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SaLuSa, June 22, 2009

You have good days and bad days and perhaps two are never the same. For us life is steady and at a constant level because of the higher vibrations that we live in. You experience changes in your physical bodies, sometimes brought about by your diet or emotional conditions, whilst we enjoy feelings of harmony both within and without. Dear Ones, we are where you are destined to be, at a much higher level than you are now. Therefore you too will enjoy the contentment and fulfilment, of existing in vibrations that are so uplifting and a joy to experience. Earthly conditions although improving are placing a lot of pressure on you, and you have many concerns over matters that affect your life. Realise that all of this will be left behind once you ascend to the higher levels. Life will change almost beyond recognition, and you will soon let go of any remaining memories that are not aligned to the Light.

You may wonder why anyone should turn down the opportunity to ascend but until you have reached a certain level of consciousness, it has no greater attraction than the dimension you are in at present. It is also necessary to be able to grasp what the higher dimensions mean as far as the changes to their lives. Some see them as a threat to their cosy existence where they are settled in their ways. Fear of the unknown is also prevalent amongst Human Beings, as you still have deep subconscious memories of times when you were subjugated and controlled by visitors to Earth. It is clearly not helped by the image that has been portrayed by the majority of films that relate to “aliens”. However, those of you who have accepted our presence and are discerning, know which groups of us are to be trusted and you have realised that we are your future selves. Ascension is a perfectly normal step to take when you have achieved a higher level of consciousness. The urge to evolve drives you ever onwards, and with it comes the greater understanding of your relationship to God.

Be assured that your freedom of choice is paramount when it comes to Ascension, as no one should take it upon themselves to indoctrinate others with their beliefs. It is only right that you should receive guidance, but any forcing of issues is quite wrong even with the best of intentions. Have we not told you that the truth will come out, and it will be placed before you all? If some souls still feel unable to change their mindset, then they must be allowed to follow their personal dictates. Time will eventually reveal exactly what is truthful and at best it can only be presented to you for your approval. Mankind has been kept in the dark for a long, long time, but the Light within has grown and helped show that which is false.

Truth finds its way into people’s minds through subtle means, and none is more powerful than those Beings of Light who live their truths. All of the time you are assimilating a multitude of different impressions that come at you from all directions. Those that are of the Light make a stronger impression, and are taken into your consciousness and marked “Top Draw” to be called upon at a later time. You are continually re-assessing your beliefs, and only those held in a rigid belief system reject that which resonates with the truth. Not everything placed before you can be proven according to your wishes, and faith in the source from which it came is essential. As you begin to resonate with us so we believe you will trust us, and we can help you further open up your consciousness enabling an even greater understanding.

Sometimes the truth is so powerful and stunning we have to measure how we give it to you, otherwise you would burn out. There is a sensible approach that feeds you gently, and allows you to assimilate information in your own good time. We certainly do not wish to put your head in a whirl, yet once we arrive on your Earth there are so many aspects connected with your future that need attention. First however we must tackle the urgent problems of neglect and abuse of millions of your population. Food, water and accommodation are what every person should be entitled to as a basic necessity to survive. Next is protection from the dark forces, and we shall disempower them to prevent ghastly wars such as you have experienced in recent times. Once Man is settled and feels safe our more general tasks can go ahead. Cleansing Mother Earth and restoring it sounds a formidable one, but our technology will ensure it is completed quite quickly. Time for spiritual development will be easier to create, and our advanced communications systems will make reaching the people an easy challenge to fulfil.

Of course we wish we could declare our coming now, but we must be sure there will not be a backlash from the dark forces that will harm you. Their belligerence and arrogance will otherwise see them determined to create mayhem around the world. Have no fear, we are aware of their plans and will stop them in their tracks if they go ahead with their heinous intentions. Our presence now is your guarantee of safety, and that you will complete your cycle as decreed with Ascension. Failure is not a word we use, as we have the might and power of God with us. You are God’s children and perhaps in some ways like babes in arms you need our protection, and you are getting it.

Now you are already starting the countdown to the last half of the year, and at the speed time is passing you can no doubt understand how quickly the few remaining years of this cycle will pass by. It will go even faster as the months pass by, and you will feel a certain amount of frustration trying to get things done. Lightworkers will be particularly vulnerable, as they will be called upon to put in a great final effort to rid this planet of the dark energies. All of it will be well worthwhile, and peace and happiness like a pot of gold waits at the end of the rainbow. Is that not what you all want after so many lives in duality, perhaps rarely reaching that point where you achieved success.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and watching quite intently what is happening on Earth. The new energy is pushing change along, and regretfully the dark respond with force and there are violent confrontations, and it is the way of Man at present but it will change. On behalf of the Galactic Federation, I wish you all a great period of enlightenment and success to see out your year 2009, knowing that we are with you in every way.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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