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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - April 26, 2024

Mike Quinsey

Matters seem to be progressing at a faster rate and indications are that important changes are soon to take place. David Wilcock whom I admire very much and have full confidence in because of his messages, has indicated that a major event is to take place this year. Quite recently he also spoke of there being three days of enforced inactivity, when all forms of contact would be nullified with everyone being confined to their homes. It would allow major changes to take place without interference.

I personally feel that changes will most likely relate to the possibility of a world war and actions taken that will lessen such a happening. There was also an announcement suggesting that in 2027 there would be a major happening but not detailed. David Wilcock had already announced that he thought that Ascension would most likely take place in 2029/2030.

The ET’s that oversee our progress have the capability of preventing all nuclear devices from being used, and would do so if necessary to avoid a world disaster or destruction of the Earth. So it is reassuring to know that our lives and the future are secure.

26th April 2024. Mike Quinsey.

The turmoil upon Earth continues with no apparent end in sight, you have climate and Earth changes, changing seasons and extreme weather conditions that are causing difficulties for all forms of life. It is all part of the cleansing of Earth that over a multitude of years has been abused and neglected. It has to be restored to its prime condition and it is unfortunate that all forms of life even in your seas are being affected.

The outlook is not helped by the threats of war that loom large, but be assured we are carefully monitoring everything that is taking place. We are present at meetings where the future of Earth is discussed that will determine if and when we intervene. We will ensure that boundaries we have imposed are met, as we cannot allow you total freedom to do as you like. We are aware of everything that is happening so you may be assured that we are ready to intervene if matters get out of hand and threaten your very existence.

We are protecting you and Mother Earth as your future has already been planned and will be found very much to your liking. The dark Ones are the progenitors of their own future and are creating their own separate life line, and will get what is due to them of their own making. Be assured the script for the future has already been written and the end times will come regardless of their actions or desires. So do not be afraid regardless of what happens in between time as the cleansing of the planet has to take place.

When you planned to incarnate at this time you were aware of the likely outcome, so deep down you should feel assured it will be very satisfactory. What we have given you is an outline of the coming events and not even we know exactly how you will respond, but you were chosen to be present because of your knowledge and past experience. We know you can cope because you have proved you are capable of dealing with whatever challenges cross your path. We have total faith in your ability and experience to stand fast whatever challenges come your way.

Soon you can expect contact with your ET friends who have followed your progress for a long, long time. They are looking forward to meeting you again because you are not strangers and have met many times when out of the body during you sleep state. As you might say “they are family” and in the not too distant future you will met openly. Much is arranged with your agreement at such times when guidance is given to ensure you have satisfactory experiences. As you can imagine you are very much involved with your extra-terrestrial friends and in the near future you will meet again but on Earth.

You can enjoy life and have relaxing periods as all is not meant to be hard work but you are “on call” if something crops up that needs your experience. Clearly some of you have much more experience to call upon and it will be used when necessary. We have mentioned on a number of occasions how experienced you are and can handle really testing situations because of it. Naturally you are set up with the contacts you need to carry out your work, and perhaps you have noticed how convenient matters can work out. It is all planned in advance and we ensure that all goes according to plan.

Earth is a beautiful planet with so much beauty and variety but it has been carelessly used in latter times for profit by any means with little care for the habitat. Fortunately there are some souls who understand it as a living earth and try to make people aware of their responsibility to look after it. But it has suffered so much damage that can only be fully rectified by major changes that are now taking place. It is a sad affair but it can be restored given time.

We should mention that there are other versions of Earth on different time lines and at present we see where yours is leading, but if you raised the vibrations sufficiently you could find yourselves heading for an easier path to the higher levels. In the meantime we concentrate on your present one but are always ready for change. If you think of an individual soul who has achieved it they will automatically find themselves at the right level for them.

You really have so much to learn of the truth of your being but all in good time and not until you are ready for it. It would not achieve much if you could rise up beyond your own level. Spiritual growth is sometimes slow but there is no urgency to rush matters, you automatically rise up as you increase your vibrations. So you have much to look forward to and how well you do is very much up to you. Naturally you can also go down in vibration but that is very unlikely once you have reached a higher level. Our role in your lives is to ensure you hold on to the progress you have made and better still help you rise up Most spiritually aware souls can “feel” when they are being guided to do something and your Guides are there to help you avoid a possible disaster.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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