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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - June 24, 2018

Exposure is happening all over your world. People can no longer hide their ulterior motives. It is painful for all of you to see those you believed in, exposed as working against you. Mr Trump is having to deal with this problem every day. He knows that he will succeed in carrying out his plans; that is why he was put in power. Only the awakened understand that Mr Trump intends to remove the dark control. Every day you see the cabal uses everything in its power to destroy him. Ask yourselves why they would use so much ENERGY, trying to get rid of him, if he is what they say he is? The fact is they are terrified of him.

Time is up for the corrupt control system and the puppets who do its bidding. People are beginning to open their eyes and remove the scales, to see what was hidden in plain sight. Humanity is guilty of accepting whatever the Cabal states they must accept. You, all of you, accepted blindly the drugs that were foisted upon you by the medical profession, without ever questioning what was in them and what real affect they would have on the human body. You believed that all those people had your best interests at heart: how wrong you were. Doctors were being paid to prescribe you those drugs with holidays, conferences, new computers, etc. Introducing new medical drugs is a dirty business. Take back control of your lives and make your own decisions based on your own research. There is so much information out there to guide you. You cannot lose.

It is time to stand up to those who want to remove you from the Earth. At last they are beginning to accept that they CANNOT WIN NOW, as too many of you are awake, and will not allow them to take over the Earth. You must understand that they are terrified of you because they are totally dependent on you for their survival. Look at them, all they have is money. They are weaklings. Stop seeing them as powerful, for that is based on an illusion created by them to control you. Why do you still accept that illusion when you know in your soul that it is not true. It is holding you in a prison of the mind.

Facing the truth is never easy but it must be done. It will prove to be your salvation. You do not have time to waste, so you must be ready to take action, knowing that you will succeed. The timing is now. Everything is in place for you to take back your world. All the help you require is ready, waiting for you to ask for it. Do not allow the Cabal to destroy any more of the Earth and humanity. By just doing nothing, you are guilty of allowing them to take everything from you as well as your lives. Find your voice and say NO, we will not allow you to take any more from us.

I know that every day you read about all those who have committed suicide. This is wrong. These people were connected to the Cabal but wanted to speak out. They were killed as a consequence. THE CABAL SHOWS NO MERCY. They stamp on you as they would an ant because this is how they see you. You are not necessary for their plans. You are no longer useful to them. When will you learn that no matter how much homage and respect you show them, you are nothing, and you will never amount to anything. You are not part of their plans.

It is time you had some respect for yourselves. Look after your health by taking care of your body. Do not neglect your mind. Remove all the indoctrination and accept only what you know to be true. Discard all notions of history since 325AD. That is when the lies began. Everything you have learned since then is totally fabricated. It was intended to confuse you. They removed all evidence of the fact that you are powerful human beings of light, having an experience on Earth. They set out to remove your power and to degrade you through the food they ensured that you eat. Growing your own good wholesome food was made unlawful. Only chemically-grown food is available to you. Chemically-produced drugs were forced on you. Water laced with deadly chemicals was available to you. Is it any wonder that many of you are confused?

Laws were created to ensure that you obey the Cabal at all times. Mr Trump is removing the corrupt judges in America. He is replacing them with others who are not controlled by the Cabal. He deserves your gratitude for taking this brave step. Would that there were more like Mr Trump, who bravely stepped forward to save humanity. You only have to see how THE CABAL HATE HIM AND ATTACK HIM. This proves that they are scared of him. They cannot buy him, so they try to destroy him. You see this every day on TV and in the newspapers. Never has there been such a vendetta against one man. Why are they so frightened of him? Mr Trump intends to release information to you that you have a right to know. It is information that only the select few are presently aware of. You will be shocked when you learn what has been kept from you. It is knowledge that would have made life on Earth so much easier. It will take time for you to study and accept all that was hidden from you by the Cabal.

Every day you see that they are losing their control. They have suicided many who know their time is up and who want to confess to being part of the Cabal's plans. Some of these people only played a small part. Their problem is that they knew what was going on, and the plans for the future. This has made them dangerous to the Cabal. Trust me, my friends, the Cabal never shows mercy. You may think that you know these people but you do not. You only know the mask they hide behind. Occasionally this mask slips and you get a glimpse of the real creature behind it. Some of them shape-shift when the energy is too low, as this makes it difficult for them to hold their human form. They are momentarily exposed. Sometimes this is caught on film. As the energy is changing rapidly now, they will have real problems in this regard, believe me. They have far more to fear than you. They will lose all that they have spent lifetimes stealing from you. They are not capable of fending for themselves, so they will plead for mercy from those they had tried to destroy. This is coming soon, so be prepared to deal with this situation. I told you that 2018 will bring many changes that you need to prepare for.

There are those whose ego is so large that they believe that working for the cabal makes them feel important. They are life's failures. Send them love and light, as they are looking for attention.

My dear, the energies are affecting everyone. The exhaustion is difficult to cope with. People are being exposed and their true colours are showing. This has produced many shocks. The attacks on you, my dear, continue to cause concern. The course of treatment you start, this week, will prove affective. You were guided to it.

My love surrounds you. You are never alone.

Your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica
Sacha Stone of Humanitad, held a conference in London which exposed all that we need to know. Please take the time to listen to the speakers who showed great courage to tell us the truth.

He would like you to know how much he values your contact with him. Being alone in America, without family or friends, you have become his friends. The books you send to him, help to keep his mind active. He would be lost without them. He is deeply grateful. He appeared in court on the 28 June. Please pray that the truth will be revealed.

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