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SaLuSa, September 18, 2009

Your beautiful Earth is preparing to cleanse away the pollution and rubbish, that Man has left as a legacy of his time upon it. It must come as the Solar System moves into the higher vibrations as part of the Ascension of the Universe. Nothing can, or will stop this event from moving into the final stage of completion. Your part in the process is to rise up with the Earth, and providing you have lifted your vibrations accordingly, you will ascend. Total order exists in the Universe, and it adapts to whatever changes take place. They are of far reaching consequences, and are pre-ordained God who holds all within the essence of God. You have yet to understand the magnitude of the Godhead, as your finite minds cannot be expected to grasp the concepts involved. However, with the coming of super consciousness all will become clear.

As a minute soul still searching for enlightenment, you may feel powerless and insignificant but your potential is unlimited. There is a path that will take you back to the Source, when you shall become a God in your own rights. However, there is far to go and many experiences to be had, before you reach the ultimate goal. You are only just awakening from your slumbers in the darkness of duality, and now the Light is available to you as never before. Many of you have accepted the opportunity to take it into yourself, and are experiencing a rapid rise in your vibrations. You can acknowledge the fact that just in this lifetime you have suddenly become aware of your connection to the Light, and linked with your Higher Self. Consequently your consciousness has noticeably lifted up, and you have found the impulse to seek further upliftment.

With the changes within Self comes a desire to remove your links with the lower vibrations, as these are at a different level to what it is now, and your sights are set upon raising your consciousness towards Ascension. Of course sub-consciously you knew that there would be such an opportunity presenting itself, and it was incorporated in your life plan. After all, from the time you dropped down into duality you knew that the way out of it was already planned. You had the assurance right from the beginning that you would be helped to rise up again, and would not be left to flounder or be trapped in the lower energies. Regretfully some souls are still immersed in them and have yet to find that desire to break out of them. However, it is recognised and accepted as part of their experience, and their freewill choice to do so.

Freewill is a gift from the Creator that is sacred and covered by the Law of Attraction. Human beings sometimes blame others or God for their experiences, but in truth they are attracted to you by your thoughts and actions. How else could freewill operate, and you may ponder how amongst millions of people it is possible. It is because every aspect of your lives is planned, and you are each part of soul groups that come together with the purpose of gaining experience. We hear some question where freewill comes in, but there would be no plan unless you exercised it prior to incarnating. Freewill is still your prerogative, but having agreed a plan for your life you are drawn to those people and experiences that will help fulfil it. Your Guides are also very active in keeping you on track, but the final word is with you.

In this period, which covers the closing of the cycle of duality, you each have a role and many of you have specifically chosen to work with the Light to illuminate the way for others. Try not to compare your role with others, as one is no more important than another as each contributes to the whole, and every contribution is both necessary and important for the completion of the cycle. Many of you have come from other planets and brought special skills to Earth, as your way of serving Humanity. We have often mentioned the importance of Earth and the souls upon it, and it has attracted much attention. There is a massive effort in place to ensure a successful closure to this period.

Your worries and personal concerns are important, but do not allow them to overshadow the need for your upliftment. In the immediate future there will be changes of such magnitude, that all of your present problems will pale into insignificance. Set your sights on completion of your time in duality, and know that all other souls will benefit from doing the same. Life will go on into infinity and there are always going to be opportunities to lift up into higher dimensions. Just imagine life as one great experience of harmony and happiness, because that is what lies ahead of you. It makes your petty earthly squabbles seem so insignificant, as there is far more to life than you realise. We would say that you have not yet lived, but that would overlook your past experiences that you have yet to remember. Compared to your present life and regardless of how much have made it enjoyable, once you return to the higher dimensions it will seem but a dream and not your true reality.

Dear Ones, shall we say that you should not take life too seriously, as the experiences you have had that have caused you upset and pain are but momentary lapses, that once gone should be forgotten. There is no point or gain for you to harbour such memories or grudges against people that have entered your lives. Forgive and forget and use your energies for more fulfilling purposes, and accept that all experiences are for your growth. Learn from them and you will never have to undergo the same ones again. If you are one who has set your sights on ascending, you do not have much longer left in this dimension so enjoy it to the full by standing firm within your Light. Let the world go by as when you are watching a film that you know has an ending, which enables you to close that experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and have the strong desire to convey a picture to you that will lift you up. One that will enable your daily “grind” to be put into perspective by considering the beautiful and wondrous future that is so near to manifesting. Focus on what will be rather than what was, and you in turn will help bring the New Age into your reality. Share your love wherever possible and help lift another soul’s day by even just a smile. Smiles are irresistible to ignore, and you will find a smile coming back to you. Better still have a laugh with someone who needs lifting up, as it is still the best medicine to overcome worry and depression.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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