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SaLuSa, February 24, 2010

Take care when you tread your way through the jungle of information that is around you. It grows by the day, and is sometimes misleading, if not contradictory to what you may believe to be the truth. Unless you have good reason to change, stick to your core beliefs otherwise you may end up confused. Often those that give out advice are promoting their own belief system, but are quite sincere in what they do. You have to find a source you can trust and in general accept what you are given. Whatever the truth is will stand the test of time, and in the light of revelations that are soon coming out it will be eventually understood by all. These times are for the clearing out the old but for keeping the pearls of wisdom.

For centuries efforts have been made to bring you into the Light, but progress has been extremely slow. However, your consciousness levels have greatly increased, so that now they are at a level where you can absorb and understand the higher teachings. We are talking Dear Ones about your spiritual evolution, that does not necessarily have anything to do with religion. You are at the stage where you can take responsibility for yourselves, and indeed it is far better than consistently having to be led by others. Of course there are teachers that have reached a level whereby they can assist you, but be sure of whose help you are enlisting. Not everyone who purports to be illumined is necessarily aware of the complete truth. Your intuition will “feel” out the response you get, and if it feels right accept it.

In time you will be gaining super-consciousness and then you will become “All Knowing”, but in the meantime you will be making steady progress towards it. Keep yourself open to new ideas and be prepared to shift your position, on any matter that pertains to the Ascension. The fact that it represents the coming of the end-times means that many notions are put forward to explain how it will come about. The details are not necessarily as important as your intent to take part in it, and that is what you are advised to concentrate on. The end of duality will come regardless of what happens in its final days. The cycles are constant and reliable, and nothing will alter their fulfillment as anticipated.

The Lightworkers upon Earth are moving towards an epic achievement, that will start a series of events that will be unstoppable. At last the real and needed changes will commence and you will see the results in front of you.

Life is going to change very much from what you are used to now. If it is chaotic for a while, you will be more than compensated by the upliftment you will experience. All that lies ahead is necessary to create the final pathway to Ascension. You and the Earth will be lifted up and your new beginning in the higher dimensions will have commenced. Unbelievable changes will even exceed your expectations, and it will be the speed of change that will take your breath away.

The Illuminati are no longer the force that they were, but we have yet to disable them sufficiently to stop all interference in our plans. However, their influence is also falling away, and many who were recruited to do their work are leaving the sinking ship. Not everyone involved with them is necessarily in favor of what they are doing, and with a heightening level of consciousness even their hearts are yearning for the Light to enter their lives. This will happen to many all over the Earth, and souls are awakening to their Higher Selves. No longer can negative acts be carried out without the perpetrator feeling some level of responsibility. The Light is all-powerful and there will no place for those of the dark forces to hide. Each and every soul will at some stage face their past actions, and judge their own degree of responsibility for them. You will find that it cannot be excused because it was authorized or ordered by someone else.

Keep calm as you get to hear of the truth behind many tragedies that have occurred in recent times. The bigger truth of how you have been kept back for millennia of time will astound you, and you will gasp at the degree to which your power has been taken away from you. The flip side of all this is that your rights will be given back to you, as originally covered by the Constitution. Yours shall be a model for the whole world, as you come together in the Oneness that marks a true sovereign civilization. It will be based upon spiritual concepts that will elevate you to the level of Ascended Beings.

We know that people worry about leaving everything behind when they ascend, but you should understand that in real terms you gain rather than lose. Everything created upon Earth exists in the higher dimensions, so that your favorite painting or statuette can be re-created in perfection. However, as you will be living in different circumstances, you will find that your earthly belongings will no longer have the same attraction. You will need for absolutely nothing at all, having your own powers of creation. You will in fact join together where more than individual power is required, if for example if you desired to bring a building into existence.

Dear Ones, just allow things to manifest as it is appropriate, and know it is all orderly and planned for your happiness and satisfaction. Difficult times will be shortened by our presence and Divine permission to keep them to a minimum. There is so much being done by so many Lightworkers on and off the world, that you really have nothing to worry about. Each of you will fulfill your life plans, and for many that does mean successfully completing your Ascension. Therefore allow others to complete their path even if you would wish for something different. There will inevitably be family or friends that have a plan different to yours, so let them be their own judge as to what is best for them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust that with our help you become more enlightened. After thousands of years of experience in duality there is no need to rush you through the last years. However, with an ever-growing consciousness, you are ready to take in more information than any previous time. We do point you in the right direction, and trust it will help you to find your own dedicated path.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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