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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - May 3, 2024

Mike Quinsey

So much is changing through the world and inconvenience for the people involved is unavoidable. However, we must confirm that all souls involved were told of what to expect before they incarnated. They would have known their life plan and in general terms what else to expect so that events taking place would not be totally unexpected. The situation you find yourselves in is unavoidable, as everything must be dealt with according to changes that will be made in preparation for Ascension. Most of you will be ready when that occasion arises.

The problems that you will face are the result of changes that are necessary to bring you in line with what is expected of you, and for you. It is a matter of receiving what is due to you according to how well you have progressed. If you have gradually increased your vibrations you will most certainly achieved a level that will ensure you ascend to leave the old ways behind, and enjoy the comparative freedom of choice. You will find that life is totally different to what you have been used to, and the main feature is that you will have the powers to bring into being whatever you need by your power of thought.

At present you await developments that will create the path for your progress in preparation for your future. Even now your thoughts have some power that attracts situations to you, and that is why you have to be careful what you wish for. Can you see now why having reached a certain level of consciousness you have the power of thought to manifest whatever you desire. So you immediately become a free person that can travel wherever your thoughts take you. Consequently friends and family are only a thought away from you as is anything you require, so you become a very independent soul.

With the powers and freedom you will have it is clearly a great responsibility and why you must first have reached a level that is compatible with it. Indeed, it would be impossible to enter the higher levels unless you were prepared for such a life. How wonderful to know that life is possible without the negative forces being present. However if you had reason to visit such levels of lower vibrations you would simply lower your level through your power of thought. Some souls do so and provide a service to those who desire to lift themselves up and need help to do so. They find that such low levels are in darkness due to the absence of Light. Much of what is passed on to you is already known often through direct experience of the lower regions.

There is a natural urge by those of a higher vibration to help uplift other souls who have become trapped in the lower ones and lack the knowledge of how to get out of their predicament. As soon as a cry for help is received be assured that it is responded to immediately with a rescue mission. The approach to those souls is that everyone is worth saving as it is rare that one refuses all help. We find that there is a point where eventually the most obstinate of souls begins to believe that there must be much more to life than it first appears. As soon as that point is reached you may be assured that every help is given to enable them to grow in conscious awareness.

You are assured that no soul is left without help once they start to awaken to the greater truth. You are all on the path to the greater Light that ultimately leads you back to the Godhead from whence you came. At each stage of evolution you are helped to evolve even further so you are never alone at any stage in your progress. On Earth you are left very much to your own ideas of how to live in the lower dimensions, but eventually you feel the urge to seek your origin and the meaning of your life. As soon as you are able to comprehend what it is all about, we will open your mind to the truth step by step at a pace that suits you. Our methods and approach to enlightening you are well tried and tested and we will keep you on the right path to make the best use of your time.

There is so much information that we can give you that will help your grasp and understanding of the truth. However all in good time with the onus on enlarging your ability to take on new ideas that will enhance your ideas of what the future holds for you. Unfortunately due to the actions of the dark Ones who held back the truth of your real being. in general you only have an unrealistic understanding of the true history and purpose of mankind. As we have often intimated, you are in truth great Beings acting out roles given you to enable some headway to be made in an unrealistic existence.

How confusing it must all seem but be assured very soon the truth shall be made known to you all. In some ways the battles you have had to learn more of the truth have made you much stronger and resolute to find it. In this respect we have tried to open your eyes to what has been going on and how you will find the future that will be much to your liking. Physical life is very much an illusion compared to the existence you will shortly be experiencing, when the vibrations will have increased sufficiently for it to manifest.

We mention much of coming events to prepare you for major changes that are coming in the near future. It may be hard to see the light amongst the dark shadows almost engulfing the planet but it is there and growing, so much so that more souls are becoming enlightened. Believe us when we say that the worst of your troubles are nearly over, but a note of precaution because the future is also affected by those who presently rule you. They have always operated in the open yet their intentions have not always been understood or realised as negative.

Have faith in us and do not be swayed by outside events but keep your faith in those who oversee your future, and know that it is in good hands. We remind you that you are safe and not to be goaded into thinking that matters are getting worse. The potential for it getting worse exists, but never forget that we are by your sides and where possible keeping you out of harm’s way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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