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June 19, 2011

A comment by Veronica Keen

"To be able to kiss you, once more. To show you the love that I feel for you was so special for both of us. I was not sure whether the controls at that séance would allow me to materialise as I dearly wished to."

This week, Ian Kelly took me to Kent, to a public séance conducted by the physical medium, DAVID THOMPSON. We had booked a place using my old name, V Ford, so that no one would know I was there. We arrived just before the doors were closed. There were 28 people present. David Thompson, whom I had met only once before, (7 years earlier, when Monty was still alive) then arrived to begin the séance. He noticed me and asked if I was Veronica. I confirmed that I was. He had no time to alter anything so the séance commenced.

Initially, Sir William Crooks came through and answered many questions from the sitters. I, myself, did not ask a question at this point. Then a character called "Tim" came through: he had brought along someone's father.

It was later in the séance that Monty announced himself and remarked that he had come to see his wife, Veronica. He then firmly walked down the room to where I was sitting. The people whom he passed were "touched by the love and peace that filled the room. It was beautiful."

He stood before me and spoke of his great love for me. He said how disappointed and upset it makes him, to see how his blood-family and so-called colleagues were still trying to hurt me.

I asked him about our work and he assured me that it would succeed. He said that I must remain here until I complete the work. He then took my face in his hands, lifting it to his own, and kissed me, just as he used to. It was very hot in that room - we were much too hot - yet Monty's beautiful hands were cool and loving.

It is impossible to put into words just how much this meant to me. Ian was holding my left hand and the lady to my right was holding my right hand. Having said what he came to say, he continued to talk as he walked back towards David Thompson, the medium, who had produced the ectoplasm necessary for the materialisation. Monty continued to talk as he left.

David Thompson's hands and legs were bound to the chair and he had been gagged for the séance. There is no way he could have moved or spoken during the séance. Those present were greatly impressed.

After the séance had ended, many were in tears. It was interesting for me to hear from some of the men who were present, who said that they found both the materialisation and the love-filled atmosphere of the room, so powerful that they could not stop the tears.

Both Monty and I are deeply grateful to DAVID THOMPSON for giving him this opportunity to materialise in public. David is one of the few mediums in the world who can do this. Though I am able to talk and write with Monty, and he still sometimes comes to bed with me, this was a public demonstration of love and commitment.

A comment by Ian Kelly, who accompanied Veronica to the Physical Séance in Kent, England.

The seance had been going for around 30 minutes, and young Timothy, the boy spirit responsible for manipulating the ectoplasm from David Thompson, brought through a man. The voice said, 'Veronica', and it was Monty.

It was dark: however, we heard his footsteps coming closer. I was sitting next to Veronica and Monty spoke for around two to three minutes, personally to Veronica, before taking her head in his hands and leaning forward to kiss her! The whole room gasped at this, and Monty said that he loved her, twice, and then made his way back to the cabinet, and disappeared. It was a wonderful experience!.


The energy in your world continues to change. It is getting faster. It sometimes causes sensitive people to feel dizzy. Do not be alarmed: sit quietly and it will pass. You are coming out of the darkness and your bodies need to adjust. We have exposed many of the evil plans that were in the pipeline and have prevented them. Many of these people have been arrested but this information has been kept from you as the Dark Ones still control the Media. The people who need this information have been given it. Some have taken their own lives and more will choose suicide rather than face exposure. It has been decreed that justice and truth shall return to your planet. Return they will, my dear, no question of that! It is our intention to ensure that no one will ever be hungry or homeless again. Abundance will be restored to all mankind.

You have been shown how entities attach themselves to humans in order to steer them to the Dark. They then hop on to innocent people to cause health problems, etc. Some people are carriers of these entities without their knowledge. Be careful who you invite into your homes and who you socialise with. You were shown photographs of such entities. They are clearly visible on many who have committed murder and other such crimes. Soon, there will be no hiding place for them, either. You will have to 're-think' and look with eyes wide open, at all that you had trusted in the past. Look with your heart - not your head. Learn to question everything. Do not just sit in front of a TV - talk! Enjoy the art of conversation and discuss what concerns you. Life is so much easier when you understand the reasons why you are on Earth. The Big Shift will come soon, once we see that everything is in place, so as to create the greatest impact.

Those who live and work in the Light have nothing to fear. Loved ones will be able to communicate and bring comfort to those who grieve. Remember how the séance room filled with LOVE and PEACE? This is what your work is creating for the whole world. There will be Free Energy for all, as well as a new system of bartering. There will be no money as you know it today, or the corruption that goes with it. Food will be organically grown, as soon as we clear the Earth of the contamination that GM foods have produced. In my time on Earth, I observed and learned first-hand about the thinking, and how they intended to take over your world. I had come to prevent that. I now come from this side of life to complete the work.

You are seeing how easy it is for us to provide the answers. We guide you and others to the answers required, so that justice can be gained. The swords of TRUTH and JUSTICE have been returned to those people chosen to ensure that justice is available to all who seek it. Use it wisely!

Veronica, my dear, please thank DAVID THOMPSON for me. Tell him that I reaffirm my appraisal of him while I was on Earth: the fact that he is "THE REAL MC-COY." David is unique. He is highly regarded on this side of life. His work has only just begun. Connection with Spirit is essential at this time of change and uncertainty. Please point out, also, that there was nothing sinister in giving your old name when booking, as it prevents the sceptic minds from saying that you had 'set it up'. In fact, it provided clear EVIDENCE, which is what I have always guided you to do. We continue to make a great team, you and I.

May the love that I brought to Earth, last week, surround all of you and keep you in the light, as together, you seek to transcend to the 5th Dimension of life and love. Rest and prepare for action. I will be with you again, soon. Your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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