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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - May 13, 2018

I am shocked at what you have had to endure this week. My heart went out to you, my dear. The attacks on you have been escalated and they are difficult to endure. This goes to prove just how desperate the Cabal has become that they spend so much time and energy trying to eliminate you. There are three of you involved in freeing humanity from bondage. Two are in the direct control of the Cabal; one of whom was kidnapped in the UK. Four of you went to investigate, last Sunday, and you were shocked to find evidence that this person has fallen into the hands of the Cabal. Please pray that you will be able to carry out the work you are on Earth to do. Please send healing to my wife. She is in great need of healing, as she is trying to cope with a serious health problem as well as heart and lung failure.

They are in the process of closing down all normal connections between the human race except those that they approve. You must wake up and refuse to be told what you may or may not do, by less than 1% of the population. Do not blindly walk into this trap. The future of mankind depends on you opening your minds, making a stand, and saying NO, I will not be told how to live my life on Earth. They have used every trick in the book to fool you into trusting them. You will see their representatives as the heads of almost all governments. Look deep into their eyes and you will see when they are lying to you. They can no longer hide the fact that they are lying. Ask yourselves why are they all against Mr Trump. Why is Trump refusing to play their game? Why is he not one of them? Pray for him. He has more enemies than anyone else on Earth. WHY?

Stop reading the newspapers and watching the TV News. When you do so, you will cease to be slaves of the Cabal. Why would any human want to support them? Ignore their propaganda and they will cease to exist. By reading and listening to their lies, you are supporting them and continuing your own enslavement. Please wake up and face reality, for time is of the essence.

You have the opportunity to change everything and to take control of your lives. There are good people who are ready and willing to make the changes necessary for humanity to flourish. Veronica had meetings with one such person who is in contact with others, ready and willing to take us into the light. Good people are there, it is just a matter of finding them and connecting with them. Together, we are powerful.

The Cabal is REMOVING CONTENT FROM THE INTERNET. They have removed things from my own web site. They are trying to silence people who are speaking out, in an effort to hide the truth. They want to keep you ignorant, as a puppet obeying their commands.

Their scientists are creating new outbreaks of illnesses that will serve to remove many of you from the Earth. They have not given up on World War 3 yet. They will use whatever means necessary to kill off the human race. They feel that they must be prepared for all eventualities. As long as they kill humans, they care not how they do it. They want an Earth without people. Only people working together can stop their plans. Fear is their greatest weapon against you. Fear of illness ensures that you take their drugs and vaccinations. Fear of death makes you obey the ridiculous demands of religions.

Love is all you need. Think about it. We are all together in the afterlife, where we realise that religion and race do not matter. They are differences created by the Cabal. We are all SOULS EXPERIENCING LIFE ON EARTH. There is only one thing that you can be absolutely sure of, and that is that one day you will die. Then you will know the truth as I do. You will look back on all the propaganda and absolute lies that were fed to you from birth by religion, and you will wonder how you could have been so stupid to have entertained such lies. What a waste of a life!

We, on this side of life, are desperate to tell you the truth about the afterlife, and about who took control of humanity and the Earth. You want to protect those you have loved, but we can only do so much. To see Veronica suffer at the hands of the Cabal and my earthly blood family, causes me much pain. I should have protected her better when I was on Earth. My family stole all that I had left to her. This was never my intention. I did not foresee what J.D. and A.D. had planned. I trusted the wrong people. This is so easy to do when you are on Earth. Please do not make the same mistakes as me; protect those you love!

Take time to look at life and how you should live it. Make your decisions with love, straight from the heart. Let love guide every decision you make. Connect with others, whether in a queue, or on a bus or train, for you never know how important that connection could be. It may be someone who lives alone, who appreciates human contact, however brief. Every connection creates good energy that is needed to remove the darkness that has taken over the Earth. You create your future, so it is in your hands.

Never forget the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. This will ensure that you are never again fooled by such lies. The evil people who conned you then, continue to con you today. They can never be trusted. Say NO to another war, as nothing could ever justify it. Be very aware of those who try to convince you otherwise, for they are not to be trusted. They are enemies of the people. The Earth and the future of humanity is in your hands, so handle it with care.

My dear, I did warn you that it would get bad before it got better. We never expected it to get so bad. Be strong, my dear, I know that S. will help to sort out the legal side. He will also assist with our plans. Thank him from me. He is the right person to do this, as he has the necessary connections.

I am always at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Message from Dave
Your cards, letters, and books, continue to be a great source of strength to Dave. They have made a huge difference to his life. Knowing that there are such kind, caring people in the world, restores one’s faith in humanity. He wishes to thank you from the bottom of his heart.

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