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December 23, 2012

Greetings to you from this side of life at this time of celebration, when families come together to say goodbye to the old and welcome the New Year. This year, of course, you are celebrating the start of The Age of Aquarius. Many of you are experiencing the cleansing out of all the old baggage that was used to keep you in control. This is why many of you felt so alone and abandoned. The baggage had become part of who you are, and so losing it was traumatic, for many of you. Your hearts and minds need to be free of clutter when you step into a life of freedom, when the truth of the reality in which you exist will be revealed. All is in hand to make this happen. As you know, timelines change, and obstacles are thrown in the way, but I assure you, it will happen.

Those of you who are awake and aware, can see already that the power lines are crumbling. They talk the talk, but are prevented from walking the walk. Without power, they look like puppets, for that is what they have always been. Those who really pull the strings, keep out of the limelight, but they are becoming more obvious every day. What is happening now, has been in the planning for quite a long time. It took great effort, both on Earth and on this side of life, to enable you to wake up to the Cabal. It does not matter how many blockages or obstacles they put in the way, the Transition cannot be stopped. Their time is up. It is time for them to leave, and for us to rectify the damage they have done on your planet. When you connect with who you are, and understand how powerful you really are, it will make a tremendous difference. All that the Cabal had put in place to destroy humanity and create new, more compliant beings to serve them, will be dismantled forthwith. It will shock you to see just how far they had got with their plans. They never contemplated failure, even for one moment. So they were unprepared for so many of you to wake up and upset their plans at the eleventh hour. Our thanks go to all those brave people who stood up for what they believed to be right and true. They suffered the wrath of the Cabal but stood firm and never faltered.

The Cabal will issue many false statements. It will create many false scenarios to distract you from your path. But you are wise to them now, and see them for what they are. You will not be fooled again.

You will need time to adjust to your future. There is so much to understand and come to terms with. Dematerialisation and rematerialisation will become possible, making travel immediate and pleasurable. Spacecraft will become the norm, replacing aircraft, boats, etc. I tell you, your future is one big exciting adventure for all of you. The financial problems that were foisted on you will be removed without trace. The whole banking system was designed to enslave your countries and each and every one of you. It has done just that. You were all victims of its control. Now the rug will be pulled from under its feet and banks will cease to exist. You are being shown engines that do not need fuel yet they work perfectly. People are being inspired to prepare for the future. When the timing is right, all will fall into place, and the controls of the past will disappear forever. You can see the whole corrupt edifice is falling apart before your eyes.

I point out once more: "IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING". I cannot emphasise this fact enough. When everything is out in the open you will understand why I say this. When the Irish take back their sovereignty and realise who they truly are, it will answer so much. Veronica received a very special present, this week, from an Irish artist who lovingly painted on canvas, Veronica and I. It is important that he knows that we both appreciate his gift. We will treasure it. (Keith Gamble)

Concentrate on the future, and leave the past with all its trials and tribulations, in the past. Those dark ages are almost over. Stay in your heart and let your heart guide you forward. Your future awaits you.

Veronica, you have overcome so many difficulties, and you continue to cope when many would have given up. You know in your heart what needs to be done. Try not to let the blockages upset you. You need to be strong. Guide your friend, and deal with the problem that is causing the difficulties. Your team is expanding. It is all coming together nicely. You understand what you are dealing with. They do not give up easily. You are an obstacle in their path. But you have walked this path before and you knew it was never going to be easy.

Enjoy being with your family and friends. Enjoy the laughter and the wonderful food at Simon's place. I always did. I will be with you, in Spirit, as always.

Your adoring, Monty.

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