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Ker-On, April 24, 2009

As souls moved out from Source, their natural intent was to experience wherever their fancy took them. For ages it was as Light Beings who had the power of instant creation. There was no limitation placed upon them as to what they created, and being in the higher vibrations it was manifested to the highest state of perfection. However as with you now, freedom to create comes at a price as you have the responsibility for it. Certain souls created forms that took consciousness, and in part they were treated as playthings. As all progresses with time they found that they were effectively Gods, over seeing the evolution of their creations. They had to allow for such growth and eventually they became independent of their creator. There came a point where these souls started to drop through the different vibrations, and gradually lost their understanding of their link to the Source. Since they were in the Universe of Duality it was decreed that they should be assisted to rise up again, and that Light Beings should descend to their level for that purpose.

What I have described happened over eons of time, but more recently as you would judge it many of you Dear Ones volunteered to move an aspect of your Higher Self into the lower dimensions to help those who were effectively “lost”. As you have realised that entailed a risk that you would also lose yourself in the lower vibrations, and that is exactly what happened to many of you. However, you were assured that your journey would be followed and that you would never totally lose your connection with your Higher Self. Each of you were in any event accompanied by Guides and Angels, who were your teachers and protectors thus ensuring there was always a way back to the Light. It means that on Earth at present there are souls who have experienced duality through following different paths. You who are the Enlightened Ones know who you are, as you have a different outlook on life and often feel uncomfortable being a “normal” Human Being. You are extremely intuitive and have no difficulty in communicating with your Higher Self. You can relate to Ascension as in one way or another you will be returning to the higher realms.

There are quite a few of you who also know that you came from the stars, and can identify with your Star Nation. You have extra protection from your star family, and the Sirians, Pleidians, and Arcturians have many of their own serving on Earth at this important time. You should be able to take comfort from such knowledge, as it means that your true home awaits your return. The idea almost certainly appeals sub-consciously to those who know the truth about themselves and their origins. We have millions of members throughout the different civilisations that comprise the Galactic Federation, but not all have reached the higher levels by following a path similar to yours. In other words it is not necessary for souls to follow a set pattern, and this is because you choose in accordance with the freewill that is your gift from the Creator.

Some may ask, what is it all about and what is the objective for us. It can be summed up as experience towards your evolution and return to the higher realms of Light. Also at some time in the future all such experience will be drawn back into the Source of All That Is, and shared by all other souls. It can happen on a smaller scale even now, as your consciousness can be “tapped” so that your experiences can be shared with others. In fact as you progress through the dimensions you will inevitably move into group consciousness, and of course all knowledge is automatically shared. On Earth you also have a collective consciousness, and through the Law of Attraction you attract similar energies to your own. This is why you should try to concentrate on all that is positive, particularly at this time when many of you have set your feet upon the Ascension trail. By doing so you will more easily lift up out of the lower vibrations, and quickly reach a point when you are beyond the reach of them.

I come from Venus a name you give to your Goddess of Love, a planet that you have long associated with that energy. That is no coincidence as it has an energy that is very powerful in that vibration. Venus is in a higher dimension and by your standards is sparsely inhabited, and it is comprised of small crystal cities where buildings are mainly circular and extremely pleasing to the eye. There are temples for such purposes as healing, and you would notice an absence of what you know as offices, or other workplaces as they are not needed. Our energy use is through distribution from central points, and requires no means of transportation as it is sent out through the ethers. Free energy covers all of our needs, and personal transportation such as it is. There is no necessity for “ownership” as all facilities belong to everyone alike. These may make Venus sound like Utopia, but in the near future you will also take your place on your ascended Earth and enjoy the same.

The people of Earth have tried hard to manifest a society that is sharing its discoveries, and using them for the good of all. Unfortunately you have the greed and corruption of those in power, who keep them hidden and used only for their gain. You have stagnated in many ways, and it is fortuitous that E.T. technology has entered your commercial markets and provided some advancements. It has brought you a little nearer to where you should have been by now. Many advancements await the removal of the Illuminati and their followers, and you will leap forward quite quickly once that position is reached. There are your discoveries that have been hidden away, which together with our technology will fulfil the promises given you long ago. The roller coaster ride has nearly come to an end, and thereafter it will be an exhilarating journey that will quickly lift you up in preparation for Ascension.

I am Ker-On and grateful to have been allowed to address you. Words are not always very adequate to convey new ideas and concepts, but they carry an energy that will leave you with an impression of what is waiting for you. You may feel vastly different from us, but you are our family and will take very easily to the new societies that will come about through peaceful agreements. Love and peace will be your aim to bring Humankind together as it should be, and drop those divisions and reasons for keeping you apart. Many of them are deliberately set up to keep you isolated from each other, to enable the dark forces to control you in their attempt to gain global control. All will change, and Love and Light will return you to peace and happiness that is yours by right.

Thank you Ker-On.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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