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Montague Keen - September 21, 2014

My dear, you are experiencing many traumatic changes. They are necessary in order to raise your vibrational energy in preparation for the completion of your mission. We are assisting you. We try to lessen the pain of this journey. You must become who you are. You will complete this journey. Beware of those who try to infiltrate with promises of assistance, who speak of light and love, but whose only intention is to destroy the light. The attacks you sustained on your visit to Ireland hit you badly. You are beginning to recover from it. That person still tries to harm you and our work, but he will not succeed. He is exposed. The effort which the Cabal is putting into trying to prevent the gathering is quite revealing. It exposes how terrified they are of anyone releasing the energy there. The planned gathering cannot now take place as there has been too much interference with key people. We will do what we intend to do, but will not give the Cabal prior notice of it. We will take them by surprise when the timing is right. Those who demand that you expose everything on paper have no idea how foolish this could be. They are still trapped in 3D mode and cannot see outside of it.

Many of you are reliving past experiences in order to trigger memories of who you are, in order to help you relate to what is expected of you in this lifetime. It helps you to become more aware of the dangers lurking around you, as the dark ones search for any weakness that they can pounce on.

My dear, it was necessary for you to experience, again, the death you experienced in Egypt at the hands of a high priestess. She stole your energy. It is now time to call back that energy as it is yours. It was a very painful experience. I ensured you were not alone. It revealed so much information and it explained much about this life. Many, many of you from Atlantis, have returned to repair the damage that was done at that time. You are meeting each other and working together to restore the light. There are others on Earth who wear MASKS to hide the truth of their intentions. Earth is not a safe place to be, so you cannot afford to let your guard down for one moment. The foolish who seek attention, jump on any bandwagon to cry fraud and corruption. They are used by the Cabal to see fraud where none exists.

You are but weeks away from the biggest surprise of your lives. All those who still sleep will be forced to awaken to the TRUTH and will have to deal with the reality of it. Many, like me, have tried to gently awaken you, but fear has kept you locked into the false reality. It is better to be awake, aware, and prepared.

The reason for the Centres, worldwide, is to enable you to create a world of plenty, and to remove all that is corrupt. Think about it . . . the Cabal produces all the food, and it provides the water and the money which you now need to exist. When it is removed (and it will be), what are you left with? Where do you go for help?

Those who live in fear will try to say that I am creating fear. I just show you what is fast coming your way. Those who have lied about the intentions of their countries, have done a great disservice to humanity. Your help is needed to prepare and to create the Centres, and to call on those who are willing, to serve in those Centres. Your donations will make this happen. Veronica needs to set them up before she passes to Spirit. Those who suggest that she wants you to provide her with a new home, could not be further from the truth. Ask yourselves, would she really choose to move away from her family at the age of 77 ? She undertook this work before she returned to Earth. I, Monty, prepared her for it. I had to rejoin The Network on the other side, in order to guide her from there. Together, we try to prepare your future life on Earth as it should be, with all the corruption removed. Each should take part in bringing in the light. Help is available for those who need it.

There is a battle raging all around you which is just outside of your 3D vision, so that you cannot see it clearly. Those who can see it, try to make you aware of it. All the false flag operations should alert you to what the Cabal is up to, and what it is prepared to do, to try to hold on to power.

Do not fall for the fairy stories of some, who try to lull you into a false sense of security, leaving you open to the plans of the Dark. This is the End Game: you have decisions to make. Once the light is established on Earth, everything will become clear. It is very tough for those who expose the truth. They are being attacked from many levels. Those within the Cabal fight for their existence, but they do not belong on Earth. Their effort to take over your world has failed. You are now living through the final stages of their effort to take complete control of your planet. This is not pleasant; WAR never is. Their lying efforts to start World War 3 are not working for them, so they are desperate and dangerous. They lose power each day. Those who are awake, can see through their lies, and will not support them. Help each other to remove fear. No matter what the Cabal does to create fear, do not buy into it.

Look to the future that you are in the process of creating. No injustice, no war: all living in harmony, without barriers created by religions and states. This is when our two worlds will come together in peace and love. Please send light and love to those who are needed to help create a better world for all. Together, you will do it.

My dear, the attacks on you show how our work is feared by the Cabal. Rest assured, they cannot prevent our mission. Please rest, you will need your strength.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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