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April 22, 2012

First, my dear, I want to say a big thank you to your children, grandchildren and friends, who ensured that your birthday was a very special and happy occasion. Your birthday cake was a work of art, lovingly created by Abigail. You are blessed, my dear, with a very special family. I was happy to join in with the celebrations and prove my presence to your friends.

Now, my dear, to more serious matters. The fact is that your planet is proving every day that it is going through the many changes that are necessary for the Transition. Even the most sceptical amongst you, must surely see by now, that this is all part of the great plan. There are those, of course, who refuse to face the truth of what is happening. They lack the courage to embrace change; because of FEAR they are locked into a false sense of security. They have failed to look into their own hearts and go with what is right and just. Though the Cabal are busy buying islands and land, in readiness for a quick escape, I tell you there is no escape from justice. As money will no longer figure in your lives, and that is all that they have got, they will not be able to buy forgiveness. There is no excuse for what they set out to do to your planet and the human race. Already, they are responsible for the deaths of billions of human beings and they continue to want you to be complicit in the killing of many more and the destruction of countries. They thrive on war - they care not with whom. Learn to see the evil behind the smile and the reassuring words. They tell you what they think you want to hear, whilst solidly sticking to their agenda of war and reducing the population. They are now up against a force far greater than anything they can muster. This is their dilemma ! They have had it all their own way until now. They are floundering, desperately looking for an answer to their dilemma. Justice will be done and will be seen to be done.

The banking scandals and the resignations that you are being told about, are but the tip of the iceberg. It must all come tumbling down. It will be hard for some people to believe that some bankers could be so corrupt. Do not be deceived by outward appearances and fine words that bear no resemblance to truth. You have all suffered at their hands for too long. Because of this, I fear that their cries for mercy will fall on deaf ears. When "the man in the street" wakes up to what has been done to him and his family, he will be angry; and he will have every right to be angry and to demand justice. It is hoped that people will remain CALM and dignified and not lower their standards to those of their oppressors. Many of you have foolishly placed your trust in those who have no respect for you and yours. You have been brain-washed into believing that you should trust the very people who only want to destroy you. It is all so cleverly done under the radar that you just accept it as truth. But scratch the surface of these people and you will see for yourselves how corrupt they are. Concentrate on the future when all will be so different: when trust is restored, equality is experienced by every man on the planet, and every country will rejoice.

Every day the Light in your world becomes brighter as more awaken out of their enforced hypnotic state. The balance is certainly tipping in our favour, illuminating the Light of Truth, thus exposing the darkness of the corrupt. If only everyone was aware of what is happening every day as you draw closer to your goal, but the news of this is suppressed by those in control. I promised you that their House of Cards would fall, and fall it most certainly will, and sooner than you expect. You have many surprises in store for you in the weeks to come. Have faith in us, we will not let you down. The time for truth and exposure is now.

Veronica, my dear, this was a most interesting week for you. You learned much from someone "in the know"; many facts about what is happening in your world, plus facts about yourself that surprised you. But it explained a lot as well. Things are making more sense as a result. It was good for you to be able to speak openly and share information. His work with Sacred Geometry is of great importance. Your planet needs its energy lines reactivated to defuse the evil that is engulfing it.

Your interview with Jennifer Carmen is timely, my dear. People need to connect with Sacred Geometry. This will spell out why it is important for all of you to physically connect with the Sacred Source.

You are exhausted, struggling to stay awake and write with me. Having so many staying with you is hard work. All the preparations for your party, though wonderful and exciting, were also exhausting. I would like to join with you in extending our gratitude for all the cards and good wishes you received from so many lovely people. They are much appreciated.

It is time to take a little rest - you are no spring chicken, so you must not overdo it. I say to all of you, keep your spirits up, look forward to the many changes, and know that it is for the benefit of all mankind that these changes occur.

My love, I thank your family for being there for you, for all the support that they give you, and that they gave both of us during our time together. They made your birthday very special.

See 2012 as an exciting adventure into the New Era of Peace and Harmony. Ignore the obstacles, they will be easily overcome. The result will be everything you could wish for.

Your adoring, Monty.

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