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June 10, 2012


The truth of this statement cannot be emphasised enough. I have tried, since my passing, to encourage you to determine the truth of who you are. Until this is uncovered, you will remain in the control of those who set out to take from you and use you as slaves, and blind you to this fact. I told you, eight years ago, when I passed to Spirit, that the Cabal were planning to create a recession; that they would use this to take complete control of your planet. The few countries which were free of bank debt had to be brought down by sending mercenaries to them to create upheaval and unrest and to pretend an uprising was happening, thus creating an excuse to invade and bring those countries to their knees. Invasions only happen in DEBT-FREE countries. It was all coldly planned and calculated to ensure the 'banksters' gained control. That so many lost their lives was of no consequence to them. Their plan is to reduce the population by two thirds.

Because the real truth has been kept hidden from you, it is understandable that you are confused. All that you had believed, regarding your history and religion, is total lies. Your whole world was turned upside down to ensure you never found out who you are, and more importantly, WHO THEY ARE. They created an illusion. You meekly accepted what was put before you. It is through history that you will get the full picture. It is all there, waiting to be discovered. Your complicity helped to create the prison which you now live in. But you are in a position, at this time, to open the prison gates and enter the Light.

They are using satanic rituals to try to keep you under control. You watched in horror the satanic rituals as they unfolded last week. London is a place of darkness where much of the control resides. Stop being sheep, believing what you are told to believe. Think for yourselves for a change.

The people who control your banks are the same people that control your media, your governments and your religions. They succeeded in controlling your lives also. They even believe they have the right to control your planet. The fact is that they have no right to be on your planet at all.

They stole their history from Ireland. More proof of this fact is being exposed every day from Egypt. There are scientists researching this all over the world and they are getting very excited at what they are uncovering. They are asking themselves how they could have been taken in by the false history that was forced upon them. You will not find the truth in your schools or universities or in any official "history books". Gifted men, from time to time, have followed their intuition and uncovered the truth. It's all there, if you take the time to look for it. You have to hand it to them, they did a good job of hiding everything. They wrote the Bible and ensured they made themselves stand above all others. They created money to enslave the masses and to ensure the people were always in debt to them. They own and control the drug companies to ensure that you get medication which human bodies cannot cope with. They put fluoride in your water to keep you docile.

If only you could see, as we see, just how controlled your lives are, you would be horrified. You were born into it, so you accept it as the norm. But I tell you, IT IS NOT.

You are waking up to the fact that you are powerful beings of light. You are seeing the corruption for the first time and you are willing to do what it takes to remove it. Innocent people are suffering at the hands of these treacherous creatures which need their "FIX" of energy, created by your suffering and bloodshed, in order for them to survive. Stop for a moment and think what your world will be like when you banish these creatures from the face of the Earth. The crimes they have committed against you will go down in history as a lesson for future generations not to unwittingly fall into such a trap again.

Ireland. Land of the Pharoahs by Andrew Power, is a wonderful example of how one man followed his intuition and uncovered so much more than he ever expected. He wrote his findings in such a way that he painted a picture of truth that has left you in no doubt about the true history of that time. The hearts and minds of people are waking up. They are seeking truth. The knowledge of the ancient Irish was beyond anything in your world today. They understood the universe. They were in contact with other planets. They knew the Earth was round and so they sailed all over it, confident in the knowledge that they would not fall off the edge. They built structures that have stood the test of time and are a testament to their knowledge and expertise. What was stolen from Ireland and placed in another part of the world has created the illusion that you have been trapped in for 2000 years.

This is why it has to start with Ireland. "Ireland is the key that will reveal everything". Always remember that. It is there, that the FALSE WORLD can be dismantled forever. Now is the time to ensure that it happens.

They interfered with humanity and almost destroyed it. We cannot allow this to happen. Their plans to kill thousands at the London Olympics are blatantly displayed on their web sites. They feel so sure of themselves and their control over you. It is time to find your voice and say "NO. We refuse to give you permission to sacrifice our people!" Too many have already been sacrificed in their illegal wars and bombings.

The missing elements in your world today are LOVE and COMPASSION. When you have love in your life, you cannot kill or harm others. You will see yourself in others and respect them. You have been lied to for so long, that now you are awake, you will not fall for such lies again. Your eyes have been opened. Your world is changing for the better. Their satanic games no longer produce the results they want. They have been rendered powerless.

You are right, my dear, the space ships are getting closer. They are showing their support for you. It will be good to reunite with your greater family. Look to the solstice for some surprises. Everything is falling into place as promised.

It was a difficult week for you, but no matter what they throw at you, you never give up. That's my girl.

Always your adoring husband, Monty.

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