned humanity what would happen when the Jesuits took over, and now you are seeing it for yourselves. Do your own research. Look at the wars instigated by the Vatican. Look at the slaughter of humanity carried out in the name of the Vatican. The unsuccessful attempt to exterminate the Irish people, carried out by the Jesuits, you were told was a famine. But this was not so. IT WAS PLANNED AND OVERSEEN BY THE JESUITS. These Jesuit games would end if the Irish studied their ancient history and understood who they are, and exposed the lies taught by Rome. This would expose Rome and all it stands for. The power of the Cabal would disappear in a puff of smoke.

2017 is the year in which all will be revealed. The Cabal is scared, as it has a lot to lose. Each and every one of you, can make a difference. Will you remain puppets of the Cabal, or will you choose truth and freedom. I ask you to look for yourselves at the truth about Rome.

Jesuit Pope Francis I. 666 Mark of the Beast. Final Warning Video

What is happening in America, you will see repeated all over your world. Brexit has delayed what is planned for Europe. So Blair has been sent back to England to try to get the Brexit decision overturned. Who on Earth could ever believe what Blair (Weapons of Mass Destruction) says! Fear is being used; it is, after all, their favourite weapon to get the masses into line.

Laugh at him. Show him that you know his game. You are awake.

Your priority is to support the recovery of the children who were stolen, abducted, and removed by government agencies etc, for ritual human sacrifice. These children are held in cages, often under government buildings, army bases. Listen to their cries for help. I beg you, do not abandon them. Those involved in such entrapment must be exposed. Do not assist or support them in any way.

Together, you can free yourselves from the shackles of such evil. See it for what it is. The picture is being painted in America so clearly. See also how easy it is to buy the sheeple, to protest whatever the Cabal wants to bring down. The Illuminati are being exposed and they do not like it. They prefer to control you from the shadows.

Trust your own judgment and your own research. The truth will set you free. Humanity has been totally controlled for 2000 years. Religion was designed for this very purpose. It is the cosh that keeps you in line (well, it did, until you awakened). It is all based on lies and their invention of HELL, which has been used relentlessly. I assure you, it is all fiction. When love is the basis of how you live and all that you do, then ask yourself, why would you need anything else? LOVE IS ALL. That is the bottom line.

Please continue to send love to those who are locked up in jails by the Cabal, all over your world. Your justice systems are owned and controlled by the Cabal, and take orders from it, as do all your governments. Humanity has not known freedom since the Vatican takeover, 2000 years ago. It believes it owns you. This is why you need a birth certificate, a passport, a death certificate, etc. NO MAN IS FREE. Americans may sing about 'the land of the free' but you have only to look at their legal system of Maritime Law (controlled by England, not the USA). That tells you a lot. You find LIES, LIES, LIES, everywhere you look. Your liberty was taken by stealth. It is time to take it back.

My dear, these attacks are debilitating. This is their objective. But your will power is intact.

It is always darkest before the dawn, and the dawn is coming.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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