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January 15, 2012

My own dear Veronica, I ensured that you were not alone on the 8th anniversary of my passing. The memory is still so painful for you. You relive the shock you felt as you realised that I was leaving the Earthly plane. You pleaded with me, "Monty, please don't leave me. Please don't leave me." You understand that it was not my decision. The higher realms decided that I had to go, so that I could prepare you from this side of life, for the role that you now have to play. Though many have done their utmost to destroy your life and your reputation - my blood family behaved abominably - we must not forget the man from Arizona, and the Scottish lady who thinks that what she has been doing goes unnoticed. Nothing escapes justice. Everyone answers for their actions. What you and I are doing was pre-ordained and forecast by the great thinkers of the past. It will not and cannot be blocked, no matter what evil is used. As it all unfolds this year, you will understand the enormity of what you have done. You showed no respect for me or my wife.

True love overcomes all. Unfortunately, the word love is used so lightly, there is little understanding of love. It is the most abused word in your world. People have been conned into accepting the Hollywood version of it.

In this momentous year, you will experience changes to your world that are beyond your understanding just now. Yet you must prepare for them and accept that this is what is meant to happen. It's all part of the Transition. Those who know this, will not be alarmed when the cosmic changes happen. Always keep in mind that the results will surpass your wildest dreams. The control systems have to be removed, plus all that they have put in place to block you from ever gaining full consciousness and knowing who you are - powerful Beings of Light. This is the reason that fluoride is put in your water supply and your toothpaste, plus many more things that you are not yet aware of. All this, to keep you in the slave mode. I wish that I could show you all that is being done but I can only tell you. I may be able to do more in the Spring. Those who knew me, know that I am a very determined man. I want you to experience your full potential in life. I have to go to the lower planes in order to communicate and it takes a lot of energy. But it is worthwhile.

At last, people are now questioning the propaganda and the motives behind it. They are not falling for it anymore. The veil has lifted. They are now seeing things as they are, not as they were told they were. Although these liars now look naked and exposed, they still try to bluff it out. But they are finding that the old formula is no longer working. They continue to attack all those who speak the truth. People have always assumed that they were just like you. This is not so. Nothing is further from the truth. When they finally realise that their game is up and that they will have to return en masse to where they originated. They will be banished forever from your world.

You will not have long to wait for this. Our plans are already in action. The less obvious but important changes are happening now. Your friends from other planets have shown you this so often. They create the pictures for you in the crop circles and though the military planes try to prevent them, they are determined to assist you in this way. Every crop circle has a very important message for mankind. It would be good if all the changes could happen overnight, but consider the hundreds of years of determined planning the Cabal have taken to get you to this stage. I ask you to be patient and understanding. We will achieve a lot in 2012 and early 2013. You will see your world in a completely new light. Please help and support each other through this period. Those who still have closed minds will need your help. Blame their belief systems for destroying their ability to think for themselves. It is time to reject your belief systems and all that you were taught. Do your own research. Accept responsibility for your own lives. See it as an exciting adventure into your future, free of all the constraints that were imposed on you.

I would like to thank all those who work for truth and are prepared to put some effort into researching it. To Debby, who set up the Ancient Ireland think-tank on ExtraTerrestrials - our grateful thanks. She has helped to open minds to what once was, and has enabled people to see how they were lied to about that country. It is a country that will awaken to its once great role on your planet. All that was theirs will be returned to them. Justice will be done. Thank you also, all those who came to our home at the weekend to communicate with me. It was an enjoyable time for all of us.

It has been a busy four days for Veronica. She is tired. She puts her heart and soul into our work and she needs to rest now. Look forward to and enjoy each change as it happens, in the sure knowledge that each one takes you nearer to your goal. To all who support Veronica and our work, you have my deepest gratitude.

Try to take a little time for yourself. You need to do this. I remain your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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