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SaLuSa, December 18, 2009

As you go through the cycle of duality, by and large there is a balancing that prevents extremes of energy. However, you are now in a period that allows for the Light to become the dominant force as you draw to a conclusion. It is both necessary and appropriate that with its victory, that the Beings of Light are seen to leave this cycle. It is the time of completion and the higher energies are now in greater control, and the future for those who are to ascend is assured. Meanwhile, the dark forces cannot hold onto power much longer, as their plan falls into disarray. They are being ousted by the emergence of the new thinkers that are creating a new paradigm. It will fulfill the vision that many hold of a peaceful and happy existence, free from the interference of those who live by the sword of death and destruction.

There will still be attempts to stir up fear but if you remain aware you can sidestep it, as many have done over the Swine Flu scare. It is a matter of degree as to what you make of such scares, and flu is always around but not of pandemic proportions as you are led to believe. Be informed about such matters and know that such bodies as the World Health Authority are influenced by the bias of the Pharmaceutical companies. Your Internet is awash with information, but you will soon learn which sources can be trusted. Your media carries little unbiased information and is controlled by the Press moguls who are largely government controlled, and not the free Press you are led to believe.

You have come far enough now to be discerning about any information. Certainly many of you are now sufficiently advanced spiritually, to know what has the ring of truth about it. Find those teachers who speak words that resonate with you, and go within and you will know what to accept or set aside. The dark are also allowed to put their own kind forward as teachers, and it is intended to test your powers of understanding. Bear in mind that spiritual teachers never force their opinions onto you, or demand your acceptance of their teachings. Quite the opposite, as true teachers who speak with love, will tell you to only take what fits in well with your understanding and is intuitively acceptable.

The changing times will often bring out the aggression in some people, and it comes from being unaware that they are necessary to allow for the cleansing of Earth. We see the demonstrations that often start out peacefully and with good intent. Regrettably some demonstrators seek confrontation, and that gives the authorities the excuse to hit back. Freedom of expression is your god given right, but in volatile times it is difficult to exercise total freedom. However, there is a place for pacifists and those who are more vocal, but take care not to give the dark ones reasons to further curtail your freedom. Control is the weapon used to follow your every move, and any excuse is used to restrict your lawful actions.

Dear Ones, we encourage you to seek change, but desire that you disassociate yourselves from any movement that talks of violent action. That is not the way of those who are walking the path of Love and Light. Their way is by example and talking of peace and the Golden Age, that will fulfill all of those promises made to you over millennia of time. The advent of Ascension was planned from the time you first agreed to drop into the lower dimensions to experience duality. In all of that time the nature of the end times has never been in doubt, and all Heaven has assembled to ensure that you ascend if it were your desire and intent.

The future will lead you to the real Heaven upon Earth, which was never likely to manifest in the lower dimensions. Yes, at times you may have had happy and fulfilling lives, but we talk of ascended Man in realms where all is permanently in a state of peace and balance beyond your present reckoning. All is shared and there is no lack in any way whatsoever, and abundance is everywhere. Heaven is not just for the chosen few, but there for every soul who aspires to lift themselves up. You will become again the Masters and Angelic Beings you really are, and your consciousness will have expanded exponentially to Cosmic levels.

You might wonder why if you all have such wonderfully developed souls, you see around you some who carry so little Light. Dear Ones, the reason is that you accepted separation from your true selves, so as to experience lives spent trying to find your way back to the Light and God. Where many of you are now indicates success in doing so, and you have made that link again with the higher energies. Presently you have one foot in both the lower and higher dimensions, and are about to leave the lower ones through Ascension.

Life is a serious business yet if you can treat it as a game that has a finishing line that is now in sight, it will release its hold on you. With adequate understanding of the necessity for the changes, the remaining years will pass so quickly and easily. There is nothing to fear and no reason to doubt the outcome. Your mass consciousness is drawing the higher energies to Earth, and your visions are manifesting more quickly. Soon is a word that we have used often, but it is your measure of time and major events will soon materialize the long anticipated changes. The Disclosure and Abundance programs are lining up ready to be opened up, and commence a whole string of events that will follow through to Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and so pleased that our help is appreciated, and the best is yet to come. Our continued readiness and adjustment to the changing scenario, means we are fully prepared to move into action at a minutes notice. What a grand awakening is coming to you, and the Human Race will soon drop its barriers against others. Trust and goodwill will return and the recognition that you are indeed One. If it were not for the dark Ones creating the “enemy” where none previously existed, you would have become more united and already ascended. The time for your spiritual advancement has arrived, and you are to go forward in leaps and bounds. We bless you and love you for being exactly what you are.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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