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SaLuSa, May 4, 2009

Events on Earth continue to speed along, and out of the chaos the truth is being found. You wonder what you have done to bring such experiences into your lives, and those of the Light know that they have been the result of allowing the dark forces to rule. You can now see the manner in which you have been set up to serve their agenda, for your eventual total control. You have however become much wiser and not so easily fooled, and in consequence you see through the actions around you that are intended to keep you down. Now you question those who deliberately usurp your rights, and you seek explanations from them.

Your new awareness is making it difficult for those working for the dark to hide their activities. You are seeing where it is occurring and who are the instigators and holding them responsible, and justice will ultimately prevail. It is not that you should be unduly concerned at the fate of those involved, as they will face the truth of their deeds before they can move forward in their evolution. It is worth bearing in mind that all souls in duality have continuously moved from the dark to the Light, and have the same opportunities to leave the lower levels. Help is always there when you make a commitment to work towards the Light, and from that point on you will find your path becomes much clearer and easier. Your Guides are chosen so as to set you in the direction that suits your experience and stage of evolution.

Your situation remains one of waiting for the signs that those who hold the truth can feel free to come forward without being threatened. Too many people have been silenced by the secret services, acting on behalf of your Government. However, there are so many people with stories to tell that they cannot all be kept quiet. It will not take much to start a snowball effect that could lead to an avalanche of people stepping forward, prepared to make sure that the truth cannot be suppressed any longer. Your biggest problem is still the media that is tightly controlled, and aids and abets the dark ones. A free press is an ideal that once used to exist, and will in time return to pass on the important news that will acquaint people with the end times. Ascension is open to every soul, but there has to be a desire and intent to become part of the process.

We of the Galactic Federation will have a hand in all aspects of your final days upon Earth. It is our responsibility to ensure everything is ready, and we are most excited to be part of your upliftment. There will be no problems in keeping everything on track, and we have frequently revised our plan to fit in with your latest progress. Timing is still an important factor, and we are ready to move at once when we get our orders to proceed with First Contact. It may not be apparent to very many of you, but the conditions that will allow us to announce our intentions are moving ever closer. It is part of your awakening that you should meet us, and we will come together as you move into the higher dimensions. Absolutely nothing will prevent it happening, and not even the dark with their devious plans will make any real difference.

The dark forces cannot stand facing ultimate defeat, and still cling to the idea that they can succeed in gaining world control. Part of our actions is to ensure that you safely reach the end of your journey, and we abide by the Creator’s decree that it shall be so. We can therefore tell you that you have nothing to fear where your future is concerned. Remember, that when the going gets tough it is the Light that has already created your victory for you. The energies you have attracted to Earth, are your guarantee that the dark ones will soon be forced to concede defeat. Your history is peppered with stories of the advance of the dark, and many civilisations have been decimated at their hands. That has been an experience that has lifted you up rather than pull you down, because it has created challenges that you have had to overcome through applying your spiritual understanding.

Life is all about experiencing a myriad of different situations that lead you to understand Spirit in matter. It will serve you well as you rise up and take roles similar to ours. Once of the Light, you will automatically move towards serving others and that is normal throughout the Universe. Your innate love is moving you towards full consciousness, and with it Unconditional Love. This is your true Self as you were before you took the challenge to drop into the lower dimensions. Life everywhere in the Universe is continually evolving, and it is a natural condition that forever impels you forward. To some souls it would appear that there is no impetus or movement in their lives, but be assured they are planned with growth in mind. Some souls set their sights on rapid evolution, but it is everyone’s choice to decide how quickly they do so.

Dear Ones, we encourage you to keep your sights on Ascension, and do not let your feelings be trapped by the chaos around you. Look, as you would say on the bright side, and see only the outcome as one leading you to the unique opportunity that Ascension offers you. The Universe is behind you and actively taking part, and you have so much support that you are presently unaware of that will ensure a happy completion of this cycle. You are aware of our input, and know that your closest allies are those who have already been introduced to you. However, there are many other civilisations that have links with you, and they are mainly members of our Federation. Of course you have had experience of lesser evolved Space Beings, but that is normal where you have attracted them to yourselves having fallen into the lower vibrations.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have moved well beyond your present level of awareness. That is in no way meant to belittle you but simply to point out that the Galactic Federation is highly motivated spiritually, and membership is only open to those who have achieved full consciousness. There is a place already for you with us, as we see that once you achieve Ascension you will have acquired the level of consciousness necessary to join us. There is much at stake as the years pass by but as we have already told you, you are destined to be victorious. I leave you with our blessings; love and joy at seeing you reach out for the Light that will carry you ever onwards.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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