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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - May 6, 2018

Every day, in every way, the Cabal is being exposed. You would need to be stupid not to see what is happening. There is no hiding place for them or their plans to remove humanity from the Earth. It is good for me to know that so many of you are using hot water and lemon to protect yourselves; by adding bicarbonate of soda, you give yourself added protection from cancer. Avoid everything produced by Monsanto, as it is not suitable for humans.

The Cabal is absolutely terrified of Donald Trump. Look at them. They use every means at their disposal to condemn him and all those connected to him. Some thought that they could persuade Trump to join them, but to no avail. You saw them pretending to be happy in the White House. Trump is a man on a mission to protect humanity. He needs your support. This truth is staring you in the face. One man against the Cabal. Pray for him. How many more puppets will come forward to plead with you to agree to World War 3? Their desperation is obvious, since without this war, they are finished. Those who want it are not friends of humanity. People are strong enough to stand together and say NO, we will not kill for you. No more war, we do not believe your lies. We know your game. You can never expect humanity to believe your lies again. People will remind you of the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION whenever you lie again. Humanity is awake now and people can see through the lies.

Many of the doctors who refuse to vaccinate or use drugs promoted by the Cabal, are being killed in America. Ask yourselves why? Are doctors not allowed to cure people anymore? Must the killing with drugs and treatments approved by governments, carry on regardless of the evidence? This is a serious matter and it needs your attention. Research it for yourselves. The evidence is there. Face the truth. Protect yourselves and your loved ones as these are dangerous times. Do you really believe the Cabal-owned TV and newspapers will ever tell you the truth? They have been used to control your lives and your minds. You have never experienced anything other than Cabal control. This is why it is so important that you wake up and free yourselves from this control. It is time to experience life on Earth as it was meant to be experienced, and not just endured.

It will be difficult for many, who will find it hard to accept that what they believed to be accurate and true, was indeed false. You struggled to live your lives by those lies. Fear was used to ensure you lived by them. Hell was invented. Purgatory was invented. Even a place called Limbo. How they enjoyed freaking you out with such odious lies.

As I have told you, my dear, death is the most beautiful experience. You simply pass from one state of being to another. Those you have loved and those you admired and respected, are all there to greet you. Never fear death. It is an amazing homecoming to be enjoyed by all. Those who believed in hell fire and damnation are looked after for as long as it takes for them to come to terms with the fact what they believed to be true was the exact opposite of what they experienced. Propagating such lies is a crime against humanity. The afterlife is on different levels. Which level you go to, depends on how you lived your life on Earth. If you have harmed in any way, you, and you alone, ask forgiveness, so you can move to a higher level. One can visit lower levels to meet people. To go straight to the upper levels one must have a clean slate; that is how it works. Language is not spoken as it is not necessary. Just think of someone and they are instantly there. Food is not necessary, but if you think of it, it is there. To connect with humans on Earth, we need to go to the lower levels, which requires energy. Please understand that when we desire to communicate with you, it takes a lot of energy on our part. We are working alongside you to help remove the corrupt control of the Earth. We need you to walk with us. Open your minds to the connection and all will happen as it should. Love never dies, it goes on. We are always there for you, just a thought away.

Humanity is about to go through enormous changes that require courage and determination. You will step out of the dark control of the Cabal into the light. Everything that controls your life today, will go. Money, as you know it today, will go overnight. All banks will cease to operate. You will not need the money you strive for ever again. All this is being put in place, even as we write, my dear. No more poverty. No more governments such as you know today, will ever again control humanity. They are not there to serve you, they control every aspect of your lives. They want World War 3. Do you? Do not allow them to prevent you walking your path to freedom. Do not listen to those who serve them. They use people who lack love in their lives; people who have failed; to conduct vendettas. It makes them feel important. They should remember that hate destroys the hater. Pity them, as they have nothing else in their lives. Remember them in your prayers and send them love. They are being used but do not have the intelligence to see it. They are everywhere.

Prepare to take the necessary steps into a better future for all. You are on the cusp of a new beginning. Love, and love alone, is what is necessary to move forward into the light. Those who do not live in the light will be refused. The decision is theirs. There is no place for war and hatred. Only those who live in the light will be welcomed.

My dear, you are on the right track. Things are coming together, just as planned. Both sides of life are committed to it.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Dave
My gratitude goes to all who remember me in their prayers, write me letters, and send me books. I share the books with others, so be assured that you are brightening the lives of others too. Thank you.

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