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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - June 30, 2023

Mike Quinsey

There is no let up in the nature of the changes that you are experiencing and until it all settles down there are more coming along, but more importantly they are necessary to move Humanity into a new era. The old ways are no longer adequate for introducing changes that are necessary if you are to move on and gain more freedom of movement and choice. More importantly is the introduction of new ways of living, and managing your planet to benefit from the untapped resources.

You are on your way to a better way of living, one that should benefit everybody in equal proportions. You are one Human Race inexplicably joined together and the benefits of doing so means a fair distribution of the wealth of the Earth. Hitherto, it was necessary to distribute its wealth according to the nature of experiences needed to ensure your continued evolution. There are different levels that give whatever is necessary to prepare people for the next step but it will all change given time and experience. We for our part stand by and guide you so that your efforts are productive and expand your level of consciousness.

Out of the present chaos will come many advancements that will overcome some of your present problems. When you are ready for them we arrange your next experiences so that progress is in line with your needs. It cannot be rushed although when a time is given for its fruition, in the present circumstances it is important that it is met. We monitor your progress and without interfering with your freewill choice do our best to keep you on the right path. Some of your chosen leaders are already aware of what is needed and have been primed for their tasks before they incarnate. With help they should find the path prepared for them and fulfil their appointed tasks.

You are never left without guidance but it is your choice as to which path you take, and but eventually we will be on hand to make sure you get there. It is not new to us as we have many times helped you to make advancements. Now it is very important that you are aware of what is needed to make the changes that are necessary, and to this end many special souls have incarnated upon Earth to ensure they take place. Do not despair regardless of what is taking place around you, the outcome will eventually be to your liking.

Events are literally forcing your authorities to re-access their actions and ways of thinking, so that they can control what is happening all around you. Be assured that our influence is able to direct your efforts to ensure a suitable outcome. So try to remain positive and do not be downhearted as in the end we can assure you that everything will turn out as planned. It may be hard going for many of you as for karmic reasons you need certain experiences to ensure continued growth.

We look forward to the day when we can openly come amongst you and directly assist you in your evolution. After all it is the reason you are experiencing upon Earth, and stand at the point of evolution that for many will be the last time they will have to continue their experiences upon Earth. It has been a hard time for many but be assured that it is exactly what you needed to advance. Even so you still have a certain degree of choice such as choosing your parents from those who are best suited to give you the experience you need. Each life is carefully arranged to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve your life plan.

The importance of taking note of whatever challenges arise in your day to day activities is necessary, as they are part of your growth by giving you the experiences you need. Perhaps the most difficult ones to deal with involve other people because they in turn are also learning from their experiences through you. Within families it becomes more difficult as you are not simply having a one off experience and must live with the consequences. It is all part of your necessary growth if you are to eventually end the cycle of reincarnation that is the goal you are aiming for.

Some question if there is good karma and the answer is of course yes, and as you may well say ”one good deed deserves another”. You will probably call it a reward and it is if you think that way. There is much you can do to ensure your life is happy and it all revolves around how you treat other people – hopefully as you would be treated yourself. Some souls seem to have everything good coming their way and you can be assured they have earned it from previous lives. However, you often associate it with being very rich but that is not the case, as such a position can be very trying and a great responsibility.

Sharing some of your wealth for those lesser well off is a commendable action, and means you are helping a soul in need. Can you imagine the pressures upon those people who are multi-millionaires, as they have immense demands upon them that often involve thousands of people, it is a great responsibility. However, everyone to some extent can help other souls on their journey even by friendly association. Many souls lead such lonely lives they lack that necessary contact with others to provide some contentment in their lives. Loneliness is a miserable life without human contact although some can be happy with their pets to look after.

Keep alert as the changes continue and move along with them if it is possible. They will affect everyone eventually and should be beneficial all round.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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