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SaLuSa, January 26, 2011

The world is in two phases and one is outgoing as the old paradigm breaks up and can no longer hold the people in bondage. The incoming phase is helping the shift to occur, as it establishes the new paradigm that is shaping your immediate future. It causes confusion and chaos as many people cling to the old ways, having little or no concept of what the future holds. Yet when the opportunity arises to bring out the truth, it will gradually be accepted and the people of the world will become united. Of course some will not change their beliefs, and will leave the world without having any desire to be part of Ascension. Almost every day you are learning of more revelations regarding the ways in which you have been deceived, and that brings out a burning desire to move out of these times. The basis for such changes requires a legal framework, and the support of those who are keen to help mankind. That is where we will come in and both help and protect those who will lead the campaigns for change. There is a need to restore your sovereignty, and provide laws that will ensure it is done.

The provisions for all actions to be taken are in hand, and once they can go ahead, no interference will be tolerated. The dark Ones have had their day and a great curtain is being pulled down that will put an end to their reign. They have in effect sat in the seats of power for thousands of years, and the end times apply to them as well as everyone else. They had hoped to stall and prevent the inevitable rising up, but the Light has truly broken through and will continue to grow more powerful. It should not be underrated and much of its work goes unnoticed, but not for much longer as it is bringing out the best in people who are awakening. Suddenly there are more people desirous of helping to bring the changes in, and people power is very potent and powerful.

We of the Galactic Federation encourage you all to contribute in some way or another, to the growing clamor for a new leadership to take you forward into the next stage of your evolution. Your petitions and demands are taken note of, as are your prayers which together are helping mould your future. All that physically manifests first has its origins in the thoughts you send out. It is the simple explanation that tells you why you are the creators of all that comes to you. It is true that as a result you are attracting similar vibrations, and where there has been considerable negativity you will meet those creations. Cut your ties with all that no longer serves you, and set foot upon another path that leaves them behind. Find satisfaction in the finer things of life, and lift yourselves up into the Light. Give from your heart very generously with no favors to one person against another. When all souls can see themselves in each other, you will be a long way further towards reaching Ascension. The last few months leading to the end of 2012, will be most satisfying and uplifting, as you will have reached a point nearer to a state of perfection.

There is so much attention that will be given to you all, and it is possible to meet the requirements of each individual because of the massive back up that we have. First we shall deal with the pressing needs of the different countries where gross starvation is being experienced. Then we will follow with the issue of technologies that will ensure that no one dies for the want of clean and ample water supplies. Medical attention will be quite different to much of your practices, and sound will become the great healer. Everyone has a right to the basic needs that ensure a happy existence, and the opportunity to become independent. At the same time education will become a world-wide project, so that small groups can be schooled in new ways that are totally efficient and so much quicker than at present. Happy people that are educated and live comfortable lives can better contribute to their society. The distribution of wealth will be handled by those who are honest and true, and will no longer be funneled into private bank accounts.

In the course of time all criminal activity will cease, and those with a predisposition to crime will be released from those tendencies. You must realize Dear Ones that the future is of such a high vibration that all negative practices will cease and be unable to manifest. Harmony and balance will be a permanent state of being, and beauty will shine out from all around you. Then you will understand and enjoy the perfection that exists that is the Creator’s handiwork. Even then you will proceed to move into higher dimensions with an even greater state of perfection. Evolution never stops until you reach the Source of All That Is, and then you will set out again and create new Universes that will offer you new adventures and exploration.

We know that some souls fear change, believing that it will somehow take away what they currently enjoy. We say to them that with each step forward you are entering a higher level and with each one, are leaving behind that which cannot match the vibrations that bring into being a greater state of perfection. The dross and baggage that has attached to you fall away and you too become more perfected. Just a few steps will change your physical body, so that eventually it cannot be corrupted or affected by the lower vibrations. Most of what we mention will come about in a relatively short time, and our presence will ensure that you are ready for Ascension. Yes, we have so many civilizations with us on this mission, that we shall want for nothing that is needed to fulfill it. Many of them will be introduced to you so that you become familiar with them, and realize that they are Beings of Light. Who better to walk with you for the last few steps you need to make.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and welcome these opportunities to explain what is coming to you in your future. We give you ideas and try to build a picture in your minds, so that you have much to look forward to. It helps to give you the strength to keep centered when the going gets tough. See the rainbow and the pot of gold, because you are truly entering a Golden Age that will be so beautiful and uplifting we can hardly put it into words. Even in your wildest dreams you have not touched upon the feeling of the wonderful energies that you will experience. They absolutely ensoul you with a great Love and Light, and that is where you once came from eons of time ago. It may seem unreal, but that is because you have been in the lower vibrations for so long, you find it hard to imagine it being any different.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"This is more a question to all who post on Galactic Channelings. I want very much to tell my friends and family about what I have been reading for the past 2 plus years, but without undeniable proof of what is happening, I lack the courage to speak out. I have little confidence that what I have been reading is anything more than pixels on my monitor. I see mention of "spirit guides". If there are such entities, why is it beyond the permission of a spirit guide to to give each of us who wish to believe, some undeniable reassurance that any of this is factual?

I do have personal witness to the power of the Spirit. For nine years, I have been involved in a ministry for the divorced and widowed. I have observed much personal growth and healing which I attribute to the Spirit. I read an article that postulates an equation for the power of our spirits. It states that if 1% of the square root of any given population focuses positively on any issue, it will bring about the desired change on the entire population. In the ministry we take in a group of divorced/widowed people for a two day retreat. The ratio of team members to participants is usually 1:1. Using the equation, one can see that the team represents an overwhelming power of spirit that the participants will be subjected to. I know it worked for me on my first weekend. I felt something that I could not fully explain. It was pure unconditional love and peace of mind.

Paul" (01-27-'11)

Our reply:

"Hi Paul,

Thanks for your comment. Just like the changing of the seasons, the changes in universal cycles go slow. You don't wake up one day in a totally different world. Plus, the mainstream media are still so controlled that they hardly report about anything that indicates that we're in this process called Ascension. They still focus mainly on news that is supposed to keep the people in fear.

But if you look for it, you can find many of these changes, both in a spiritual way as in a factual way. The Earth's energy shields are lowering, the Schumann frequency ("Earth's pulse") is rising, the poles are shifting, the number of spiritual websites is exploding. More an more people stand up against the ruling authorities, which translates in demonstrations worldwide, sites like Wikileaks, but also in fewer people taking shots that the governments want them to take. Things like UFO's and aliens become less and less a taboo even in the mainstream media, UFO sightings have exploded, crop circles have become much more revealing and 'communicative' than say 20 years ago, etc.

You may not see this as proof, but that's only because you've been raised in a western world that has given the right to call something 'proof' to the so called experts (scientists, governments, etc.). In sprititual societies, like the indigenous people all around the world, they have no doubt about the changes going on!

It's ok if you're not ready to speak out yet. Because even by developping spiritually yourself, you are adding to the growth of the collective consciousness. And as our reality is only a mirror of our collective consciousness, the "big" changes will eventually come about, for everybody to see.

Yes, every person has spirit guides. But it's not their job to give us proof of anything, it's their job to help you grow spiritually and the help you make the choices that you planned in your soul plan. Life is all about spiritual growth, and evolution. A few years or maybe even a few lives from now, maybe you will look back in amazement that you still wanted someone else to give you undeniable proof, while in your heart you already knew that was true!

But reading your last paragraph, I think that you don't need to worry. You're 'getting it' already. Earth is a school, where anybody can find his own truth. It may not be presented to you in ways that you had wished for, but it's there if you look for it.

Good luck on your path! Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (01-27-'11)

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