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December 11, 2011

Message from Veronica

I would like to thank all those who emailed me regarding Monty's message about the fact that "IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING". On the 15th November, I met for the first time, GILAD ATZMON. He has just written a book called THE WANDERING WHO? Gilad was born and grew up in Israel. He was a Jew. Gilad researched Jewish history and found that they do not have any; that there is nothing in Israel to support their claims. He stated on film that their history WAS STOLEN.

I said, yes, it was stolen from Ireland. The Hebrew language is a Sacerdotal Dialect improvised from the Irish language. The Bible is an Irish book that was altered by British-Roman transcribers. They just changed names: Iesa was changed to Jesus. They created a myth around him that was taken up by the uneducated. They claimed that the Bible was Hebrew. The truth is that these things were taken entirely from the ideals of the Irish Gospels with the nomenclature slightly changed in order to escape detection. Our world has been in Darkness ever since.

To wake-up, to step into the Light of Truth, one has to face the facts and not jump to conclusions that have kept you locked into the control grid ever since. It is so easy to find the truth, if you can just free your minds from whichever control grid you are locked into. Anyone who has looked at my website will see that Monty was born in London to an orthodox Jewish family but from the age of twelve he started to seek the truth. He was, and still is, the most honest of men; a man of honour. His purpose is to show us the truth, and it is that truth that will set us free and allow mankind to live in peace. Surely this is what we are about. The evidence is there. One just has to look for it.

The film of the interview with Gilad is on my website: www.montaguekeen.com. It can also be seen on YouTube.

Message from Montague on 11 December 2011

It is good to see so many of you searching, looking with clear eyes at all that you had accepted as fact, and finding for yourselves that it was no more than a fairy tale that took off and became "historical fact". Your minds were closed to everything else. You never learned how powerful your minds actually are. When you learn to open your minds, suddenly everything becomes clear. I have never asked anyone to blindly accept what I say. I have always asked that you do your own research, as my wife has had to do. It was not easy for her to accept what I was showing her at first. She followed up every lead and found evidence for herself. If she can do it at her age, then anyone can, if they have the will to do so.

Ask yourselves the question, why would Pope Adrian give Ireland and her people to England to control and to ensure the Irish never find out who they are. What are they frightened of ? Look at The Secret History of the World. Why are your controllers frightened of Ireland finding her truth. It is because all history will change and the truth will become evident. Those who manipulate your world want to keep it as it is, in darkness.

You have a wonderful window of opportunity in 2012 to change everything. It is time to be brave, to follow your instinct and your heart, not your head. Those who falsely took control of your world have no regard for you: you are not one of them, you are there only to serve and fight their wars. You owe it to future generations to make the changes necessary for peace and justice to return. Trust in God to guide you and you will find the strength to do whatever is necessary. Do not wait until you return to Spirit to see clearly what you failed to see when on Earth. Believe me, it is a shock to see that what you had accepted as fact, is total fabrication.

There are honest people stepping forward to share what they have found. Do not dismiss them out of hand. Look for yourselves. People who give of themselves are dismissed and ridiculed by those who try to conceal the truth. Make your own decisions, only after carefully looking at what they have to say. Do not be led like sheep.

We, in Spirit, have plans for 2012. We need enough of you awake to be able to assist us. We need our team on Earth to carry out certain plans with us so as to remove the Dark forever. The energy in your world will be altered completely. This can happen overnight. It just needs certain things to be put in place. We will guide and assist in this. Those who know, will carry out our instructions when the timing is right. This was set in motion when I was still on the Earth plane, though I did not fully understand what it entailed then. On Earth, there is so much to distract you from your path. Much will be done to distract and confuse you also. Fortunately, you are better informed. I was never one for making flowery statements. I prefer to deal in facts. It's too serious a situation to indulge in such frivolities.

Love truth and seek truth in everything. Refuse to "just go with the flow". Look where this has led you. All the great minds of the past are with you, every step of the way. This is a combined effort. We will not fail. This has been in the planning for a long time. We need a team on Earth, willing to work with us. We have this now. When I passed to Spirit, I told Veronica that Everything in her life before she met me was incidental and that she is now doing the work which she came on Earth to do. It was hard for her to grasp this information so shortly after the shock of my sudden and public passing. It took her time to come to terms with it.

Think about the fact that the food you eat, the air you breathe, the medication that is forced on you, is all designed to keep you in your place; totally controlled, serving without question. Everything is planned to keep you under control. One day, you will see all this clearly and will wonder how you ever allowed yourselves to be so mindless and robotic.

Love is what is important in life. It is love that creates the connection for me to complete my work from this side of life. Love opens up your world and it shows you everything in a new and meaningful light.

My dear, try not to work too hard. It is not possible to reply to so many emails. We are grateful for all the support that is so generously given with love to create the harmony needed for transition.

Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Comment from one of our readers:

"Kees -

I'd like to thank you again for posting Thrive banners to the tops of individual pages linked from GalacticChannelings.com. I do feel Thrive is helping to activate grassroots involvement in our world in important ways, and I'm sure your promotion, to date, has been an important factor in Thrive's successful introduction. Wonderful that you're providing such important "world service" contributions.

In the two years I've been visiting GalacticChannelings.com - to read regular posts from Mike Quinsey and Sheldan Nidle (and Matthew Ward) - I've only read one or two messages from Montague Keen. This morning, I had the intuition to do so again, and found that his most recent message, basically, relates that "there's no such thing as Jewish history" - that such is a fiction, the Biblical accounts (Old v. New Testaments not specified) being, effectively, "stolen" from ancient Irish tradition.

I realize that you now have forums available and I could enter, there, for discussion, comments similar to those I'm wanting to relate, here, privately. Yet, I really - with many other things more important priorities - am not wanting to get into debates on topics related to this most recent message from Montague. However, I am wanting to suggest that your GalacticChannelings.com editorial circle consider discontinuing posting new messages from him.

I have no doubt Montague, at the level where he resides and is communicating from, is doing his absolute best to do what he can to aid Earth Ascension prospects. I have no doubt of that. And, I'm sure there are aspects of his messages - as I say, I've only read a few - that have been quite helpful and inspiring to some (perhaps important) cross-section of your readers.

This said, I'd like to suggest that he simply isn't in the same league - in my view, at all - with individuals like Mike Quinsey or Sheldan Nidle (I also haven't read Kris-Won or Blossom Goodchild, so can't comment on their messages). Of course, any given individual can only communicate that which they're presently aware of, from their perspective, from the given dimensionsal level where they reside.

I'm sure you'd be aware that the main outlines of the New Testament tale follow the same lines as the Babylonian saga of Gilgamesh, and the Greek tale of the Labors of Hercules, for example. These are, in fact, Cosmic tales; stories that trace the basic outlines of a path out of the maze of incarnational cycles and duality, as those systems have existed, for many millions of years, in many cosmic neighborhoods.

So, it really isn't credible to suggest that the main outlines of the New Testament tale were borrowed/stolen from "the Irish" - though there may be a notable Gilgamesh style Irish tale the world is currently unaware of - while the essence of the Old Testament accounts, where his message may associate with that, have little of moral weight to offer our world (nor do many pay attention to these accounts) other than "fear authority" ("fear God" etc).

Just on a private basis - related to the topic of this most recent Montague Keen message - I'd like to suggest that, indeed, "the Jews" do have a history, though it's morphed and become muddled (and, deliberately so, vis the "Khazar" issues, which Montague's message doesn't seem to directly reference). So, though this is an aside - and I'll not attempt to "prove" any of the following - I'd like to suggest that;

A core contingent of what today is often referred to nebulously as "the Jews" do have a pre-Kali Yuga shared history - but as "Hebrews," not "Jews" - relating to some rather unique cosmic origins (the etymology of the word "Hebrew," being a clue). When the phonetic "Jew" label enters the picture, relates, indeed, to the Old Testament story of "the twelve sons of Jacob." One of those sons was named Judah. His extended family group - tribe, as it were, as it grew (around 2000bc) - became known, simply, as "the Judahs." From there, "the Jews."

There is, thus, I conclude, there's definitely "Jewish history." I also have little doubt this individual known as Y'shua/Jesus lived a life similar to accounts in the New Testament - yet, there are the corruptions, and trying to interpret either what either "Jewish history" or "the life of Jesus" amounts to is, again, a debate I simply haven't adequate time or interest to enter into. I think most of us realize such things are really beside the point, versus the main things we can concentrate on at this point to aid planetary Ascension processes.

In closing, I'm simply wanting to suggest that you consider discussing with others whether or not you want to continue posting new messages from Montague (or, selectively posting them)? For my part, I remain thankful to have found your Quinsey, Nidle and Matthew Ward message streams, and to have had the chance to review the messages from the others, as well.

Best wishes, thanks, and Seasons Greetings!
James" (December 13, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi james, thanks for your comment. indeed we have a forum now to discuss such matters, but i decided to make an exception for this one. because in our group there has also been discussion about these remarks from montague and veronica, and we received several e-mails about it.

our own opinion is that jesus really did live. many channeled sources, such as matthew and ra, and also earthly sources like billy meier from switzerland, confirm this. although practically all of them agree that jesus' story has been changed by the dark forces for reasons of controlling the masses. but the man truly walked on this earth and he was as wonderful a person as the bible says he was.

so why does montague say that jesus is "wholly fictitious"? just like you we think this has to do with the dimension he is in now. as matthew (and other sources) explained in his books, every soul ends up in the layer of heaven that suits his own vibration. the existence in heaven is much more quantum than our 3D world, meaning that your own beliefs and expectations create much of your reality. if you carry fear and anger inside of you, like anger towards the jewish cabal, this lowers your vibration and you will simply see things differently than souls who carry more love and light.

the reason that we won't stop publishing montague is that like you say, we're convinced that he does it all from a good heart. he really wants to help creating a better future for us and our planet. and we think that despite these different opinions about jesus and other things, and his sometimes fear mongering statements about pending world wars and fake alien attacks and such, we still want to hear how he sees it from his perspective.
that's our take on it :) hope this makes sense to you?
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (December 14, 2011)

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