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SaLuSa, November 19, 2010

On Earth sensational news travels fast, and the truth about the missile that was shot down is no exception. A brave soul Colleen Thomas has allowed an interview to give the Pleiadian version of events. I am asking Michael to make the link known to you, and he will put it at the bottom of this message. Such news is a sign of the times indicating that people are no longer in fear of the authorities, and are intent on spreading the truth around. It will only be by such sharing of information, that the real purpose behind action being taken in your name will be revealed. For too long you have been lied to and treated as objects for use of the Illuminati, in their plan for your eventual enslavement.

Many people have in fact indicated their readiness to support the efforts of the likes of Steven Greer. He has amassed hundreds of testimonies that will confirm the truth of disclosure, which awaits official permission to recognize our presence. It will be just the start of a long series of revelations that will go back far longer than you will probably imagine. The mood upon Earth is changing rapidly and the people are mobilizing themselves, to put pressure where it is needed to get the truth out about the cover-ups. No longer do they blindly accept what the Governments tell them, and have long questioned their statements. With the increasing levels of consciousness this move to learn the truth will spread. For the time being the Internet is your only source of reliable information, but beware of those who for different reasons send out anything but the truth. If in doubt trust your intuition, and check the facts out by comparing it to websites you trust.

What is happening is speeding you towards the first real changes that are going to take most people unawares. However, there are enough awakened people to help ease them into an understanding of the reason behind such events. The most important reason is of course the ultimate completion of this cycle and finally Ascension. In the months leading up to it, much time will be given to explaining the manner in which people may prepare for it. It is largely a need to know how to centre yourself, and expand your consciousness to a point where the lower vibrations can no longer affect you. Ascension is a natural result of the culmination of the powerful energies that will bring it about.

It is easy for us to ask you to keep calm when Mother Earth becomes more active, but it is essential if you are to avoid experiencing fear. Fear quickly lowers your vibrational level, and if sustained will make you susceptible to illness. It also attracts to you the very thing that has brought it about in the first place. The Law of Attraction has no means of discerning whether what you are thinking strongly about is viewed as desirable or not. What you focus on is what you bring to yourself, and is the basis of self healing. It is possible to think yourself as healthy by taking such a positive attitude. In the distant future you will become powerful creators, and even co-creators with God. It may seem a long way off bearing in mind where you are now, but already such powers are already developing.

Most of you having been immersed in the lower vibrations for so long, have in fact forgotten your true potential. Opening your minds to it is part of the awakening process, and it will continue until you are fully conscious Beings. For so long you have been deliberately kept down, and had little realization of the great Being you really are. That is now all changing, and you are beginning to understand concepts that not too long ago would have baffled you. If you can identify with that description then you are surely experiencing an expansion in your consciousness. Telepathy will also start to grow and you will realize that, when you know what people are thinking and you are picking up their thoughts. You can develop it by projecting your thoughts to another person, and will be surprised to find it works. In time it will become the normal means of communication, which is what we of the Galactic Federation use.

You will find that in your dream state you will meet other souls also out of the body, but more importantly bring a waking memory back with you. Some of you will also be allowed to visit us, and that will most likely be because you are in fact related to our civilization. Many of you on Earth especially for this time are representing your real family, such as Colleen Thomas and the Pleiadians that we mentioned earlier in this message. You will at some stage get to know about your links with us, and may find that you have arranged to return to your home planet when this cycle ends. You are coming out of your dreamlike state which has been put upon you, and into an unrealistic position of believing the illusion that you have been living. That is why some emphasis is being placed upon getting the truth out into the public domain.

Dear Ones so much is happening your heads may be in a spin, which is why we so often emphasize the need to stay centered. Going with the flow is good advice, but use your advantage of knowing what is planned to stay grounded and calm. One day you will look back at these times and in seeing the big picture realize how privileged you were to be present, to experience the transition to the higher dimensions. It is a big event of such massive importance to all life in the Universe, and it will pass off as planned and represent a fantastic change that could only happen at the Creator’s command. Little Earth therefore becomes a very important cog in a very big machine, and it is why it is attracting a great deal of attention. Visitors to your solar system have to keep their distance, but many, many civilizations even from other Universes want to be present to record Ascension. That will give you an idea of what a great event is about to be played out, and it cannot be affected by anything that happens on Earth. The potential for such levels of interference has passed, and we are here to see that success is guaranteed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thrilled by your progress towards the real commencement of Ascension. Of course it started a long time ago, but it is only since the last 30 years that it has substantially picked up.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

The YouTube video link is:

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi there,
There is a discrepancy between the facts in the video below, and the Mike Quinsey message of November 17.
Colleen Thomas states that President Obama fired the missile at Iran to start a war, and then fired another missile at the Pleiadians.
The channeled SaLuSa message states that Obama is a great illumined soul, and apparently the one to deliver Disclosure.
Which is it? Obama is not likely working for both sides.
Love & Light,
Scott" (11-19-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi Scott,
Yes, we are surprised about this too. The fact that SaLuSa supports somebody who totally discredits Obama, doesn't add up with everything they've said about Obama so far. We're trying to find out what's going on here. If there's any news, we'll add it here, or in a seperate page under "Specials".
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-19-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hey you precious!
I feel guite sad in my heart about the last channeling by Mike Quinsey. He says Colleen Thomas is a brave soul and I have a hard time to agree with him or his source. Colleen Thomas says that Obama is behind that missile and Obama tried to shoot down Pleiadians. I do not understand why she talks like that, I really feel sick after listening to her. My heart tells to me that Obama works for the good. Even Matthew Ward and Hatonn are telling that Obama is a grat soul... and Colleeen Thomas says he is not human meaning that he is a reptile.
Why this war between Lightworkers, it's really grazy!?
I really wish that Light is Light...it just cannot be a mishmash an fear based.
With all Love!
Marjut" (11-19-'10)

Our reply:

"We agree with you, Marjut! This doesn't make much sense.
We just contacted Mike Quinsey, we hope that he will reply soon.
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-19-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi again,
Additionally, Hatonn states...
"President Obama now knows that he and his family are under galactic protection. He now knows the Ascension timetable. He is in touch with other world leaders to close down the cabal."
"Our colleagues among you are working with Obama and others with influence to dislodge the Illuminati’s remaining strongholds and establish groundwork for wide-scale reforms."

So apparently it is believed that Obama will be instrumental in bringing down the Illuminati.
So again, how can Obama have made the decision to launch the missiles, and why is Colleen Thomas threatening Obama as if he were intentionally a member of the dark cabal??

Colleen Thomas also states the Galactic Federation of Light is a farce - an evil trick to lure innocent people underground or onto ships to be eaten by reptilians, etc.
So again, why post her video if she is spreading disinformation?
Or are the channelers posting disinformation, as she states?
What is the real truth here?
Scott" (11-19-'10)

Our reply:

"We just received a reply from Mike Quinsey. He states:
Hi Maria,
I feel that although Colleen Thomas is generally seen as reporting very negative information, this particular video is giving a true account of an incident that happened. It does not endorse her other messages, or mean that SaLuSa blames Obama for authorizing the launching of the missile, as he would not have had any option given that he would have received an "emergency request" from the military.
I hope my comments help to clarify the situation.
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

Well, indeed this clarifies the situation a bit for me personally. But still I think it was unlucky of SaLuSa to refer to somebody like Colleen Thomas! I hope he can say something more about this next time.
Love & Light to all of you, Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-19-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

Blessings on those who found today's message purporting to be from SaLuSa out-of-character.
Has SaLuSa ever provided video links before?
The subject matter and the flow of language for this message didn't sound like SaLuSa to me.
What it says to me is that even 'trusted' channels are subject to being 'used' .
My intuition says very strongly to me that it is bogus. I am going to wait before sharing this message.
Carol" (11-19-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi Carol, I've been thinking about this possibility too. But then again, Mike Quinsey is an experienced channeler, and he can discern the energies of incoming entities quite clearly, as he wrote us before.
But something still doesn't add up, because even though SaLuSa never says he supports all of Colleen Thomas' messages, like Mike Quinsey wrote us, later on in the message he does confirm that she has Pleiadian roots. And the Pleiadians are part of the Galactic Federation too, so where does this leave all these fear-mongering stories coming from Colleen Thomas (some of which have already been proven to be incorrect).
And why would Obama give his authorization to shooting down alien craft, if he had just been briefed on everything that's happening, as Hatonn tells us.
So all in all, it's pretty vague what's going on here. We can only hope that SaLuSa, Matthew or Hatonn shed some more light on this soon.
To the best of my knowledge, SaLuSa never asked Mike Quinsey to link to a video before.
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-19-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello there,
as I am an avid seeker of the truth I've come across the SaLuSa messages and loved them and now I am rather disappointed and perplexed that this clip with Colleen Thomas (I've never heard from her before and I will not want to anymore for I cannot connect to her from my inner knowing) has been advised to watch. I am a strong believer in Obama and this goes back to the very day I have heard his name mentioned. It was just like a 'knowing him'. I am not in anyway politically connected to him as I am not an US citizen nor do I live in the USA, although I do visit this beautiful country more often then not. So, if this incident has happened - and I do not doubt this - but it was not Obama behind it (which I doubt much) what was it all about? Sorry dear SaLuSa, this reference has left me now with doubt and sadness.
Brigitte" (11-19-'10)

Our reply:

"Thank you for your comment, Brigitte.
You're not the only one who feels this way about this message by SaLuSa, as you can see. We've never had so many e-mails coming in about a message from one of our channelers.
But let's not allow this message to let our heads hang down. Let's just keep up the good spirit, as so many other messages encourage us to do. Let's follow our hearts, because they will never lead us the wrong way.
Hopefully a better explanation about all this will follow soon.
Enjoy your weekend!
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-19-'10)

Our reply:

"Today, November 21, Mike Quinsey sent out a personal message in response to all the commotion that SaLuSa's message caused. You can read it here.
Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-21-'10)

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