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SaLuSa, September 21, 2009

The changes continue unabated, and are coming to the notice of many of you who are aware of what is taking place. There is even a realization that people are rising up in their consciousness, and more than ever they are moving beyond the old paradigm. It means that they are seeing through the degree of control exercised over them, and how they have been cajoled into supporting the ambitions of the Illuminati. Suddenly, the idea of perpetuating the war machine that has brought so much death and misery to your planet is being rejected. Peace and the means to achieve it are being openly talked about, and it is opening the eyes of others who have hitherto not considered such an idea. Believe us Dear Ones you are rising to the occasion and are spelling out the death knell for the dark Ones, whose power is rapidly slipping away.

One Being of Light wields much more power than one who is of the dark vibrations. The dark Ones depend on support from al of those similar to them, so that once in their grasp you are trapped. The Light is naturally more powerful when groups project their Light, yet every individual can work on their own and it still increases the Light exponentially. You must not therefore underestimate your value to bringing the Light to Earth. This is why you are all helping bring the changes about faster than ever. Now you are on the winning side there is no battle to fight, except you need to focus on your work for the Light. Forget the threats and fear tactics of the dark Ones as they are desperate to complete their plan, but it is moving further away from them all of the time.

Not too long ago the future looked grim, but through your determined efforts you have turned the situation around. The path to Ascension is spread out before you, and nothing now shall prevent or delay the end times. With the gradual restoration of Earth and your sovereignty, you will complete this cycle as Beings of a higher vibration and greater level of consciousness than now. You will have no feeling of regret, but one of delight that you have successfully come through the challenge of experiencing duality. In reality no one actually fails, because although many are as yet unready to ascend they will have repeated opportunities until they also do so.

If you can, enjoy these remaining years and cope with the material changes that will cause some discomfort, but you will only temporarily lose out. The future promises all that you might have only dreamt of and more. It will be something of a leap into it, as in relatively short time the whole world will be restructured and you will again became the free Beings that you always were. There will be no going back to the ways of the old regime, and they will eventually be removed from their positions of power. Look around you and you will detect some beautiful souls that are becoming known for their wisdom and insight. They are on Earth for the specific purpose of taking over from the dark Ones. Their influence is being felt, and they speak from the heart centre at all times. Include your President Obama in this group who is the focus of attention by the dark Ones, who try to undermine his authority and his attempts to find ways of leading your country into the Light. There will always be his detractors, and opposition that will go out of their way to find fault with his administration. Do not be fooled by such efforts, as we repeat that Obama has been chosen by Spirit to lead you to the “promised land”.

When you are blessed with foresight you will not worry about the immediate problems. The answers are already being played out, and the chaos that results serves as a mode of cleansing away the old. The new wave of consciousness that now exists is affecting people at all levels. The result is that people are questioning their roles in life, and whether they contribute to the good of all. There is unrest and disquiet in the armies that are killing machines, and the purpose and morality of such acts is questioned. The time is nearing when their roles will be quite different, and change to ones that are purely for peaceful activities. You have been fed a diet of aggressiveness and belligerence as a way of life for far too long, but now it is beginning to reflect a more caring way for your fellow man.

Dear Ones, we cheer you on at very opportunity, because we know you only need encouragement to show your real selves. Break out of the mould that has held you in its grip for life after life, as now you have every support from a multitude of heavenly Beings that draw close to Earth. In the peaceful vibrations of meditation open your telepathic channels and listen to your Higher Self. You will know what is truly of the Light and Love, and resting in its vibration you can avoid the stressful conditions that sometimes confront you.

The Galactic Federation has your wellbeing at heart, and we are looking forward to revealing our plans for your upliftment. There are so many good things planned, and many revolve around your standard of life that has not previously been at the highest levels possible. Yet, it could have been so different if your leaders had the right team around them. Regrettably over the years the dark forces have infiltrated many organizations that dictate and control all that affects your quality of life. Wars have been deliberately engineered to cause chaotic conditions, and occupy you with all that is destined to take your eyes off your own future. You had come to accept and expect such an existence, but thankfully that is no longer the case. You rightfully want more out of life, and your desires are going to be fulfilled.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to tell you that you will find that the dreams you have held of living a peaceful happy life are about to come to fruition. However, patience is called for as there is much to do before the benefits are felt. No task is insurmountable because our technology has all of the answers. Whatever we need to do to restore your Earth is well within our capabilities. We have unlimited access to the resources of our members, and our plan has taken due notice of what is required. Be assured that we know exactly what opposition we might meet when we finally come to Earth. We are however fully prepared, and after we use your media to address any fears that are held we are confident that we shall placate you. We leave you as always with our loving wishes and blessings for your future.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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