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SaLuSa, December 21, 2009

Dear Ones, yet again a promising arrangement has come to nothing, due to the inappropriate release of the date on which Disclosure was to be made by President Barack Obama. Our disappointment more than matches your own, as the announcement was agreed and the details completed many weeks ago. It cannot be as easily re-arranged, but there is a sense of urgency to get started again and lose no more time. Keeping details secret is extremely difficult once they get into the public domain. However, we have other ploys that will continue to emphasize our existence, and we ask you once again to keep your eyes on the skies. These are the days when the signs have become talking points, that will awaken people’s awareness to not just our presence but our methods of contact with you. For many years we have made crop circles as one means of getting your attention. As you will have noticed in more recent times, they have become more sophisticated. The messages they send have been interpreted, and their symbolism correctly understood. They have carried energy with them, and even although everyone has not understood them, it has connected with them sub-consciously.

We are fascinated by your many interpretations of the blue beam over Norway. It has certainly become a good talking point, and your perception is sufficiently open to consider that it originated in space and that it has been beamed down to you. The connection with the presence of President Obama is also interesting, and shows that you see it as some indication of attempts to contact you. Millions of people accept the existence of Space Beings, and now many more believe that they have a place in the lives of Mankind. With a sudden surge of interest in us, and a desire to know us you have created the opportunity for contact to manifest. There are many factors involved, not least of all our role in ensuring that the plan for your conscious upliftment and Ascension takes place as decreed by the Creator.

As you can understand, there are many reasons for speeding ahead with official contact. We want it to come out naturally, and in a way that will not shock those souls who have no belief in our existence. Many have put up a barrier in spite of the evidence that supports us, and the underlying reason is fear. Be assured whatever view you have of us, that we are peaceful Beings with no design on taking over your Earth or your people. Ours is a mission of love and the desire to prepare you for Ascension, by releasing you from the control and domination by the dark forces. Their power base is crumbling and their attempts to prolong their reign are going to fail. They certainly do not want you to get to know us better or place your trust in us, as that means the end of their influence and ability to hold onto their own positions. They trade on their massive fortunes that are used to buy people off, and support covert operations that are used to bolster their powerful positions. World domination is their goal, but they will not be allowed to go any further than at present. We are monitoring their every action and they are doomed to failure.

We say again that you are such powerful Beings of Light, yet you not necessarily believe in yourselves. Your power of thought is creating your future the whole of the time, so providing you are focusing on what is for the good of all; you will hasten your upliftment into a higher consciousness. There are a number of different expectations where the end times are concerned, and again your power of thought will give you the experience you desire. So you may ask how can there be more than one ending, and we will answer by informing you that they all occur simultaneously on different levels. From any one individuals experience it would seem that everyone is involved in the same one, and there will be no awareness of any others. We might say beware as to what you focus on, by making sure it is what you would wish to give your energy too.

God’s plan for the end times is called Ascension, but it is up to you as to whether you take advantage of it. You cannot just wish to be part of it and succeed, as it requires effort by you to lift up your vibrations. The Law of Attraction allows only for those souls who have reached a certain level to ascend. The process is one of living in the Light and Love, so that any ties you have had with the lower energies are cut. This enables you to focus on the task of further lifting up your vibrations, and as a result you will surely achieve success. There is considerable help around you, and you have only to ask and it will come to you. Use names if you desire such as your favorite Angel or Master, as you may be assured they will receive your request. Allow for the answer to freely manifest and do not insist it happens in any particular way. You may not necessarily know exactly what is best for you.

You are learning a lot about life and have never been so well informed as you are now for a long, long time. For over a century spiritual groups have arisen with knowledge and teachings, that have explained the many misconceptions given out as the truth through orthodox religion. As you are often informed it is the truth that will set you free, and every effort has been made to place it before you. It is not forced upon you, and is not accompanied by fearful consequences for not following it. True disciples respect your freewill, and that way you are free to take what you can and move on. Each soul is unique and therefore what suits one is not necessarily another’s path. If you cannot grasp or understand the need for Ascension, then you are most likely ill prepared or insufficiently illumined to accept it into your life. Have no fear about making such a decision as you are not abandoned or held in lower esteem. You will evolve exactly according to your own pace, and one day you too will take a great leap forward having finished your education in duality.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and member of the Galactic Federation. I love these opportunities to offer advice, and it is essential that as many of you as possible fulfil your life plan by ascending, if that was your goal. Remember that those “coincidences” that help you are more planned than you realize. Your Guides work small miracles to get you where you need to be for the experiences you have chosen. For example you may feel that you met your partner by chance, well Dear Ones such an important step in your life is totally organized. There is much love felt for you and importance given to your life plan, and it is simply the out working of your choices by which to experience.

Thank You SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Friends, Thank you for your efforts, and thank you for the clarity. Can you please bring clarity concerning what becomes of all the dear souls in this world that are being interferred with by negative force through mind control manipulation and implant and have had their free will removed? Will they see complete restoration of their free will so they can choose freely, or are they destined to be enslaved by advanced technology forced upon them through implant and other means? I am baffled by advanced information and guidance that overlooks the lesser of us and those whose free will does NOT exist. Please clarify this issue for me. Those being mistreated and experimented on through this technology deserve an explanation of the universal inaction on their behalf to liberate them. To stand in their shoes is to endure crimes and atrocities against humanity that no being should be forced to withstand. I would appreciate the God's truth on this issue. Those enduring this deserve nothing less. Thank you for bringing truth to this issue. Many seek it. Please clarify. God Bless the lesser than and those who cannot speak for themselves. It is long overdue.
N.B." (12-22-'09)

Our reply:

"Hi N.B., I'm sure the GF will read this too, but as I understand it, it's all about intent. So no matter how much anyone is controlled or manipulated or forced to do bad things, if the intent in his heart is still to do good, that's what counts. Also, remember that many souls choose to incarnate in a 3D world of duality like ours, to experience the dark. So even if things happening to someone seem very unjust and horrible in our eyes, it may exactly be what that soul wants, to experience and to evolve. After ascension, it will be a completely different story. There's no dark anymore then, so everyone can live freely. I'm sure that reactions to their messages in some way reach the GF, so if they think it needs more explanation, they will probably come back on it in later messages.
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (12-22-'09)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I'm curious, When ascension happens simultaneusly for everyone, some believe you will no longer see certain family members or friends. This I think would create fear in some and maybe dissappointment in others(those that thought they had a high enough vibration to ascend). Is it possible the paralell selves that vibrate at that same frequency merge into each others reality, so it would seem there wasn't a drastic change ? Hope this question makes sense.
Teresa." (12-22-'09)

Our reply:

"Hi Teresa, the question about paralell selves merging into each others reality, goes beyond our knowledge. But the task for ascension in itself is very simple, and well explained in SaLuSa's message above (starting with "You cannot just wish to be part of it and succeed"). Just set yourself to being as good a person and as loving for your environment as you can, and you will surely ascend. Remember that the whole idea of this special case of ascension (with people ascending in their current bodies) was because Mother Earth wished it so. She knows there's much love on this planet even though the media don't show it, and wants to give everybody the chance to come along with her.
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (12-22-'09)

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