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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - November 19, 2021

Mike Quinsey

The future is an open book and there are so many opportunities coming up to satisfy everyone so set yourself on a course that achieves your ambition. Good things are coming and waiting to be activated to open up a new vista that will give you a new perspective of life. So look on the bright side knowing that your future is assured that will bring you much happiness. The dark Ones will have been left behind finding the higher vibrations beyond their reach. The turmoil that you are in at present will reach a point when all will settle down to give you the start of a peaceful period. So as you look into the future be positive and help the better times to become an opportunity to manifest. Clearly there is much to sort out before things can settle down but it will come because it is your destiny.

We say again that as you think so you are helping create your own future, so see it as peaceful as you can imagine. The negative influences are slowly losing their power and no longer control Man’s future. So shake off the negative energies and only think and act in a positive manner. You will find it rewarding and even exciting as you will see the bright future coming into view. Many who have already passed on will start coming back very soon and grow up with the new energies. They will have bodies that do not succumb to illness and stay healthy all of the time. Also as we told you recently, they will be born with all of the abilities and skills they had previously. You will now understand that the higher vibrations will lift you to a new level.

Already you have noted that there is a more helpful approach where many are concerned, There is a more friendly approach to each other and help given where it is needed, and so it will continue and we look to those in power to organise it. You are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God and in essence capable of being loving and caring Beings. You are all One and colour and creed count for little in the higher dimensions. You name it and you have been it through your many, many lives as you have evolved.

Dear Ones can you not feel the Oneness of all life forms and accept that all life comes from the One Source you call God. You have periodically been called back to the Godhead only to be sent out aging to experience further, and so it continues in the great Solar Cycles. How crazy it must seem that Man fights with his brothers and sisters often to the extent of death. Man draws lines between others simply because they are outwardly different, not realising that in essence all souls are equal and the same. All playing a part in the great drama of Human life to the best of their ability to live as One. Well many souls have awoken to their true selves and go forward to the time of Ascension and find themselves as a Higher Being.

It is very difficult to find adequate words that can describe the peace and beauty that you will finally experience, but your intuition will sense the changes that will take place. Heaven on Earth may spark your imagination but even so the sheer beauty of the higher levels has to be experienced to be believed. How can you describe colours outside of your spectrum, it is nigh impossible as it would the unending natural beauty of nature. You are used to plants dying off even after one summer but imagine those that never stop blooming. You haven’t really lived yet but through your experiences have learned to appreciate the experience that you have had.

In actual fact over the course of your many lives you have acquired much through your experiences. Believe us it does take quite some time for a new soul to Earth to get used to living in such an environment. Imagine the contrast from living in virtually a totally different life because of the temperature changes. Then again there is the lifestyle from one continent to another, it can be quite challenging. However, you would never be put into a situation that was totally alien to you. Certainly the experiences you gain hold you in good stead for greater challenges as you progress to a point where you will have learned the lessons they have given you.

You have a plethora of experience that helps you take on more challenging life plans and often to guide others along a path that helps them evolve. Holding out a helping hand is instinctive with humans who are basically very friendly towards their fellow travellers. After all you are on the same path and have the same goal in mind even if you do not realise it. Evolution is ongoing and accordingly your life path may change according to your needs. Choice does come into it and before you incarnate your needs are discussed so as to give you an experience that furthers your advancement.

The time has come to reflect on what you want out of life because your actions will speak louder than words. You are projecting an energy that creates a path ahead of you and attracts what is needed for it to become your reality. It is being careful what you wish for as few realise the power of the spoken word. It does not take much to imagine what you are creating for yourself with negative thoughts. After all these also attract similar energies to you, so be careful as to how you express your thoughts.

We have often pressed home the need to express yourself in a positive manner by using “I am” rather than “I wish”. You may for example say “I am happy” in which case you will attract more of it to yourself that is clearly desirable. Try to be positive about your needs, then allow the energy to respond in its own way. Unlike the past the present time is of a higher vibration, and responds more easily to your positive vibrations. By looking ahead and preparing yourself for a gradual upliftment in your vibrations, you will be assured of staying on your chosen path. Clearly each soul that is ready should create their path to Ascension, and take this wonderful opportunity to evolve beyond the lower vibrations, never again to have to face them. It is a state of mind and not nearly as hard to maintain as you mighty imagine.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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