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May 13, 2012

Greetings, my dear, and to all who endeavour to wake others up to the Light. As so many more move out of the Third Dimension, they suspend 3-dimensional thinking and see, for the first time, how the control system actually works.

Money was created solely for the purpose of control. It is continually used to keep you trapped. Banks were designed to ensure the maximum is borrowed by countries which should never have gone down that path. Consider the fact that this money is created out of NOTHING. Your world is held to ransom because of it. This is part of the evil you are up against.

All this was carefully planned and executed. It is a crime against humanity. They make a lot of money out of war and they can exist on the energy of the suffering they create. No matter how much you give, they always want more. They ensure that the cost of living continues to rise causing maximum stress in your lives.

They want your planet and they have put much time and effort into acquiring it. They do not give up easily, so the waking up of mankind was not part of their plan. All of you are guilty of propping them up, since they cannot exist without your cooperation. They see you as lesser mortals, to be used as slaves and servants; who exist, only to help them realise their dream - the total domination of your planet.

This will not be allowed to happen. They will use all in their power to keep you down; but as you wake up, you learn that it is you - the 99% - who have the power. Without you, they could not exist on Planet Earth.

You do not need them. It is they, who need you. Take back your power. Become what you are. You have to deal with an evil so dark that it is hard for people to be able to comprehend it. You are now all going through the tunnel. You can see the light at the end, and as you approach it, it will embrace you. Then you will be released from all the pressure and pain which the Cabal has imposed on you. You will be free, at last. Everything in your world is designed to keep you under control; banks, religions, etc. But the truth will set you free.

You enjoyed sharing your truth, last week, with M.J. He also shared his truth with you. It was wonderful how the full picture emerged. You are all working towards the same end, though you are taking different routes. John Mack wants M.J. to know that his work is appreciated. He is on the right track. Though it is strange for some to accept, it will become clear to everyone quite soon. John strived hard to bring it out into the open but he was up against great and powerful opposition. It can no longer be kept secret. The time for Disclosure and honesty is now.

Your governments - those people you vote for - keep you in the dark about so much. As I constantly remind you, "nothing is as it seems". The human race has been used and abused by those who have no right to be on Planet Earth. They may appear to look like you, but do not be fooled, they are nothing like you. They demand your loyalty and respect, insisting that they are superior to you, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Endeavour to create as much love and laughter as possible. It raises the vibration for everyone. It is good energy. Your TVs produce depressing and fearful programmes to lower your vibration. Do not watch them. They are being used to keep you down. Even your light bulbs have been designed with the express purpose of lowering your vibration. They have left no stone unturned in their quest for world domination. These are people who are used to having it all their own way for 2000 years.

Those who chose to be on Earth now, came here to ensure that people are ready for the Transition and that they know what is expected of them. They must research what it entails and prepare people, in order to avoid fear and stress. Your friends from other planets have been tremendously successful in rendering missiles and bombs useless, thus preventing World War III. It is the first time the Cabal has had to face the fact that they are not as powerful as they had convinced themselves. They have lessons to learn: the world is not theirs. They can no longer destroy countries at a whim. Their BULLY BOY TACTICS will not work anymore.

The most important message you need to take on board is NOT TO ALLOW FEAR of any kind into your lives. Stand tall and strong. Know who you are and know also that you are in the right. No matter what you are threatened with, do not be fearful. Fear is used to keep you in control. They need to keep you in fear. This is why the cost of living keeps rising. Trust that you will be protected and you will be. Believe in yourselves, as all will work out in your favour. Forget all the rubbish you were taught. You were not born in sin; that is too ridiculous for words. There is no vengeful God . . . only LOVE.

Everything you were taught is the exact opposite to the actual truth. Congratulate yourselves for having survived all that has been done to you. The babies being born into your world need you to be strong in order for you to do your bit to ensure a better world for them and for future generations.

Progress is being made that you are not yet aware of. The full picture will emerge soon. When you see how important each contribution has been to the success of the Transition, you will understand that everything you do, counts.

There are honest scientists trying to advise you about what is happening; and others, who use ridicule to ensure that the TRUTH is not made mainstream news. These tactics are always used. You experienced it with me, when the sceptics did all they could to prevent people from knowing about the Afterlife. Those same people are still getting away with it, even now. One day, they will have to face the truth. To all of you, I say, together, we are invincible ! Enjoy meeting all those new people. They are there for a reason that will become clear in time. Each one has a role to play in restoring your planet to the Light. Be fearless, be strong. Know that you are in the right. Soon, all will be revealed and peace will be restored.

I know that at times, you feel that you have become me, due to your dedication to the work, etc. We share a soul and so are one. In life, we were as one. We just work from different places now. Love was, and continues to be, what drives us. With love, everything is possible.

Your adoring, Monty.

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