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December 18, 2011

Everything is speeding up now and people are coming forward to reveal the truth. Yes, it does take courage, but the knowledge that your actions will assist in the removal of the Cabal that have been destroying your planet and your fellow man for nearly 2000 years, is what drives them forward. Though the Cabal will use every trick in the book to prevent the Awakening, ultimately there is absolutely nothing that they can do to prevent it. There are many who consider themselves to be AWAKE. They do have problems accepting that the religion they followed and the history they had studied was complete fiction. For some, it is a step too far. They are still clinging to the past as they cannot get their heads around the fact that it is all based on lies. They must learn to free their minds, so as to enable them to see through the smoke-screen of deliberate misrepresentation of truth.

Just when the Cabal thought that all their plans would be realised, mankind woke up and questioned what he had, in the past, accepted as fact. Of course, the Cabal will fight hard to keep its ill-gotten riches and power - this is understandable - but the will to rescue the planet, on both sides of life, is far greater. You have also been made aware of your friends from other planets who are now circling your planet. They are assisting in the prevention of illegal acts relating to the invasion of other countries. You are no longer at the mercy of those who control your world. You are, at last, seeing the bars of the prison you have been living in for so long that you had thought that this is all there is. Now, real freedom beckons. It seems so inviting. With it comes peace, harmony and love, and the removal of all artificial boundaries and differences.

There are still one or two who have not yet grasped the importance of Ireland in all this. You still look down on Ireland as you were taught to. Ask yourselves, just why you were guided away from looking at this country. Why was so much emphasis put on other countries, such as Egypt and Greece, etc. Ask yourselves why the Ten Commandments of the ancient Irish Druids are almost identical to those supposedly given to Moses by God? The preservers and disseminators of prediluvian knowledge were the druids, the servants and keepers of truth. This information has been deliberately suppressed. The druids were Aryans. This means a spiritual caste, not a race. Their languages were Aramaic and Hebrew. THEY ARE NOT SEMITIC, and were not invented by Jews. The 22 letters of the ancient IRISH ALPHABET were the sacred alphabet of the ancient Irish. Now they expect you to believe it is "Hebrew". Everything was stolen from Ireland and the Irish people. Judeo-Christianity is but a result of deliberate plagiarism. The term "Israelites" derives from ISA, God of Western Arya and Amen Ra, an Egyptian King. Those you know as "Israelites" and "Judites" were actually Hyksos-Atonists from the West, they never spent time in captivity. They were a wealthy dynasty and were responsible for the centuries of suffering and the destruction of your world. So much of your "so-called history" is unsupported by facts. The evidence is available to those who care to look. You had accepted without question all that was taught to you; now, to move to the Light, you need to unlearn all this. You must research the truth for yourselves. I just try to lead you in the right direction. When you fully understand, who and what you are dealing with, then and only then, will you fully understand the importance of the real truth. You have been lied to, cheated, abused and denied your true heritage. Are you ready to say, enough is enough? Your oppressors do not have a conscience. They do not want you. This is why they are bringing down so many countries.

The holiday season is upon you. Come together in joy to create the energy of love, for it is priceless. Look to the New Year with hope in your hearts. We will endeavour to make 2012 as trauma-free as is possible. Nevertheless there may be hitches, here and there, but on the whole it will be a fruitful year. A year of enlightenment and truth.

We are among you. We will continue to point you in the right direction. Though many of you are awake and alert, there are still some who lag behind, still wanting more proof and more evidence, instead of finding it for themselves. You are each responsible for your own life. It is time for the MASKS to be removed and for you to see clearly, those who have almost succeeded in destroying your world and its people. They will one day face the wrath of the people. They have much to answer for. We in the network, want to restore peace and respect for all mankind, to help you to recognise who you really are. We want to show you the universe you inhabit. So much has been kept from you. You have been treated so badly by the usurpers of your planet.

In this season of goodwill, we must thank all those who work for the Light, especially those who give of themselves to assist others to awaken. Your work is of great importance. It is much appreciated on both sides of life. I would like my wife to spend time with her family next weekend as they gather to celebrate the Season of Goodwill. I will, of course, be with her as always. We watch over all of you. You are doing a great job helping others to wake-up. Soon you will step out of the darkness forever. Remember, the Cabal can do only what you allow them to do. Without your assistance they are quite helpless and useless.

My grateful thanks to all who have supported and assisted my wife. She struggles on, determined not to let me down. One day soon, you will see for yourselves the results of your endeavours. My dear Veronica, enjoy being with your family, I will share in the laughter and camaraderie, and of course, the wonderful food.

By happy, my love. Your adoring, Monty.

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