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Atmos, June 24, 2009

My Dear Ones, the Spiritual Hierarchy have always planned your help and have done so with your evolutionary progress in mind. Apart from arranging guidance through your Guides, they have also taken opportunities at appropriate times to bring about moves towards Oneness. After all, you have all come from the Source of All That Is, and the only difference between you now is that you are reflection of your upbringing, local cultures and religious beliefs. World War Two, moved you closer together from necessity, and many different countries were involved. Depending on which side they supported it, resulted in many races having to serve alongside each other in a common cause, and Humankind rose to the occasion putting racial differences aside. The result was that after the war, many different races settled in foreign countries where the people were previously very insular in their contact with others.

Over the years integration took place, although it often resulted in friction and violent demonstrations where the opposition was particularly strong. Why do I mention these aspects, it is because it was essential that you started to overcome your racial differences and became as One Human Race. Acceptance of others is part of your spiritual understanding, and growth towards Ascension. Without it you are inclined to put self first, and the idea that some races are superior to others becomes a stumbling block towards your advancement. As you enter the last phases of duality, so it is vital that you aim to achieve a level of Unconditional Love. That will enable you to accept others regardless of how you see them, even though their chosen path of experience may be totally different to yours or allied to the dark forces.

There are many ways in which Man chooses to experience, and usually there is an ongoing plan through a number of lives. It means that you cannot possibly know what is driving them, and where they cause you disappointment remember there is a divine purpose, and it is best to hold back judgement. All proceeds in an orderly manner with purpose even if you cannot grasp it, and you have had hundreds of lives as part of your spiritual evolution. It follows that you have had virtually every type of experience that the Earth has to offer. Therefore, what you find in others is almost certainly something you have passed through yourself. It is so important that you make allowances for what you see as their shortcomings.

It has taken time for many of you to understand that what a soul chooses to experience, is neither “good or evil” in the context of needing to fully experience all aspects of duality. Evil as you describe it is the lack of Light, and souls will return many times to such situations, until they have overcome the pull of the lower vibrations. No experience is wasted and you all benefit from your previous lives, that have brought you to where you are today.

As you will realise, life is not some random series of experiences that just happen without reason. It has always been planned from the time you first accepted the challenge to drop into duality. Is it not fitting that at the end of it that you should rise up again in absolute glory, a greater soul than previously, and that is why Ascension will be a unique occasion.

You will be worthy of your upliftment, and greatly admired for your willing sacrifice in going into the darkness of the lower realms. You will have created an enormous memory bank that can be used by other civilisations, which have a need to learn from your experiences. The victory for you is in overcoming the lower energies, that have at times completely veiled you from your true selves. Without looking at your Akashic records, you have no idea as to the extent you may have previously moved into the depths of darkness. Yet you have proved that the Light can overcome any obstacles and emerge victorious.

Many have lost their ability to link with their Higher Self, and are only operating at a level of reduced consciousness. However, the incoming energies are becoming more powerful and awakening more souls to their true potential. Sitting in silence and quietening the mind can create the conditions whereby you can link with your Higher Self. Such guidance, which you refer to as your intuition, is well worth following. A problem may arise from mistaking your ego as one and the same, but ego tends to be for Self and there are times when your needs are equally important. Remind yourself that you are a great and wonderful soul masquerading as a Human Being. You are a Light Being beginning to accept your true Self of unlimited potential.

The Earth is now closing this cycle and is also rising up with you, and before long you will move into even higher dimensions. As you see out the present period, know that life can only get better and will not go back to what it was, and the vibrations are already lifting you out of your dimension. Hold onto whatever your vision of Ascension and help bring it into manifestation, and it will create a pathway ahead of you. Your world is clearly in a changing mode and the disruption to life will continue. However, out of it will emerge a totally new way of life more fitting for the new Man of Light that is emerging.

We of the Galactic Federation have the honour to lead you forward, and together we shall surmount any problems that lay in the way and can delay our victory. Our influence is being felt through our allies who work steadily towards their goals, and they pave the way for our coming to Earth. Your major powers know of our presence and intentions where you are concerned. Some will move to our side, but others will provide resistance to change. However, in time they will see that it is futile and concede to our requests. After all we come on a divine mission and a handful of rebels cannot stop the inevitable.

I am Atmos a Sirian, and I know that our plans are meticulous where you are concerned, and with Divine Love they will be carried out to completion. Then we shall go forward as One, and as a civilisation you will become active members of the Federation and follow in our path. It is a great day for all concerned when a new member take its place amongst us, indeed, a time of great celebration.

Thank you Atmos.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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