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June 12, 2011

Progress is being made, my dear. We watch with joy, the coming together of Enlightened Beings, as though by magic. We, on this side of life, are carefully creating the conditions for this to happen. You are all becoming aware of the mechanisms that have kept you under control. They are becoming VISIBLE and so can be avoided. We have talked of the separation which the controllers created at the top of your spines. This, now, is being repaired, thus reconnecting your spines. This was kept secret, as was the separation of both sides of your brain. They have programmed you to only work with the left side of the brain. From the moment a baby is born, the emphasis is on the left side of the brain. This is done through vaccinations and education and through TV, etc.

They do not take any chances. They check the blood group, and when a rhesus negative is reported, they take precautions so as to destroy the right brain connection. They create reasons why those children must be removed and placed "in care". The Dark Cabal see them as a major threat to their plans, so they must be eliminated by whatever devious means available to them. To say that they "keep watch" on such occurrences is an understatement. The medical profession is used to detect and report such children. They are brainwashed into believing that it is in the best interest of the child. Both the medical and legal professions are used by the Dark Cabal to keep them in control. You ask, who should you trust? Who, indeed! Only those who are awakened know the answer to that question. Go with your heart. Your heart will always guide you in the right direction. Do not follow the "left brain logic" that was foisted on you to interfere.

You are living through what is known as The End Times. You will soon enter the "THE NO-TIME TIME". Time is a construct to control every aspect of your lives. I have pointed out in the past that the Ancients lived in "No Time". This is what your world will soon return to. The pressure that time has placed on your lives is tremendous. Your calendar will return to 28-day months, incorporating the 13 signs of the Zodiac. Many of you are experiencing severe cold in the body. It is painful and unexplainable. Then, sometimes, a powerful heat builds up. It consumes you: it is a living heat that is removing all that is unnecessary in your lives. Your bodies are being prepared for the DNA to be restored and full consciousness to be experienced. Welcome these changes. There is nothing to fear, it is a natural process. Heart-centred consciousness has nothing at all to do with religion of any sort.

Many beings from my side of life, chose to be reborn to assist and guide Mankind through what should be seen as exciting times. Go with the flow: you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, except the ties that have kept you bound to the control system you have lived under. You will know freedom of thought and action for the first time. Suddenly, you will see your fellow human beings in a new light, with no divisions of any sort. Your Universe will be completely restored once more. The two control centres that have kept you in darkness will be removed. You have seen this in your sleep state. All that has been kept hidden will be revealed. There will be such rejoicing, the like of which your world has never known.

You ask, what will happen to the 2% who have ruled and controlled your world. It is their decision. They have been given a choice: either come clean, step down, and return to Mankind all that was stolen; or fight to the end, and try to get off-planet when the plot fails. Wealth will not protect them.
They are invading countries in an attempt to keep you under control through the fear of attack. But this does not work anymore. You have seen it too often now to fall for it again. The truth is becoming obvious, even to those who are still in the hypnotic state.
Remember, without your support, they are nothing. The moment you remove your support, they will fall like a house of cards. Your co-operation has allowed them to control all. To those of you who are in the Armed Forces, it is your support and assistance that has given them the wealth and power over Mankind. They need the spilling of blood to survive. You supply it! Think on that for a moment. You are just expendable toys to them, all obeying orders without question. Where is your conscience in all this?

The New Beginning is just around the corner. Everything is being put in place, ready to assist and replace the institutions that you have looked to, in times of need. We have not left anything to chance. We have here, all the Great Ones of the past, who combine their expertise to guide you through these turbulent times. We come to many of you in your sleep state, to open up new avenues of thought and action. Never even for one moment think that you are alone. This is a joint effort to restore the Light to your planet. We work with your bodies as well as your minds. Look with love and compassion on all around you. Send love to those countries that are being invaded. Assist those who speak the truth. Welcome the Light into your lives. Prepare to restore your planet. We have much to do, my dear. I am forever your adoring, Monty

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi! I'm 42 and have been searching for truths and answers since my teens. I was medicated a lot during childhood for allergies and astma, which I think was a program I was taught more than an actual dis-ease. When clearing and awakening myself, there has been this one question that I just have to get some facts on, and there is no trustworthy source out there. I was born rhesus negative, which you mention in this post, and the known fact of that is that I'm "not human". Nobody knows why only a small percentage has this blood type and why our female bodies doesn't recognise "human" babies - rhesus positive.
I feel very, very strongly about this, since you tell us again and again that we are all one and the same. Maybe from the source, but not on this earth, apparently. I've always felt and been different and feel this immense power awakening- but why is my blood different from others and why are we supervised more carefully by the illuminati? I, and surely others, really need to know!
Thanks for sharing, educate and motivate us. Peace, light and love from Sweden
RoseMarie" (June 13, 2011)

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