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SaLuSa, January 24, 2011

The writing is on the wall for the dark Ones and the momentum of events is speeding up, so that they find they do not have the degree of control anymore to influence the outcome in their favor. They are beginning to feel as though they are under siege and are losing their way. They would like to “press the button” but find they are no longer able to do so, and are being scattered in their attempts to escape their inevitable defeat. Surrender is not considered as an option by them, but they may eventually see it as the only way out. No harm would come to them in such circumstances, as we afford them the same rights as we do any soul. Many lessons will be learnt by them before the end of the cycle. In fact that applies all round as you do not normally go through such a period of testing, without making remarkable spiritual progress. That Dear Ones is what all of your experiences have been about, and you will eventually become a greater soul because of them.

You were once high and mighty souls, and accepted the challenge to drop down through the dimensions and experience duality. It was always with the knowledge that you would never be forgotten, and no matter how much you lost touch with the Light you would be helped to return to it. Evidence of it is all around you now as the Light returns to Earth. It is a time when remembrance of your true self is coming back to you, and because it was agreed beforehand immense help is being given to lift you up again. Seek and ye shall find, is never more true than now and no one who earnestly desires to return to the Light will fail to succeed.

You have been preparing for the end time for a long, long time and with each incarnation have planned your experiences so that you take evolution in your stride. Each of you has been allowed to progress at a rate you have chosen, as there is no pressure applied on you to move at a pace other than what you are happy with. You are all unique when it comes to your spiritual advancement, and you have been allowed to experience in whatsoever way you wish. Occasionally some of you will take an incarnation off planet, and later return to Earth. You are cared and looked after in ways you are not necessarily aware of, but all in the interests of enabling you to fulfill your life plan. Whilst on Earth you may not have found the satisfaction that you desired, and it may even seem that your life is a waste of time. Believe us that it is never so, as all lives are of value to you even though you may not understand the reason. When you afterwards return to the Summerland, you learn precisely what your plan was, and hopefully find that you successfully completed it. If you did not, new opportunities will be arranged in subsequent lives.

Everything is organized for you in such a way, that you will be confronted with whatever it was you wished to learn. Sometimes the lessons can be painful, but they would not happen unless it was vital to your understanding. Take for example compassion, which comes with recognizing the Oneness of all Life. Sometimes humans will have less compassion or none at all for others that appear to be so different to them. Separation has been an issue for eons of time and based on various perceived differences between you. These will disappear with time when you realize that all souls are equal. Those who have the wherewithal to do so should help each, and it is how a society is able to progress as a whole unit. Hitherto there has been little in the way of coming together, but before long you will see that there is a common cause that drives you along. Ultimately you are all heading for Ascension, although you make the decision to do so yourself. You will not lack encouragement if you are seen to be ready, and your Guides will actively ensure that the opportunity comes your way.

We are holding out our hands to you, and are doing much on your behalf that our efforts are becoming more noticed. We look forward to becoming openly active and that time is not too far away. Much of our work is carried out from craft that are cloaked in invisibility, necessary not just for ours but also your protection. We have been fired upon and chased on numerous occasions, although we have to say that is of no direct concern. We are quite safe and have technologies far beyond your imagination, but do not want to use them unless there is no alternative. Normally we are able to settle issues through diplomatic and peaceful relations. That approach is something that man will have to learn, but having said that Ascended Man will have already left behind any thoughts of war and aggression.

As a civilization you have a long way before you all finally reach the higher dimensions, that were your levels of existence a long time ago. However it will be achieved and there could not be any other outcome. Each soul continually progresses regardless of how many times they slip back, because time itself is not a factor where your evolution is concerned. Experiences such as being in duality, do in fact give you a golden opportunity to speed up your progress. If in your estimation you have succeeded in raising your vibrations, you are to be complimented on your achievement because you will have worked very hard to do so. Once you have ascended, further progress will become easier but slower, and a happy and joyful experience.

What a time to be on Earth and if you can just see the positive outcomes, you would in fact see this year as one that is going to be full of excitement. The answers to all your problems are waiting in the wings ready to emerge. The size and extent of the changes will take you through to next year, and by the end of it everything will be vastly different to what it is now. For now little will turn out as bad as you might think, and any difficulties will be short lived. The Earth may shake and rumble, but we will be taking note of the affects it may have on its surroundings. Indeed we will keep things in balance so that they do not get out of hand. This we have been doing for a long time, and have averted what could have been disastrous to large regions of the Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we are extra busy keeping up with what is happening on Earth. It is partly why you are seeing so many of our craft in your skies. It is a guarantee that your future is safe with us.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

I want to thank you so so so much for the work you have done, bringing us Hope ! Sometimes I feel the pressure is too much and I can no longer hold it in my heart, but when I read your messages it all melts down into tears because I feel Hope again and the Light is just here.
I have been waiting for the Galactics for so long ...
Much Love and Blessings from Brazil
Tania" (01-24-'11)

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