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January 8, 2012

My dear, there is a lot of confused thinking in your world just now. Some of it is deliberately placed to confuse you. Not all Spirit is of the Light. Some give themselves grand names; some use names that are familiar to those who believe that they are channeling their relatives or those they trust. Every trick in the trade will be used to cause distrust and confusion so that the Cabal can maintain overall control. Remember that they are desperate to hold on to their power. They have lived off humanity, and humanity has suffered such deprivation because of this. It is only when you return to Spirit that you can see the extent of the suffering caused by such greed.

Everything had to be in place before we attempted the rescue plan. As you know, things change from day to day, making it difficult for us to give exact timings, etc. You know from the information constantly arriving, that there is an excitement on both sides of life. We are proceeding with our plans of revelation and restitution. As we used to say as children, "The cat is out of the bag. It can no longer be controlled". Truth is being revealed every day from different sources around your world. There is so much yet to uncover so that Man understands just who and what destroyed your world and controlled his life, causing so much deprivation in a world of plenty. Man will demand answers. He is entitled to do so. It will not be easy for those who are not yet awake, but we must proceed. We cannot wait forever for those who are afraid to step out of the mind-control. Veronica, I share your excitement when you receive so much new evidence from Ireland. Yes, they are waking up. They are learning that if they ask for information, it will be given to them. The more they ask, the better it will be for those who still believe what the Vatican taught them: that they are NOTHING; that they will never amount to anything; that they are all sinners. Because actually, they were full of Light.

The Vatican put so much effort into destroying this Light. They were raped, buggered and beaten mercilessly to destroy them completely. They did not stand a chance. The Vatican controlled all. The crime against the Irish people surpasses all others. It is important that the Government of Ireland, especially Mr Kenny, learns what we have planned to restore the energy and to re-energise all the sacred sites that are so important to your world. This has to be the first step in returning your world to light; everything will follow from this. For it is in Ireland that the DESTRUCTION of your world started. Everything followed from that. Yes, dear, the ancient druids are actively involved in this. Some have reincarnated, some work from this side of life to prepare planet Earth for the Golden Age. You know that archaeology refutes the history of the false Bible. There is nothing in the Sinai desert to support the story of the Egyptian Exodus. Facts are facts and they have to be faced. It is time for every one of you to know who you are and to learn to be who you are, in a world where love and justice is restored and all men live in peace.

I know that it is not possible for you to physically see what is being done. We would lose the element of surprise if we disclosed our plans. We need your support, we need you to come together in light and love. Refrain from criticising others who take a different path. They will get there, eventually, though they may need help in time.

There will be unavoidable natural disasters, but be aware that the Dark Cabal are planning "atrocities" and "attacks" to create alarm and push many back into their control system. The Olympics will provide an audience as all eyes will be on them. It will be used to stage such attacks. We are watching them and will endeavour to be one step ahead of them. They will go for it, they know they have nothing to lose. Their contempt for the ordinary man is disgusting. They forget that without the support of the ordinary man they could not survive. When all the information is out in the open, you will be shocked and horrified to see how a few EVIL individuals were able to take over your world.

Every day in every way, invite the truth to reveal itself. You may be surprised at what you will find. Remember the old adage, Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you. This is the time to ask.

Those who speak the truth and assist others to open to the light are being attacked, yet again. This has happened throughout history. It is what they do. They are attacking David Icke yet again. If he was not such a threat to them, they would not bother with him. Men of truth have always been attacked but it does not work anymore. But the Cabal are creatures of habit. The old formula is used every time. Fortunately, people do not fall for it anymore. It will not touch a hair of his head. People have learned to recognise truth when they hear it. This only reveals their sense of desperation. It says more about the Cabal than it does about Icke. He will survive, his work goes on, he is fulfilling his purpose.

This is a time of learning for all of you as you open your minds to the truth. Learn to dispense with all your parents and teachers taught you. It will be exciting for you to trace the real history of your world. You will see certain countries in a completely different light. You will find the power of thought very exciting when you learn just how powerful you are, and what you are capable of, when you become fully conscious. Everything in your world will change. You will see for the first time how beautiful your planet is. Fear will have no place in it. There will be no reason for fear anymore. You have never known real freedom, though it is much talked about. People have fought wars for it but few have ever experienced it. The real freedom they crave will come when the Cabal is removed. It will come !

I say to Ireland . . . it is time to wake-up. Many countries are waking up to what can, and will, be. Your world is coming together. Forget the manipulated differences of the past. You have but one enemy - the Dark Cabal - they want you to stay as you are, always there to serve them. Your biggest problem will be accepting that all you had learned and believed is LIES. This is something that each of you has to deal with in your own way. We are always there to help whenever asked to do so.

Tell Rupert [Rupert Sheldrake] he is so right. Everyone is psychic. They just do not recognise that they are. But they will soon. It will become the norm. I looked at his new book. It will help people to understand that it is the common thread that binds all mankind together. Please give Rupert my regards. He is much admired and respected on this side of life also.

My dear, you have a busy week ahead of you. Worry not, I will be there. You are at the beginning of a whole new cycle for your planet. There are exciting times ahead . . .

I remain your adoring husband, Monty.

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