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SaLuSa, November 1, 2010

Matters continue to expand in such a way, that the truth cannot be hidden for much longer. There is a refreshing wave of Light that is awakening people, as to how they have been mislead into believing lies and falsehoods regarding their entitlement to a peaceful life. Wars and threats of wars have been almost solely created to feed the plan of the dark Ones, to imprison you. Peace has never seriously been given an opportunity to bloom, as the emphasis has been put on threats and fears to your lives and security. The fact is that the citizens of various countries around the world have had no disputes with their neighbors, except those that have been deliberately provoked. Your enlightenment has enabled you to press for the absolute right to a decent quality of life, and be respected and treated correctly according to your needs.

Duality was always going to be a stern test of your ability to maintain your Light connection. There have been times when you were pulled deep within the lower vibrations, and lost sight of your true selves. Despair and desperation replaced hope and expectation, and progress was virtually stagnant. Yet somehow you held on to your belief, that life was meant to offer something more that you were experiencing. You have found out that if the right souls were in charge of your lives, it would have been quite possible to achieve happiness and prosperity. The wealth of the world has been held by a very small minority, who have used it to gain power over you. There was never any intention to raise your quality of life, indeed you were deliberately kept in a state of lack, and not allowed to advance as was intended. However, that is soon about to change, and those souls who will fulfill your desires are ready to take over in places of power and authority.

Through thick or thin your spiritual progress had always moved ahead, even if it has been stifled by those who have kept the truth from you. Fortunately, your Light can never be extinguished, and your godspark has carried you through the Dark Ages. You have learnt some hard lessons, but these have been the means of a remarkable period of advancement. Your Light has shone through and you have overcome the most adverse situations, meant to stem your progress and keep you in the dark. Now you have taken back the initiative from the dark Ones, and have found the strength and belief to stand up against them. With help to uplift your consciousness levels and understanding, you are firmly establishing a magnificent grid of Light around the Earth. It will continue to grow as a series of energy high points are being reached in the next few months, each one bringing the vibrations up to a new level. It is all part of a plan long conceived long ago to enable a quantum leap to be made, that will carry you forward to a successful end-time. Ascension will take place regardless of what happens in the meantime, and it cannot be prevented by any action on or off Earth.

It is as well that you cannot remember the arduous and difficult journey you have made over eons of time. Since the fall of Atlantis your civilization has had to return to a simple life style and start another journey to further your evolution. Because of the low vibration you were never going to reach the height of spiritual evolution reached previously, but found a way of making progress even if it was slow. Your expressions of godliness were largely based on religious teachings, but from them you found a strong belief in the word and actions of God. Your faith has now led you to a more enlightened period when you have found your answers yourselves. The idea that all knowledge is within is widely accepted, and you have felt the confidence to become your own teacher.

We have always encouraged you to find the time for those quiet moments, when you could go deep within and meditate. It is at times like this that you contact your Higher Self, and you are certain to be left with wisdom and knowledge. Carried out with pure tones of music it can be very uplifting, and is in fact beneficial in bringing harmony and balance to your body. Too much of modern life is rushed and stressful, and neither is calculated to do you any good. Rest is also important to allow you body to recover from overwork and tiredness. Again these conditions are a symptom of a culture that makes little or no allowance for your true needs, but you are beginning to understand which changes to your lifestyle are necessary. Drugs and chemicalised foods are damaging your bodies, and that results in many illnesses.

As we intimated earlier, there is a need to respect you body and its needs. This in turn raises your vibrations and eventually you will have a physical body that maintains a healthy condition. We have also told you that there is not much you need do to achieve Ascension, but it is helped by paying attention to your bodily needs. Your intent to ascend and put your focus on all that is of the higher vibrations will keep you the right path. The ultimate aim is to live now as you envisage life in the higher dimensions, when you will permanently exist in the Light. Where possible express yourselves now as one who is capable of Unconditional Love. If you can make headway in this manner, you will clearly have no difficulty in ascending. Such a change is not easy, as it is going to be hard to keep your focus on it.

If you are not making much headway, know that there will be a number of powerful upliftments very soon that will be of considerable help to you. In fact the coming year will be phenomenal where the energies are concerned. They are being beamed to Earth from all over the Universe. It is a measure of how much help you are getting, and how the Divine Plan has made provision for the upliftment of all souls. Those who for whatever reason cannot respond to the higher energies, will still progress to another opportunity by entering a new cycle. Evolution never stands still and every soul will eventually rise up again.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that our focus on Earth is very much more powerful than any previous time. It is the nearness of success in getting the changes really underway that is taking our attention. Many countries are now moving towards agreement as to how the new financial system will work. It is nearly ready to be announced and put into being. It will ensure a sound system that is backed by precious metals, and will not be subject to the interference of the past by the Illuminati.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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